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136163 ... 136292
Douglas F4D-1 Skyray
Cancelled contract 
35922 ... 36421 (EXACT MATCH)
Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless
MSN 4561/5060 (El Segundo MSNs)
35922 (MSN 4561) was intended to serve as a prototype for a USAAF version, but the project was abandoned
and the aircraft was completed as a SBD-5
35923 (MSN 4562) loaned from new to RNZAF as NZ5068; brought on charge Apr 27, 1944. Returned to 
US Marine Corps at Russell May 20, 1944.
35931 (VC-24) crashed near Buka Airfield, Papua New Guinea during bombing mission Nov 10, 1943.  2 crew KIA.
Wreckage discovered in 2007.
35950 converted to SBD-6
35971 shot down at Rabaul Jan 14, 1944.
36008 (VC-11) crashed near Soledad, CA 5/3/1945.  2 crew killed.
36022 and 36023 to Royal Navy as Dauntless JS997 and JS998
36025 force-landing at NAS Deland, FL 11/13/1944.  Pilot suffered minor injuries.
36035 (VMSB-331) wheels up landing on Nanomea 11/27/1943.
36038 (VS-38) hit trees on takeoff from Preston-Glenn
Airport, Lynchburg, VA 7/15/1944.  Pilot killed.
36043 (VJ-9) ditched in San Pedro, CA. channel area during target towing 10/10/1944.  Pilot
36067 crashed into woods south of Perdido FL 2/25/1945. Pilot killed.
36071 flew into ground during let-down 2/9/1945 NAAS Saufley Field, FL.  Pilot killed.
36081 force landed after takeoff NAAS Saufley Field, FL 4/9/1945.  Pilot OK
36093 (VMSB-151) in forced-landing from Engebi Island, Eniwetok Atoll 9/12/1944.  Crew OK
36115 ditched due to fuel exhaustion east of Mayport,
FL 12/20/1944.  Pilot OK
36120 (VMSB-474) in midair with 36341 during bombing practice off Santa Catalina Isl, CA 7/01/1944.  Pilot
bailed out OK.
36136 (VN19D8) 09/18/45;Mid-air with 28238 during sqd tactics; pilot bailed out
36148 force landed after takeoff from NATC Pensacola, FL 8/24/1944.  Pilot injured.
36162 in midair with 54377 near NAS Deland, FL during bomb practice 10/15/1944.  Pilot bailed out.
36171 force landed near NAAS Whitehouse Field, Fl 6/18/1945.  Crew OK.
36173 ditched in Lake Michigan Mar 5, 1944 and salvaged in 1987.  Restored
and dedicated to Ens Jamual J. Underhill and now
on display on USS Yorktown, Patriots Point, Charlestown, SC.
36175 ditched in Lake Michigan during WW2 and salvaged early 1990s.  Now at National 
Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL as parts source
36176 stalled on takeoff from USS Sable, Lake Michigan, and sank Mar 12, 1944.  Pilot OK.  
Recovered in 1996.  In 1997 was under restoration for Pioneers of Flight Museum, MN.
I have this plane located at Palm Springs Air Museum, CA. 
36177 ditched in Lake Michigan during WW2 and salvaged early 1990s.  Now at National 
Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
36203 crashed into shallow water near NAS Deland, FL 7/14/1944.  Pilot killed.
36215 in midair with 29201 near NAS Deland, FL. 12/18/1944.  Pilot killed
36221 (VN19D8) Naas Chase Fld, Tx;45.08/07/45;Low altitude spin,
265deg.15mi.from Naas; pilot killed
36222 (VMSB-243) in runway collision after landing
from combat mission 6/8/1945.  Pilot OK.
36261 (VMSB-941) suffered structural failure during
dive bomb run 9/04/1944.  Landed OK.
36267 (VMF-111) missing on instrument flight from
Kwajalein Atoll 1/17/1945.  2 crew missing.
36279 dumped in water off Espiritu Santo, South Pacific Dec 11, 1944
36291 ditched in Lake Michigan Nov 24, 1944 while doing practice
landings on USS Wolverine.  Pilot rescued.  Plane was salvaged
and raised Apr 2009 on behalf of National Musuem of Naval
Aviation, Pensacola, FL
36327 crashed in dive 22 mi from NAAS Chase Field, TX
4/2/1945.  Pilot killed.
36341 (VMSB-474) in midair with 36120 during bombing practice off
Santa Barbara 7/1/1944.  Pilot bailed out OK.
36370 (ASG-98) crashed at sea near Port Hueneme, CA 
3/7/1945.  Pilot killed.
36376 (VS-52) crashed at see off runway at Roi Island,
Kwajalein.  2 crew killed.
36377 (SBD-5P, VJ-9) ditched at sea off San Diego due to engine
problems 7/9/1944.  Crew suffered minor injuries.
36383 (VS-48) ditched off end of field at NAS Dutch 
Harbor, AK 5/29/1945.  Crew injured.
36384 (CASU-32) crashed on non-combat mission 9/13/1944.
36392 force landed at Simsboro, LA 1/1/1945.  Crew OK
36397 collided with 36409 near NAS Deland, FL 1/24/1945.
Pilot killed.
36400 (VMSB-284) swerved off runway during landing MCAS
El Toro, CA 8/21/1944.
36402 ditched at sea off NAS Jacksonville, FL 12/21/1944.
Pilot OK
36409 collided with 36937 near NAS Deland, FL 1/24/1945.
Pilot bailed out OK.
36410 collided with obstacle on non-combat mission in
central Pacific 7/18/1944.
36419 (VMSB-231) hit trees at low altitude during
instrument practice 12/31/1944 and crashed into
water off Ine Island, Marshalls.  Both crew killed.

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