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128479 ... 128600
Piasecki HUP-2 Retriever
Redesignated UH-25B in 1962.
128479 at American Helicopter Museum, West Chester APT, Pa 2006
128484 noted in restoration area of Pima Air and Space Museum Mar 2002.
At one time was N91328
128511 to N88943
128517 on display at NAS Willow Grove, PA.  On display Jul 2012 at Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom
Museum, Horsham, Pennsylvania
128519 to civil registry as N8SA.  Was in storage at Pima Air 
and Space Museum, but now restored and on display at the USS Intrepid
Museum, New York City, on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation.
128527 on display in 1973 at Atsugi Naval Air Station, Japan
128528 at Bob's Air Park
128530 (HU-2 Det 42) crashed into sea Jul 26, 1960 and sank.  Two crew recovered safely.
128534 to N93076
128549 to N88942
128550 to N93073
128555 to N93077
128561 to civil registry as N3SA Jul 12, 1979, registration cancelled
Aug 28, 2002
128567 seen at DMI Aviation, Tucson 8/28/2000.  In 2009 was owned by
Tennessee Museum of Aviation and is in restoration shop for display.
128574 to N88950
128582 to N93072
128589 to NAF China Lake by Apr 1956
128593 to N6SA
128594 (J13-148) to civil registry as N5SA.  Bought by Le Bourget
museum for display as 130077.  
128596 (MSN J13-150) at Flying Leathernecks Museum, MCAS Miramar, CA.
128600 to NAF China Lake by 1955
28059 ... 29213 (EXACT MATCH)
Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless
MSN 3406/4560 
28060 (MSN 3407) spun in after pullout from bomb run near
NAS Corpus Christi, TX 11/27/1944.  Both
Crew killed.
28076 (MSN 3423) force landed after takeoff from NAS Deland,
FL 11/22/1944.  Pilot OK.
28116 (MSN 3463, CAU-32) crashed in Pacific 3/5/1945.
28118 (MSN 3465) lost 40 mi E of Ft Lauderdale, FL 3/6/1945.  2 crew missing.  I have this one also have
been involved in a wheels up landing 5/8/1945 Ft Lauderdale, FL.
28119 (MSN 3466) VJ-13) crashed into house on takeoff from Moon Island, WA 8/14/1944.  2 crew injured.
28136 (MSN 3483, VN19D8) NAAS Chase Fld, Tx; 07.11/45: 
Solo; Stalled on wave-off, landing; Pilot OK
28162 (MSN 3509, VS-59) ditched 5/15/1945.  Crew OK.
28166 on display at Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum.
28237 force-landed during bomb training NAS Jacksonville, FL. 10/15/1944.  Crew injured.
28238 (VN19D8) 09/18/45; Mid-air with 36136 during sqd tactics; pilot killed
28268 (VJ-10) spun in while pulling target for AA and crashed near NAS Whidbey Island, WA 12/22/1944.
2 crew killed.
28271 (VMF-452) wave-off MCAS EL Toro, CA and spun-in on landing 12/06/1944.  Pilot killed.
28278 force landed in rough terrain FL 5/7/1945. SOC.  Crew OK.
28299 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo, South Pacific Dec 11, 1944
28355 collision with obstacle 5/20/1945 Kalalui Pool, Maui, HI.  SOC.
28361 suffered fuel exhaustion during bomb practice near NAAS Cecil Field, FL. 9/20/1944.  Crew bailed out.
28373 assigned to NACA Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, VA Sep 21, 1944 to Oct 1945.
Registered as NACA 101
28378 (VMF-311 force-landed on Roi Island during non-combat mission 8/18/1944.  Pilot OK.
28379 had mid-air during bomb practice 11/17/1944.  Pilot parachuted to safety.
28410 gear collapsed on landing Banning, CA 5/2/1945.  C.
28426 (VTB,OTU#1) ditched off Ft Lauderdale, FL  6/28/1945.  Crew OK.
