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08798 ... 09047 (EXACT MATCH)
Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat
Model G-50
08825 (MSN A-212) became N4965V.  Crashed at Canby, OR Jun 12, 1977,
killing the pilot
08831 (MSN A-218) to US Navy Apr 25, 1943.  SOC Aug 31, 1944.  to Chicago Vocational School, Chicago, IL.
Noted at Victory Air Museum, Mundelein, IL by mid 1970s, in pieces.
08894/08903 to Royal Navy as Hellcat I FN340/FN349
FN340 (08894) damaged tail when landing on HMS Ravager
Oct 22, 1943.  Aircraft DBR.
FN351 (08955) damaged as a result of incident at
Trincomalee Jul 14, 1945 when undercarriage failed
to lower fully.  Papers deposited Dec 11, 1945.
FN353 (08957) noted Mar 1946 on dump at Gosport
FN358 (08962) severely damaged during heavy landing on HMS
Emperor Apr 26, 1944 and SOC.  Remains jettisoned overboard.
08954/08963 to Royal Navy as Hellcat I FN350/FN359
09029/09038 to Royal Navy as Hellcat I FN360/FN369
FN362 (09031) SOC, last reported at Trincomalee
during 1945
FN366 (09035) hit by flak and long range tank set on fire
during anti-shipping sortie off Norwegian coast
Apr 26, 1944. Made controlled ditching near enemy
convoy.  Pilot rescued and became POW.
FN369 (9038) failed to return from sortie from HMS Indomitable
Oct 19, 1944.  Believed shot down by enemy fighter.
Pilot MIA, presumed killed.
108226 ... 109272
Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat
contract cancelled

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