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145202 ... 145306
McDonnell F3H-2 Demon
MSN 371/475
145203 (VF-64) crashed over flight deck on USS Midway (CV-4) and sank Sep 10, 1958.  Pilot killed.
145205  caught fire on USS Midway (CV-41).  Only minor damage to plane
145207 (VF-64) crshed in sea off USS Midway (CV-41) Jul 23, 1958.  Pilot killed.
145210 (VF-64) crashed at sea from USS Midway (CV-41) Sep 7, 1958.  Pilot killed.
145221 at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ, marked as 143492
145281 (VF-14) suffered either cold catapult launch or failure of catapult harness before launch off deck of USS 
Franklin D. Roosevelt in Mediterranean and rolled off the bow Mar 20, 1963.  Plane became inverted and sank.
Pilot killed, body not recovered.
45205 ... 45274 (EXACT MATCH)
Martin PBM-3D Mariner
45216 (VP-16) missing on combat patrol 6/22/1944.  11 MIA.
45231 in landing accident 6/24/1944, Saipan.  Could not be towed, sunk by friendly fire.
45236 (VP-200) had forced landing at sea in Phoenix Island Group of South
Pacific Sep 5, 1944 after engine failure.  Flooded and sank in high
seas.  5 killed 6 injured.  Suriviors picked up by Liberty ship
SS James D. Doty.
45263 (VP-21) crashed during bomb practice 5/31/1944 Creeds Field, VA.  9 killed.
45274 delivered as XPBM-6

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