28435 (MSN 3782) loaned from new to RNZAF as NZ5066; brought on charge Apr 16, 1944. Returned to US Marine 
Corps at Russell May 20, 1944.
28452 (MSN 3799) lost Apr 4, 1944 near Tanga Islands on flight from Henderson Field, Guadalcanal to Piva, Bougainville.
Had been taken from USMC stock as a replacement aircraft and was on delivery flight to 25 Squadron of
RNZAF at Piva when the pilot (the only crew member) got lost and bailed out over Japanese-held territory.
Pilot POW but died in prison camp May 1944.  Aircraft never received a NZ serial number, but had a temporary
ID of "176"
28486 spun in on landing at NAS Miami, FL 3/5/1945.  Pilot killed.
28459 (VMO-155) crashed on non-combat mission  12/10/1944.
29498 to civil registry as HC-AAH
28503 crashed during bomb practice near NAS Deland, FL 10/26/1944.  Crew killed.
28516 (MSN 3863) loaned from new to RNZAF as NZ5060; brought on charge Apr 1, 1944. 25 Squadron. Returned to US Marine Corps at 
Russell May 20, 1944.
28526 (MSN 3873) loaned from new to RNZAF as NZ5061; brought on charge Apr 1, 1944. 25 Squadron. Returned to US Marine Corps 
at Russell May 20, 1944.
28535 (MSN 3882) crashed at Piva, Bougainville Jun 3, 1944 with VMSB-236.
Pilot was killed, fate of rest of crew unknown.  By late 1960s was used by MGM Studios, Culver 
City, CA as wind machine.  Moved to The Air Museum, Ontario, CA.  Registered 1987 as N670AM.
28536 (MSN 3883) loaned from new to RNZAF as NZ5062; brought on charge Apr 1, 1944. Named ‘Francois’ with 25 
Squadron. Returned to US Marine Corps at Russell May 20, 1944.  Was NX670AM by mid 1996.  Noted airworthy as 
NX670AM at Planes of Fame, Chino, California Jan 13, 2002.  
28537 (VC-24) suffered engine failure and ditched 3 mi off Kokohead, Oahu, Hawaii Oct 5, 1943.
28538 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo in South Pacific Jan 17, 1945
28539 (VMSB-931) crashed on takeoff Galveston, TX and sand 9/20/1944.  Both crew killed.
28549 crashed on takeoff NAS Jacksonville 11/19/1944.  Crew killed.
28554 in mid-air with 29179 during gunnery training near NAS Deland, FL 7/24/1944.  Pilot bailed
out, other crewman killed.
28557 A&R (assembly & repair); NAS Corpus Christi, TX; 07/24/45
28579 crashed South West Pacific 2/14/1945.
28637 (VMSB-944) had engine failure off Camp Lejeune, NJ 10/10/1944.  Crew bailed out.
28654 (VS-34) in midair fire near Arapahoo, NC 9/11/1944.  Pilot killed.
28655 hit water on pullout from bomb run near NAS Deland, FL.  Crew killed.  Date??
28659 wheels-up landing at Naval Proving Grounds, Dahlgren, Va 10/05/1944.  Pilot OK.
28675 (VS-69) ditched at sea off Oahu, HI 7/11/1944.  Crew OK
28684 suffered fuel exhaustion during familiarization flight near NAS Deland, FL 11/18/1944 and force-
landed.  Pilot OK.
28691 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo, South Pacific Dec 11, 1944
28720 (VN19DA) ground looped on landing at NAAS Chase Field, TX 7/6/1945.  Crew OK.
28752 crashed on night navigation flight from NAS Jacksonville, FL 7/18/1944.  2 crew killed.
28753 no pullout from dive bomb run near Black Creek Target 9/05/1944.  Both crew killed.
28754 spun in 4 mi SSE of Catheart, VA 1/10/1945. 2 crew killed.
