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135139 ... 135222
Douglas AD-5W Skyraider
MSN 10216/10299.  Four-seat AEW version.  Redesignated EA-1E in 1962.
135141 to USAF as 52-135141. 
135152 (MSN 10229) reported 1975 stored at NAS Memphis, TN.
Later on civilian registry as N37AM, later as N65164.  Airworthy with Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison, Texas
135154 to USAF as 52-135154.  
135165 to USAF as 52-135165.
135178 (MSN 10255) to USMC Museum, Quantico, VA Jun 1971.  To 
civil register as N62466 with Doug Champlin Collection of
Enid, OK.  Passed through several hands and by Oct 1987
reported back at USMC Museum.  Reported in 1989 with Peter
Thelen at Fort Lauderdale, FL.  In 2011 based in St Charles, Missouri, still as N62466.
135183 VAW-12 USS Forrestal AJ-703
135187 to USAF as 52-135187.
135188 (MSN 10265) originally accepted by the U.S.N. from Douglas at El Segundo, California on June 23, 1955 and 
assigned to VC-11 NAS North Island, California. During the next four years, the Skyraider served aboard 
the U.S.S. Wasp (CV-18), the U.S.S. Hornet (CV-12) and the U.S.S. Shangri La (CV-38) between shore 
assignments before being placed in storage at Litchfield Park, Arizona on December 29 1959.  On 
November 30 1962, the Skyraider was redesignated EA-1E while still in storage and stricken from the 
books in March 1963. However, with the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, it was reinstated into 
service and assigned to VAW-33 serving aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid and U.S.S. Wasp. While on the Wasp t
he aircraft was overhauled again when itís radome was removed and the airframe modified and 
redesignated A-1E.  Initially assigned to VA-122 at N.A.S. Lemoore, California, it later served aboard 
the U.S.S. Kittyhawk and then went to VAQ-33 at Quonset Point as a utility and training aircraft. 
Finally, the Skyraider was sent to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Centre February 1970. 
There it remained until Roy Stafford acquired the aircraft in 1989. at Olympic Flight Museum, Olympia WA.  Still airworthy.
Reported May 1989 dismantled at Chino, CA.  Was acquired by civilian user and given serial N188BP, went through
several owners. Registration N188RH reserved Sep 5, 2008, taken up Oct 1, 2008.  In 2012 was with the 
Collings Foundation.
135195 to USAF as 52-135195. 
135201 to USAF as 52-135201. 
135202 to USAF as 52-135202.
135206 to South Vietnam AF
135211 to USAF as 52-135211.
135215 to South Vietnam AF
35098 ... 35193 (EXACT MATCH)
North American PBJ-1D Mitchell
Navy equivalent of B-25D
Were USAAF 42-87181/87205, 43-3302/3344, 43-3570/3605, 43-3651, 43-3655, 43-3771/3778.
35099 missing near San Francisco, CA 4/26/1944.
35105 collided with 35151 2/27/1945 near Emirau Island.
All 7 onboard killed.
35113 (VMB-423) crashed in low-altitude turn MCAS
Cherry Point, NC 11/1/1943.  4 killed.
35114 (VMB-433) crashed at sea near Palmyra Island
8/6/1943.  9 killed.
35118 (VMB-433) landing gear collapsed during takeoff
Emirau Island Mar 27, 1945.
35119 (VMB-423) forced landint at Ft. Wayne, Indiana
35120 (VMB-433) wheels-up landing at MCAS El Centro, CA
35121 in midair with 35184 near Bern, NC 2/23/1944.  10 killed.
35127 (VMB-413) lost in action 4/20/1944 South Pacific.  6 KIA.
35130 (VMB-423) nosed over in ditch on takeoff at Green Island
35131 (VMB-413) missing on flight to Canton Island to
Tutuila 1/22/1944.  6 MIA.
35132 (VMB-423) in landing accident at Green Island, SP
Oct 3, 1944.
35134 (VMB-143) lost on flight to Treasury Islands,
ran out of fuel and crashed 4/1/1944.  6 killed.
35141 (VMB-423) hit tree on landing Green Island, SPac
and crashed inverted Jun 29, 1944.  6 killed.
35145 (VMB-423) structural failure MCAS Ewa, Oahu, HI
3/3/1944.  5 killed.
35147 (VMB-443) swerved off runway on landing at Peliliu 
35148 (VMB-612) ditched offshore from Iwo Jima Apr 20, 1945.
35149 (VMB-612) crashed after takeoff 11/29/1944. 6 missing.
35151 collided with 35105 2/27/1945 near Emirau Island.
All 6 onboard killed.
35152 (VMB-611) in ground accident 10/31/1944 SW Pacific.
35156 (VMB-612) missing 11/27/1944 SW Pacific.  5 missing.
35161 (VMB-612) shot down 4/16/1945 by friendly fire (F4U-1)
during attack on enemy airstrip.  Ditched, 2 killed, 3 rescued.
35164 (VMB-611) lost in action May 30, 1945, Midanao, Philippines. 4 KIA
35168 (VMA-612) missing 2/11/1945, South Pacific.  7 MIA
35172 (VMB-611) lost Jun 19,1945 N of Sarangani Bay, Mindanao,
Philippines.  Crew rescued.
35175 (VMB-611) hit trees during landing at Emirau 1/17/1945.
35176 (VMB-612) overshot landing at Iwo Jima 5/3/1945.
35179(?) (VMB-611) flew into water during gunnery practice
2/14/1944.  5 killed.
35180 (VMB-611) landing accident at Samar, Philippines
9/23/1945.  Records indicate that it was never assigned to
an overseas unit and ws SOC Oct 31, 1945.
35181 (VMB-413) undershot landing at Munda, New Georgia
Sept 29, 1944.
35182 (VMB-611) in forced lnading at Zamboango Sept 5, 1945.
35184 in midair collision with 35121 Feb 23, 1944 2
mi SE of New Bern, NC Feb 23, 1944.  10 killed.
35187 (VMB-611) in landing accident at Samar, Philippines
35189 (VMB-612) ditched off Iwo Jima 4/20/1945.
35190 (VMB-413) swerved off runway on landing at Rasi,
North Field, South Pacific 3/5/1945.
35193 (VMB-611) in ground accident at Emirau, SP 4/6/1945.

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