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122210 ... 122365
Douglas AD-2 Skyraider
MSN 6673/6828
122213 (VA-702, USS Boxer) hit by AAA over Korea and crashed Jun 21, 1951
122216 (VMA-121) suffered engine failure and ditched Nov 16, 1952
122219 (VMA-121) disappered Aug 29, 1952.  Explosion seen which may
have been this aircraft.
122222 (VMA-121) crashlanded at K-6 in Korea Jul 7, 1952.
122226 used to demonstarte improved engine cooling system developed for AD-3.  Later installed with radome
for flight testing the AEW version.  In midair collision in Korea Apr 25, 1951 while with VA-65.  
Landed OK but SOC.
122248 (VMA-121) shot down by AAA, Korea, Oct 15, 1952.
122256 (VMA-121) shot down by AAA, Korea, Nov 19, 1951.
122258 (VMA-121) shot down by AAA, Korea Jan 29, 1952.
122264 (VMA-121) crashed into Korean rice paddy after engine
failure Oct 23, 1952.
122265 (VMA-121) in wheels-up landing on Korean road after
engine failure May 13, 1952.
122269 (VF-194) hit by AAA over Korea and ditched S of Hungnam
Feb 3, 1952.
122273 (VMA-121) shot down by AAA, Korea, Sept 30, 1952.
122276 (VMA-121) missing after bomb run, Korea, Dec 2, 1951.
122277 (VF-194) hit by own bomb blast Pachunjang area,
Korea 12/18/1951.  Ditched in Wonson Harbor.
Pilot killed.
122278 (VMA-121) hit by small arms fire, Korea, and made
emergency landing Aug 17, 1952.
122288 (VMA-121) pilot bailed out after engine failure, Korea,
May 25, 1952.
122294 (VMA-121) in takeoff accident at K-6 in Korea, crashed and
burned May 20, 1952.
122298 (VMA-121) shot down by AAA, Korea, May 6, 1952.
122303 (VA-702) spun in on landing Boxer CV-21 5/11/1951 
off Korea.  Pilot OK with minor injuries.
122306 (VC-33) spun in on takeoff NAS Atlantic City, NJ
11/30/1951.  Pilot killed.
122307 (VA-65) hit by AAA in Korea 4/16/1951.  Pilot killed
when chute caught on tail surface on bailout.
122311 (VMA-121) shot down by AAA, Korea Jun 27, 1953.
122313 (VF-54) hit by AAA in Korea and ditched 12/09/1951.
Pilot OK.
122315 (VA-728) hit by AAA in Korea and ditched at sea
Jan 21, 1952.
122324 (VMA-121) ditched after engine fire May 7, 1952.
122325 (VF-54) hit by AAA in Korea and ditched in Wonsan
Harbor Dec 9, 1951.
122326 (VF-54) ditched in Wonsan Harbor, Korea, after prop
failure Jan 30, 1952.
122327 (VF-194) hit by AAA, Korea, and ditched at sea Feb 4, 1952.
122328 (VMA-121) ditched at sea Feb 18, 1953.
122337 (VMA-121) ditched in Hwachon Reservoir, Korea after being hit by
AAA Oct 27, 1951
122339 (VF-54) crashed after takeoff from USS Essex, Korea,
Jan 11, 1952.
122340 (VMA-121) pilot bailed out after losing oil pressure
Aug 20, 1952.
122341 (VMA-121) ditched at sea due to oil leak and loss of
pressure Aug 20, 1952.
122342 (VF-51) hit by AAA in Korea and ditched 12/09/1951.
Pilot OK.
122343 (VMA-121) hit by AAA in Korea and pilot bailed out Jun 6, 1952.
122344 (VMA-121) caught fire, unsuccessful bailout at low altitude
Nov 18, 1951.
122346 (VA-923) hit by AAA, S of Wonsan, Korea and pilot bailed
out Nov 4, 1951.
122347 (VMA-121) encountered engine trouble and pilot bailed out
near Sinch'on, Korea May 23, 1952.
122362 (VMA-121) hit by small arms fire and made forced landing
in Korean field Jul 21, 1952.
22257 ... 22856 (EXACT MATCH)
Curtiss SO3C-3 Seagull
Contract cancelled
22257 ... 22856 (EXACT MATCH)
Martin AM-1 Mauler
Glenn L. Martin Company Model 210. Ordered as the BTM-1; designation changed before first flight to AM-1 Mauler.
BuNos reassigned from cancelled SO3C-3 batch.
22296, 22346-22355 as AM-1Q
22356/22856 cancelled
22260 reported 2008 to be with Commemorative Air Force at Midland, TX,
but going to be moved to another museum (to be chosen by its
owner, the National Museum of Naval Aviation).  Aircraft Illustrated
magazine in 2009 says the plane is to go to the Glenn L. Martin
Aviation Museum, Middle River, MD.  Martin Museum took delivery as N5586A MSN 13920
from CAF in Apr 2009.
22264 swerved off runway on takeoff NAS Columbus, OH 3/23/1952.
22265 spun-in during landing NAS Quonset Point, RI 2/24/1948.  Pilot killed.
22271 (VA-85) hit barrier on landing on USS Midway 5/4/1949.
22273 (VA-45) in midair with 22314 during joinup near
Mayport NAAS 8/25/1949.  Pilot killed.
22285 (VA-174) crashed on landing at NAS Cecil Field,
FL.  Pilot killed.
22288 (VA-44) in taxi accident 8/2/1949.
22290 (VA-703) swerved of runway at NAS Dallas, TX 
during takeoff 7/8/1951.
22291 (VA-44) undershot landing near NAAS Green Cove
Springs, FL. 10/6/1949.
22292 (VA-44) wing failed on dive pullout 6/6/1949 near
Jacksonville, FL.  Pilot killed.
22294 (VA-44) in late pullout from dive 8/4/1949.
Pilot killed.
22301 (VA-735) crashed through trees into slope near
Lansing, MI 8/11/1951.  Pilot killed.
22303 (VA-174) crashed into Naragansett Bay, RI 
11/30/1948.  Pilot killed.
22310 (VA-174) spun in after takeoff USS Leyte 1/19/1949.
Pilot injured.
22312 (VA-174) hit barrier landing on USS Leyte
22314 (VA-45) in midair with 22273 during joinup near 
Mayport NAAS, FL 8/25/1949.  Pilot killed.
22315 (VA-174) in midair fire 9/17/48 Otis Field, MA.
Undershot landing 300 feet short of runway.
22321 (VA-174) hard landing 1/13/1949, USS Leyte
22326 (VA-84) force landed after fuel exhaustion Flemings Island, FL 6/12/1949.
22331 (VA-85) had engine failure near St Augustine, FL 12/22/1948.  Pilot bailed out.
22333 (VA-673) ditched offshore from Miami, FL 9/4/1951.
22335 in crash at NAS St Louis at unknown date
22338 (VA-85) ditched off Midway CVB-41 6/27/1949.
22341 engine failure 4/22/1950 NAS Olathe, KA.  Pilot
bailed out at low altitude and was killed.
22350 stalled on landing at Groton, CT and hit trees short of runway 7/25/1950.

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