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90385 ... 90395
Douglas R5D-2  
USAAF C-54B transferred to Navy.
Some modified as staff transports and successively redesignated R5D-2F, R5D-2Z, and then VC-54P. 
90385 (MSN 18358) ex USAAF 43-17158.  (VR-4) ditched in San Francisco Bay, CA Sept 4, 1944.  
1 missing, 4 OK.
90386 (MSN 18372) ex USAAF 43-17172
90387 (MSN 18373) ex USAAF 43-17173
90388 (MSN 18387) ex USAAF 43-17187
90389 (MSN 18388) ex USAAF 43-17188.  To Brooks Fuel, Inc as N44906.  Now stored in desert at 
Chandler Memorial Apt being scavenged for spare parts.
90390 (MSN 27230) ex USAAF 44-9004
90391 (MSN 27231) ex-USAAF 44-9005.  To N44912 for Biegert Aviation, Chandler, AZ.
90392 (MSN 27232) ex USAAF 44-9006.  Converted to R5D-2Z as personal aircraft for Admiral of 7th Fleet, 
redesignated VC-54P in 1962.  To civil registry as N67040 water bomber No. 147.  Next stored as an
ex-slurry bomber at Avra Valley Apt, Az.  The plane on display at MCAS Miramar as US Marines 
QF 392 is ex-USAAF 42-72209
90393 (MSN 27246) ex-USAAF 44-9020.  To Biegert Aviation, Chandler, AZ as N44908.  Next
to Brooks Air Fuel but not taken up.  Withdrawn from use and now in storage at Chandler
Memorial as source for spare parts.
90394 (MSN 27247) ex USAAF 44-9021
90395 (MSN 27248) ex USAAF 44-9022.  Crashed in China Feb 3, 1946.
90396 ... 90415
Douglas R5D-4 
USAAF C-54E transferred to Navy.
R5D-4R was personnel transport modification 
R5D-4R redesignated C-54R in 1962.
Some became EC-54U in 1962 when fitted with electronic countermeasures equipment.
90396 (MSN 27262) ex-USAAF 44-9036.  Converted to NC-54R, Project Magnet
90397 (MSN 27283) ex-USAAF 44-9057.  Registered to Aero Flight N96358
flying as Tanker 160.
90398 (MSN 27284) ex-USAAF 44-9058. 
90399 (VR-8, MSN 27305, ex-USAAF 44-9079) caught fire on ground NAF Honolulu, HI
Nov 19, 1947.
90400 (MSN 27306) ex-USAAF 44-9080
90401 (MSN 27307) ex-USAAF 44-9081  
90402 (MSN 27328) ex-USAAF 44-9102.  To civil registry with Aero Union as N62297
and flying as Tanker 14.  Registered Dec 14, 2005 to Buffalo Airways, Ltd
of Yellowknife, NT as C-GBAJ
90403 (MSN 27329) ex-USAAF 44-9103
90404 (MSN 27330) ex-USAAF 44-9104.  To civil registry as N96359
90405 (MSN 27331) ex-USAAF 44-9105
90406 (MSN 27362/D0308) ex-USAAF 44-9136.  Converted to C-54R.  WFU and stored
at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ May 1970. Bought by Interair Leases Inc Jan 31, 1975.
Bought by International Air Leases Dec 13, 1975.  Bought by Gerald D. Wilson Dec 12,
1975 and registered as N96360.  To Onyx Aviation INC Jan 11, 1977.  Bought by
Wilmont Wilson and Co Feb 21, 1977.  Bought by Onyx Aviation Inc Jul 12, 1978.
Bought by Distribute Air Inc Sep 22, 1978.  Bought by Peter Melson Sep 22, 1978.
WFU and stored Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Bought by Hill Air Company, Inc Sep 10, 1984.
Donated to broward County Erosion Prevention Unit.  Derigestere Jun 27, 1994
and broken up and compnents sunk and used as a reef.  
90407 (MSN 27363) ex-USAAF 44-9137.  To US Navy as R5D-4R/C-54R.  Operated as
Blue Angels support aircraft in 1956.  Became N67038, then 
N5184B.  Impounded by DEA.  Was donated to Castle AFB Museum, where it is 
displayed as Navy 90407 again.   At one point this plane has been registered 
as N105R, but this was cancelled Oct 2002 at owner's request.  When seen at Castle 
May 22, 2003, was painted as 44-9137
90408 (MSN 27364) ex-USAAF 44-9138 
90409 (MSN 27365) ex USAAF 44-9139.  To Biegert Aviation, Chandler, AZ
as N44918.
90410 (MSN 27366) ex-USAAF 44-9140
90411 (MSN 27367) ex USAAF 44-9141.  Then to civil registry as N8502R.
90412 (MSN 27368) ex-USAAF 44-9142.  To civil registry as N96361, then N6816D.  There is
a report that N96361 ditched in Pacific Ocean off Arlington, WA Dec 23, 1986 with Central
Air Services Dec 23, 1986.  There seems to be some doubt as to whether this crash actually 
happened.  It may have been some sort of insurance scam.  N6816D is still on the Landings
civil registry as of Apr 2004.  Listed as T-109 (Tanker 109)
90413 (MSN 27369) ex-USAAF 44-9143
90414 (MSN 27370) ex-USAAF 44-9144.  To Millardair as C-GQIB, now on civil register as N500EJ with
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, NJ.
90415 (MSN 27371) ex USAAF 44-9145.  To Biegert Aviation, Chandler, AZ
as N44909, then HC-BPB, then to Brooks Air Fuel again as N44909.
w/o Feb 1, 1997, Bronson Creek, BC.
