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162517 ... 165526 (EXACT MATCH)
Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion
MSN 65529/65538 (from Scramble)
162518 (MSN 65530) to HMH-366 then to HMH-465
164599 ... 164604 (EXACT MATCH)
Grumman F-14D-170-GR Tomcat
164599 (MSN 627) to AMARC as 1K0150 Jun 23, 2004.  SOC Apr 20, 2005.  Still on AMARC inventory Jul 1, 2008
164600 SOC Jun 16, 2003
164601 SOC Sep 20, 2005.  In 2005 was in Castle Air Museum in restoration hangar being prepared
for display in the museum.  Date of delivery to museum was Sep 20, 2005.  On
display there Jun 2006
164602 (MSN 630) to AMARC as 1K0195 Mar 28, 2006.  SOC Jul 19, 2006.  Still on AMARC inventory Jul 1, 2008
164603 flown in to Republic AP, East Farmingdale, NY Oct 4, 2006.  SOC the
same day.  Owned by National Museum of Naval Aviation but 
on loan to Grumman Retirees Club and to be displayed at Bethpage.
164604 in service January 2004 with VX-9 Detachment at NBVC 
Point Mugu, CA in all-black colour scheme. Aircraft has served with VX-9 from 
new, has never landed on a carrier nor fired its gun.  Departed Point
Mugu Jun 26, 2004 for preservation as NAS Oceana, VA.  Now at
at NAS Norfolk stipped of black paint and Playboy logo.  It
now carries VF143 logos and is on static display at NAS Oceana.

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