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112529 ... 114528
Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat
cancelled contract
12992 ... 14685 (EXACT MATCH)
Goodyear FG-1,FG-1A Corsair
Vought-Sikorsky Model V-166B F4U-1 Corsair licence built by Goodyear Aircraft Corporation
FG-1A had fixed wings
12992, 13471, 13472 converted to XF2G-1
12997 (VMF-112) engine failed at low altitude after take
off from MCAS Goleta, CA 12/22/1943.  Pilot killed
13008 (VF,OUT#3) in midair collision 4/28/1944 near
NAAS Green Cove Springs, FL.  Pilot OK.
13010 (VF,OTU#3) 2mi.NAAS Lee Fld, Fl; Force-landed & 
nosed over 2/4/1944.  Pilot killed;
13015 in midair during gunnery east of St Augustine, FL
7/27/1943.  Pilot bailed out OK
13024 overshot on takeoff from NAS Jacksonville FL
7/01/1943.  Pilot OK
13029 (VMF-115) midair near Muellton, CA 12/16/1943.
Pilot killed.
13037 (VMF-115) nosed up during landing 11/21/1943 MCAS
Santa Barbara, CA.
13028 stalled on takeoff at low altitude NAAS Lee Field,
FL 1/04/1944.  Pilot killed.
13033 had fire in air, pilot tried to force land near
Akron, OH 7/19/1943.  Civilian pilot killed.
13043 (VMF-115) crashed during air-to-air gunnery off
Conception, CA 10/30/1943.  Pilot killed.
13045 gear retracted 1/4 up on test flight 7/28/1943 and
forced-landed 7/28/1943.  Pilot injured.
13052 (VF,OUT#3) flew into ground near NAAS Lee Field,
FL during glide bomb practice 4/21/1944.  Pilot
13055 late pull out during familiarization flight off 
NAAS Lee Field, FL 11/04/1943.  Pilot killed.
13056 (VF, OUT#1) collided with 13101 near NAAS Green 
Cove Springs, FL 8/11/1944.  Pilot killed.
13059 (VF,OTU#3) lost 02/10/1944 off Mantansas Inlet.Fl during 
gunnery practice.  Pilot bailed out OK.
13062 (VF, OTU#1) spun-in on takeoff NAAS Lee Field, FL 2/12/1944.
Pilot killed.
13064 (MBDAG-43) missing in Mojave Mts., CA while
flying on instruments 1/27/1944.  One killed
13070 collided with 13096 near NAAS Lee Field 1/10/1944.
Pilot killed.
13071 damaged on ground by explosion of depth charges at NAS Hampton Roads, VA Sep 17, 1943.  Repaired
13076 (VF, OUT#3) ditched SE of Mantansas Inlet 10/30/1944.
Pilot OK
13080 (VMO-155) midair with P-39 during training near
MCAS El Centro, CA 11/27/1943.  Pilot killed,
P-39 pilot OK.
13082 crashed SO of Bayard, FL 10/08/1943.  One killed
13092 damaged on ground by explosion of depth charges at NAS Hampton Roads, VA Sep 17, 1943.  Repaired.
13096 collided with 13070 near NAAS Lee Field 1/10/1944.
Pilot bailed out OK.
13101 (VF, OTU#1) midair collision with 13056 near NAAS
Green Cove Springs FL. 8/11/1944.  Pilot bailed
out OK
13105 (VF,OTU#3) lost power near NAAF Palaka, FL 
7/17/1944.  Pilot bailed out OK
13121 (VMO-155) suffered control failure during 
gunnery training 12/11/1943.  Pilot bailed out OK
13131 stalled on landing at NAAS Lee Field 12/07/1943.
Pilot OK
13136 (VMO-351, MAG-35, 3rd MAW) suffered engine failure
during formation flight 3/4/1944 near MCAS
Cherry Point, NC.  Pilot bailed out OK.
13149 (MAW-9) flew into ground on takeoff MCAAF Congaree
Field, SC 7/25/1944 as pilot reached down to
pull gear handle.  Pilot injured.
