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124211 ... 124267
Lockheed P2V-4 Neptune
124211/124235 Model 426-59-03. 124236/124262 Model 424-42-03.  Redesignated P-2D in 1962.
124227 (VP-22) ditched 1/21/51 in heavy seas off Okinawa.
124235 (VP-7) w/o 9/17/51 in landing accident at NAS Quonset Point, RI.
124253 (VP-2) hit ditch on landing at NAS Kodiak, Alaska Jun 15, 1951.
1 killed.
124255 (VP-25) w/o 4/14/52 in landing accident at NAS Brunswick, ME.
24242 ... 24340 (EXACT MATCH)
Grumman TBF-1C Avenger
Model G-40.  MSN 5125/5223
24248	(VC-42)	Damaged when TBM-1C BuNo 25484 crashed into it on landing on USS Bogue off Bermuda Jul 26, 1944
24257 (VD-29) waved off and ditched from Santee CVE-29.
Crew OK.  Date??
24261 (VC-9) crashed off bow of USS Solomons CVD-57 when catapult failed Apr 22, 1944.  
24279 destroyed on ground by crashing PB4Y-1 38766 Aug 9, 1944, Eniwetok.
24295 (VC-9) hit ramp landing USS Solomons and crashed 25 March 1944; one dead
24297/24326 to Royal Navy as Avenger I FN896/FN925
24300 to Royal Navy as Avenger I FN899.  Ditched at unknown location
after instruments failed and carburetor iced up Nov 16, 1943.
Crew rescued.
24306 to Royal Navy as Avenger I FN905.  SOC sometime in 1945
24311 to Royal Navy as Avenger I FN910.  Ditched off Katukurunda at night
Apr 10, 1944 after engine lost power during ASV patrol.  Crew rescued.
24312 to Royal Navy as Avenger I FN911
24313 to Royal Navy as Avenger I FN912
24314 to Royal Navy as Avenger I FN913.  During night practice anti-submarine
attack off Katukurunda Apr 14, 1944, dropped flares, climbed steeply,
stalled, crashed into sea and caught fire.  All 3 crew killed.
24328 (MSN 5211) to New Zealand Sep 1943 as NZ2501.  SOC Mar 1948 and scrapped.
24332 (MSN 5215) to New Zealand Sep 1943 as NZ2502.  SOC Mar 1948 and scrapped.
24335 (MSN 5218) to New Zealand Sep 1943 as NZ2503.  Allocated to Research and Development flight for topdressing
trials Mar 1949.  Crashed at Waitemata Harbour near Hobsonville Mar 15, 1956 after engine failure.
24336 (MSN 5219) to New Zealand Sep 1943 as NZ2504.  Allocated to General Purpose flight for topdressing
trials Jul 1948.  To instructional airframe INST182 Jul 20, 1959 for use as gate guardian at
RNZAF base, Te Rapa, New Zealand.  Noted 1989 at RNZAF Museum, Wigram, 
NZ painted as NZ2521, which had been lost over Rabaul May 31, 1944.
24337 (MSN 5220) to New Zealand Sep 1943 as NZ2505.  SOC Sep 1959.   Reported 1969 at children's playground
at Opunake, New Zealand.  Removed in 1972 for restoration with preservation group at
Wellington, NZ.  Later to RNZAF Museum for possible trade with the Australian Fleet Air Arm Museum. Loaned to the 
Gisborne Aviation and Preservation Society in 1999 for restoration and display in Gisborne, NZ.
24339 (MSN 5222) to New Zealand Sep 1943 as NZ2506.  Allocated to the Research and Development Flight for topdressing trials 
Apr 1949. Crashed on takeoff from Hood Aerodrome, Masterton May 3, 1949, the first sortie of the trial.

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