28774 (MAG-92) ran out of fuel near Batesville, Ark. and pilot bailed out 12/23/1944.
28796 spun in while landing at NAAS Cecil Field, FL 12/10/1944.  Pilot killed.
28804 in hard landing on USS Sable, Lake Michigan 12/15/1944.  Pilot OK
28812 (VMF-224) ditched 1/15/1945.  2 crew OK.
28830	converted to XSBD-6.  To NATC Patuxent River, Maryland Jun 1944.
28850 crashed near Watsonville, CA Jan 14, 1944, killing the two crew members.  A work crew unearthed the wreckage
Jul 11, 2007.  
28890 (VS-53) in wheels-up landing NAS Barbers Pt,Hawaii 4/29/1945.  SOC.  Crew OK.
28893 in mid-air during glide bombing training off NAS Miami, FL 8/01/1944.  2 crew bailed out.
28898 (VS-28) ditched at sea due to bad weather near Amchitka, AK 9/28/1944..  2 crew killed.
28908 stalled landing NAAS Cuddihy Field, TX 10/16/1944.  Pilot suffered minor injuries.
28917 (MAG-37) in wheels-up landing 12/16/1944.  Pilot OK
28943 pilot bailed out due to bad weather near St. Augustine, FL 8/19/1944.  
28945 crash-landed at NAS Deland, FL 8/26/1944 after engine fire on takeoff.  Pilot killed.
28950 crashed in bad weather near Beecher City, IL on ferry flight 5/25/1945.  Both crew killed.
28954 ditched after takeoff Guadalcanal CVE-60 1/24/1944.  Pilot OK.
28972 in hard landing on Guadalcanal CVE-60 and hit
barrier 1/18/1945.  Pilot OK.
28981 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo, South Pacific Dec 11, 1944
28990 in hard landing on USS Sable 9/29/1944.  Pilot OK
29002 in mid-air during gunnery near NAS Miami, FL
8/28/1944.  2 crew killed.
29008 stalled after takeoff from NAS Deland 7/18/1944.
Two crew OK
29018 crashed in Wagner Canyon, CA Sep 15, 1943
29021 (VMSB-236) crashed due to pilot error during
combat mission 7/26/1944, Munda
29029 crashed and burned in Aliso Canyon, CA 1944, killing pilot.
29035 (MSN 4382) damaged on ground by explosion of depth charges at NAS Hampton Roads, VA Sep 17, 1943.
29036 (VS-35) spun in on training flight 8/3/1944.
2 crew killed.
29044 (MSN 4391) damaged on ground by explosion of depth charges at NAS Hampton Roads, VA Sep 17, 1943.
29046 (VN8D8) force landed near NAAS Saulfey Field 
5/9/1945. SOC
29059 stalled during slow takeoff and crashed NAS Deland,
FL 9/04/1944.  Pilot killed.
29073 (VS-51) ditched Sandan Defense Area 9/17/1944.
Pilot suffered minor injuries.
29081 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo, South Pacific Dec 11, 1944
29082 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo, South Pacific Dec 11, 1944
29088 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo in South Pacific Jan 17, 1945
29096 (VMSB-241) undershot landing 9/26/1944.  Crew OK
29101 (VN9D8) force landed near Corpus Christi, TX on
ferry flight 6/7/1945.  Crew OK.
29124 crashed into Turnbull Bay near New Smyrna Field,
FL 8/16/1944.  Pilot killed.
29179 in mid-air with 28554 during gunnery training
near NAS Deland, FL 7/24/1944.  Both crew killed.
29198 in high-speed stall after pull out during test
flight near NAAS Cecil Field, FL 9/25/1944.
Both crew killed.
29201 in midair with 36215 near NAS Deland, FL. 12/18/1944.
Pilot killed
29206 stalled on landing and crashed NAAS Branan Field,
FL 11/20/1944.  Pilot suffered minor injuries.

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