13153 stalled on landing at NAAS LEE Field 1/12/1944.
Pilot killed.
13154 (CASU-22) hit on ground by taxiing F6F NAS 
Atlantic City, NJ 5/4/1944. 
13158 (VF,OUT#4) engine failure near NAS Jacksonville,
FL 2/23/1944.  Pilot bailed out OK.
13175 midair during gunnery off Mayport, FL 1/18/1944.
Pilot bailed out OK.
13179 (VF,OTU#4) in midair near Mayport, FL 2/29/1944.
Pilot bailed out OK.
13191 ditched off shore from Oceanside, CA 12/01/1943.
Pilot OK.
13192 wing panel came off in dive and hit inverted off
NAS Jacksonville, FL. 12/09/1943.  Pilot killed.
13189 (VMF-112) went into inverted spin during 
aerobatics near MCAS Goleta, CA 2/13/1944.
Pilot killed.
13202 (VMF-115) engine froze in flight off Naples, CA
11/25/1943.  Pilot bailed out OK
13203 went into inverted spin during aerobatics 
12/31/1943 off MCAS Santa Ana, CA.  Pilot killed.
13205 (VMF-112) missing on training flight 4/11/1944.
13212 (VMF-222) missing on combat mission 2/24/1944
Torokina, South Pacific.  Pilot MIA.
13213 (VMF-211) ditched 5 miles off landing strip at
Torokina on combat mission 1/26/1944.  Pilot OK
13215 (VMF-211) in midair during landing at Piva Yoke,
South Pacific 1/30/1944.  Pilot killed
13217 (VMF-115) in midair with P-38 near Lompoc, CA 
1/22/1944.  Pilot killed
13223 (VF, OUT#3) ditched during gunnery near Flagers
Beach, FL 3/10/1944.  Pilot OK.
13226 in engine failure south of NAS Jacksonville, FL
1/24/1944.  Pilot bailed out with injuries.
13231 (VF,OTU#4) spun in on takeoff NAS Jacksonville, FL
7/18/1944.  Pilot OK.
13241 (VF, OTU#4) crashed int St. Johns River, FL on
takeoff 4/23/1944.  Pilot killed.
13254 (VF, OTU#5) in runway collision 3/5/1944.
13262 (VMF-222) crash landed, one brake locked 3/7/1944,
Torokina, South Pacific.
13263 (VF, OTU#5) hard landing at night NAS Jacksonville,
FL 2/16/1944.  Pilot OK.
13267 (VF-OTU5) collided with F3A-1 -4610 and crashed 7 mi
SE of Fernandina Nov 16, 1944, killing Royal Navy pilot.
13268 ditched Espiritu on non combat mission 2/18.1944.
Pilot OK.
13269 (VMF-217) gear would not extend 3/9/1944 Vella
Lavella, South Pacific.  Pilot bailed out OK
13277 crashed on takeoff MCAS Goleta, CA 4/3/1944.
Pilot OK.
13293 (VMO-351) nosed over after landing from night
familiarization flight 1/26/1944.  Pilot injured.
13295 dove in to Neuse River 6 mi from MCAS Cherry
PT, NC on night familiarization flight 1/17/1944.
Pilot killed.
13300 (VF, OUT#3) wing folded in flight and came off
4/29/1944.  Pilot killed.
13303 (VMF-123) spun in after pull-out offshore of Surf, CA
2/10/1944.  Pilot killed.
13306 (VMF-912) hard landing at MCAAF Kinston, NC
7/26/1944 and caught fire.  Pilot OK.
13312 (VMF-11) crashed at sea Tutulia, South Pacific
1/15/1944.  Pilot OK
13333 in forced landing NAS Jacksonville, FL 2/28/1944.
Pilot OK
13334 in midair collision with R4D-5 39063 and crashed into St.
Johns river near NAS Jacksonville Nov 6, 1944.  All 18 on
both planes killed.
