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2102 ... 2188 (EXACT MATCH)
Douglas SBD-2 Dauntless
MSN 628/714 (El Segundo MSNs)
2105 (VB-6) lost at Battle of Midway
2106 survived Pearl Harbor.  Sank a Japanese warship Mar 10, 1942.  Participated in
Battle of Midway.  Transferred to training duties at NAS Glenview, IL.
Crashed into Lake Michigan Jun 11, 1943 while attempting to land
aboard USS Sable.  Raised Jan 12, 1994 and is
now on display at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL.
2109 (MSN 635) crashed during acceptance trials, and rebuilt as SBD-3 MSN 1003.  Then used by VS-5 on USS Yorktown from July
1941 onwards.
2112 (VB-2) w/o 12/23/41 in training accident when flew
into water during low alt turn.  Both crewmen
2114 (VB-6) w/o 2/1/42 when hit by AAA over Roi Island,
Kwajelein Atoll.
2123 (VB-6) lost at Battle of Midway
2125 (VB-6) lost at Battle of Midway
2127 (VB-6) shot down 2/1/43 by enemy fighter over Roi Island
2132 (VB-5) shot down in action 5/8/42.  Both crewmen killed.
2136 (VS-6) in midair collision with 2165 during patrol
off Enterprise 4/2/1942.  3 killed
2140 (VS-6) spun on on takeoff from Enterprise 2/26/1942
2141 (VMSB-233) ditched 10/12/42 off Molokai, HI.
2145 (VB-6) lost at Battle of Midway
2146 destroyed on ground at Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941.
2147 w/o 8/25/42 off San Diego in collision with SBD-3 
BuNo 03358.
2148 (VB-2) w/o 10/10/41 in ferrying accident near
Randolph Field, TX.
2149 (VB-6) overside landing on Enterprise during night carrier
landing 10/21/1941.  Pilot killed.
2151 (VS-2) crashed May 5, 1941 2 mi N of Barber's Point, Ohau, Hawaii.  2 killed.
2153 (VB-6) lost at Battle of Midway
2155 (VB-6) shot down 2/1/42 by enemy fighter over Roi Island.
2158 shot down Dec 7, 1941 during Pearl Harbor attack
2160 shot down Dec 7, 1941 during Pearl Harbor attack.
2164 (VB-6) w/o 1/17/42 in ditching off Enterprise due to
fuel exhaustion. Both crewmen lost.
2165 (VS-6) in midair collision with 2136 during patrol
off enterprise 4/2/1942.  3 killed
2166 w/o 11/27/41 in spin-in accident at San Diego.  Both
crewmen killed.
2170 (VS-6) ditched off Kaneohe Bay, HI 4/5/1942.
2173 Navy archives have the plane being on USS Enterprise (CV-6)
until Jun 30, 1941 when the landing gear collapsed.  It was sent San Diego for
repairs, and returned to Pearl Harbor Jan 30, 1942.  Assigned to USS Yorktown Mar 6, 1942.
Crashed again Jun 6, 1942 and assigned to MAG 21 and stricken from the rolls
Jun 30, 1942.  Shows up again Jul 1, 1942 at VMSB 233.  Reinstated Jul 31, 1942 and
not returned to Pearl Harbor until Nov 14, 1942, where it was assigned to 4th MABDW
and back to Pearl Harbor Jan 7, 1943, then to San Diego. Ditched in Lake Michigan Feb 18, 1944
following engine faiure caused by carburetor icing. Raised from there on Jun 19, 2009.  
After restoration, scheduled to go to Pacific Aircraft Museum, Pearl Harbor, HI.
There may be a mixup between 2173 and 2123.  (VS-8) fuel exhaustion off USS Hornet 4/21/1942 and crashed
at sea.  Two killed.  
2180 (VB-6) lost at Battle of Midway
2182 (VS-8) stalled in turn while landing at Otay Mesa
Field, CA 3/28/1942.  One killed.

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