13380 (VMF-234, MAG-34, 3rd MAW) crashed after takeoff
on night familization flight Sommons Knott
Field, New Bern, SC 3/15/1944.  Pilot killed.
13410 (VMF-112) ditched near Naples, CA 3/26/1944.
Pilot OK.
13411 (MBDAG-42) ditched near Point Conception, CA
4/18/1944.  Pilot OK.
13453 (VF, OUT#4) in midair with 13562 near Mayport,
FL 4/19/1944.  Pilot bailed out OK.
13455 (MBDAG-42) midair during gunnery training
3/26/1944.  Pilot OK.
13459 noted Nov 10, 2006 at National Museum of the United
States Marine Corps, Quantico, VA
13465 (VMF-121) midair fire, burned on landing MCAS 
Mojave, CA. 3/8/1944.  Pilot OK.
13469 (VMF-452) inverted spin in aerobatics near
MCAS Mojave, CA 3/8/1944.  Pilot OK.
13477 (VMF-481) crashed on takeoff from MCAS El Toro
CA 4/17/1944.  Pilot killed.
13486 on display at MCAS Quantico, VA
13490 (VF, OUT#5) missing during aerobatics and
familiarization flight near Jacksonville
Beach, FL 3/28/1944.
13504 (VMF-214) crashed into water Aug 22, 1944.  Pilot killed
13511 (VOF-2) engine failed during attempted
forced-landing and crashed 2/1944.  Pilot
13521 (VMF-214) overturned on takeoff Nov 2, 1944.
13526 (VF, OTU#5) missing off St. Augustine, FL.
13532 (VMF-214) crashed Apr 2, 1944 due to engine failure
during takeoff.  Pilot died in hospital.
13543 (MBDAG-42) force landed MCAS Goleta, CA
3/23/1944.  Pilot OK.
13547 (VMF-214) raft inflated in cockpit in flight
between Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Island
4/14/1944.  Pilot bailed out without 
chute and was killed.
13562 (VF,OUT#4) in midair with 13453 near Mayport,
FL 4/19/1944.  Pilot killed.
13608 (MBDAG-41) crashed during gunnery practice
near Dana Pt, CA 3/21/1944.  Pilot killed.
13629 (VMF-924) swerved off runway during landing
MCAS Cherry Point, NC. 8/10/1944.  Pilot OK
13635 (VF-0TU5) dove in and crashed 2 mi W of Black Creek target
May 23, 1944, killing Royal Navy pilot.
13647 (VMF-112) flew into terrain near Flagstaff, AZ
7/22/1944.  Pilot killed.
13660 (MBDAG-46) midair fire, crash landed near Castle
Rock, San Clemente Island, CA 4/7/1944.
Pilot killed.
13665 force landed near Meacham Field, TX during ferry flight 3/27/1944.  Pilot OK.
13675 (VF-303) in runway collision NAAS Los Alamitos, CA 4/17/1944.  Pilot OK.
13676 (VF-303) in crash landing NAAS Los Alamitos, CA 4/20/1944.  Pilot OK.
13681 (VMF-481, MBDAG-46) late pullout from dive
near MCAS El Toro, CA 4/12/1944.  Pilot killed.
13690 (VMF-123, MBDAG-42) crashed near Modesto CA
at night 4/10/1944, possible vertigo.  Pilot killed.
13712 crashed on Trabuco Mtn 6mi E of MCAS El Toro May 5, 1944
13723 (MBDAG-46) went into spin 7/30/1944 2 mi SW of Trabuco
Plateau, near MCAS El Toro, CA.  Pilot bailed out OK.
13724 (VF,OTU#5) engine failure near Bennettsville,
SC 3/21/1944.  Pilot bailed out with injuries.
13751 (VF, OTU#5) in midair with 13931 4/28/1944.
Pilot killed.
13759 (MBDAG-46) went into spin during aerobatics
8/17/1944.  Pilot bailed out OK.
13765 in midair with 1307 during gunnery practice
near St. Mary's Inlet 5/1/1944.  Pilot killed.
13811 crashed near Oak Creek in Tehachapi, CA Sep 1, 1944.
13828 (VF-84) collided with 13832 in midair 7/23/1944
near Coronados Islands off CA.  Both pilots killed.
13845 (VF-84) ditched during gunnery practice
near Point Loma, CA 8/3/1944.  Pilot OK.
13858 (VF-82) in midair collision with 50391 Oct 4, 1945 near Mt Tamalpias, N of San
Francisco, CA.  Both pilots parachuted to safety
13881 (MBDAG-46) dove in near MCAS El Toro, CA.
Pilot killed.
13907 in midair with 13765 during gunnery practice
near St. Mary's Inlet 5/1/1944.  Pilot bailed out OK.
13913 (VF,OTU#1) flew into St. Johns River, FL and 
exploded 8/17/1944.  Pilot killed.
13927 (VMF-523) did not pull out during dive MCAS Parris
Island, SC 8/11/1944.  Pilot killed.
13931 (VF, OTU#5) in midair with 13751 4/28/1944.  Pilot bailed out OK.
14014 (VMF-112) ditched near MCAS Goleta, CA 8/10/1944. Pilot OK.
14034 (VF,OTU#4) ground-looped on landing 7/26/1944.  Pilot OK.
14111 (VF,OUT#5) stalled in landing Fleming Island, FL
7/17/1944.  Pilot OK.
14170 (MBDAG-46) in midair with F4U-1 49725 near MCAS
El Toro, CA.  Both pilots bailed out OK.
14178 (MBDAG-46) in midair collision 7/18/1944 near Elsinore, CA.  Pilot OK.
14204 (VMF-222) crashed on non-combat mission due to mechanical failure 8/14/1944.
14241 (VMF-114) impacted hillside at Palau, unknown date.  Pilot killed.
14242 (VMF-312) missing on test flight near Espiritu
Santo, South Pacific 8/9/1944.  Pilot MIA.
14257 (VMF-121) crashed on Palau, unknown date.  Pilot survived.
14293 (VB-14) ditched on takeoff from Charger 1/14/1944.
14569 crashed 30 mi NE of NAAS 29 Palms, CA. Mar 12, 1945.
14592/14685 to Royal Navy as Corsair IV KD161/KD254
KD163 (14594) crashed in sea during interception exercise
from Hal Far Apr 6, 1945 due to low oil pressure.
Pilot bailed out but rescuers failed to find him.
KD172 (14603) suffered unspecified accident aboard HMS Speaker
in late 1945 and disposed of by pushing overboard.
KD182 (14613) forcelanded in field at Ras Safaniya (162 mi
from Bahrein) Aug 30, 1945 after drop in oil pressure.
Pilot survived but aircraft DBR.
KD185 (14616) missed wires and struck barrier on HMS Venerable
Jun 4, 1945.  Pilot unhurt but aircraft DBR.
KD199 (14630) ditched during mission from HMS Venerable Apr 9, 1945
following engine fire.  Pilot rescued.
KD207 (14638) struck slipstream of another aircraft during takeoff
from HMS Venerable Apr 9, 1945 and stalled into sea.
Pilot rescued.
KD219 (14650) ditched following engine fire Sep 21, 1945.
Pilot rescued.
KD225 (14656) last seen over Koriyama airfield, Japan Aug 9, 1945
undertaking photographic run following strafing attack.
Pilot MIA
KD227 (14658) stalled on landing and damaged wing Fe 18, 1945,
took off again but pilot found aircraft to be uncontrollable
and bailed out safely near Porton Down.
KD241 (14672) crashed into Red Sea May 30, 1945 after colliding
with Corsair KD294 (BuNo 14725) during dummy strafing
attack on HMS Venerable.  Pilot killed.
KD253 (14684) missed wires on HMS Arbiter Mar 17, 1945, struck
barrier,and overturned.  Aircraft DBR.

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