91105 ... 91105
Douglas R5D-1
Army C-54A 41-37300 (MSN 3091) transferred to Navy.  SOC Jun 30, 1947
Serial reassigned from cancelled SNJ-5 batch
91994 ... 92006
Douglas R5D-3 
C-54Ds transferred to Navy from RAF stocks through Reverse Lend-Lease.  Serials reassigned 
from cancelled TBM-3E batch.  Most survivors redesignated C-54Q in 1962.
92004/92006 cancelled.  
A few became RC-54Vs.  Staff transport variant designated R5D-3Z and later VC-54Q.
91994 MSN 10547) ex-USAAF 42-72442, RAF KL977.  To civil registry with Aero Union as N62296.  Later changed 
to civil registry as N3054V.  Converted to aerial tanker, stored 2006 at Kingman, AZ
91995 (MSN 10635) ex-USAAF 42-72530, RAF KL979
91996 (MSN 10637) ex-USAAF 42-72532, RAF KL980.  Operated as Blue Angels support
aircraft 8 1966-67.
91997 (MSN 10640) was ex USAAF 42-72535, RAF KL982.  To civil registry as N4043A for
Americada Corporation in 1958.  Bought by Golden State Airlines (Holiday
Airlines) in 1958.  Leased to Slick Airways Jul 1, 1959, returned Jun 1960.
Bought by Seefahrt-U-Transportinteressen GmbH Apr 9, 1962 and registered
as D-AMAX.  Bought by Malta Medropolitian Jun 1963 as VP-MAA.  Bought by
Autair International Airways Jan 1965 and registered as G-ASZT.  Bought by
Rhodesian Air Services Aug 15, 1965 and registered as VP-YYR.  Bought by 
Air Trans Africa Jan 1966 as 9J-RBL.  Bought by Autair International Airways
again Mar 9, 1966, registered as G-ASZT.  Leased to Invicta Airways
Apr 2, 1966.  Bought by Aero Service Africa May 15, 1969 as TN-ABC.  Bought
by LINA Congo Oct 23, 1968.  Bought by SOACO Sep 1974 registered as TR-LTJ.  
Bought by INCO International Jan 1977.  Bought by Air Affaires Gabon in
1979.  WFU and stored at Liberville, Gabon.  Bought by Kinair Cargo 1984
registered as 9Q-CAG.  DBR due to engine fire at N'Djili, Kinshasa, Zaire Jan 7, 1987.
91998 (MSN 10750) ex-USAAF 42-72645, RAF KL984 to US Navy Feb 23, 1946.
Transferred to US Marine Corps, converted to R5D-5 Dec 1958.
Returned to US Navy converted to C-54J then C-54Q.  WFU and
stored MASDC Oct 1970.  Boutht by Interair Leases Jan 31, 1975,
to International Air Leases Dec 12, 1975.  Bought by Gerald D.
Wilson Dec 12, 1975 registered as N96449.  Bought by Waig
Aircraft Inc Sep 23, 1977 as Fire Bomber #118.  W/o after midair
collision with N406WA (another C-54G fire bomber #119, Ex
45-0491, MSN 35944, 5 mi N of Indio, CA Dec 2, 1980.  2 killed.
45-0491 landed safely.
91999 (MSN 10783) ex USAAF 42-72678, RAF KL985.  To civil registry as N91999, then to TANA as HK-1806 
92000 (MSN 10784) ex-USAAF 42-72679, RAF KL986
92001 (MSN 10785) ex-USAAF 42-72680, RAF KL987.  Not sure this this one was actually delivered to USN, since 
42-72680 is listed as having crashed in the Azores Jul 3, 1945.
92002 (VMR-352, MSN 10689, ex-USAAF 42-72584, RAF KL981) forced landing at NAS Agana, Guam
and caught fire Mar 7, 1947.
92003 (MSN 10589) ex-USAAF 42-72484, Converted to C-54Q in 1962.  To Spain as EC-BQJ Mar 1, 1969 and transferred
to Spanish AF as T.4-16 Apr 1969.  WFU and scrapped.
39112 ... 39128
Douglas R5D-2
39112 (MSN 10482, Line No. DC213), ex USAAF 42-72377.  To 
Eastern Airlines, Inc as N86577, side no. 703, 06/46-10/51, stored as 39112 
then sold to Columbia as HK-1026 for Taxader (Taxi Aereo de Santander). 
Scrapped Bogota-Eldorado, Colombia
39113 (MSN 10531, Line No. DC262), ex USAAF 42-72426. To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as 
N86580, side no. 701, 05/46-06/51, stored as 39113 then converted to VC-54N, 
then converted to C-54P. b/u
39114 (MSN 18329, Line No. DO103), ex USAAF 43-17129.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. 
as N86582, side no. 704, 04/46-11/51, stored as 39114.  wfu
39115 (MSN 10491, Line No. DC222), ex USAAF 42-72386.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as 
N86576, side no. 702, 05/46-05/51, stored as 39115, wfu
39116 (MSN 18331, Line No. DO105), ex USAAF 43-17131.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. 
as N88815, side no. 709, 07/46.  stored as 39116.  Next while operated by the USMC 
on Feb. 17, 1956 the aircraft was involved in a fatal accident on approach to NAS 
Alameda, CA, 5 crew, 35 PAX fatal.  w/o
39117 (MSN 10509, Line No. DC240), ex USAAF 42-72404.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as 
N88812, side no. 706, 06/46-10/51, stored as 39117, wfu
39118 (MSN 10484,  Line No. DC215), ex USAAF 42-72379.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as 
N88811, side no. 705, 05/46, stored as 39118, wfu
39119 (MSN 18344, Line No. DO118), ex USAAF 43-17144.  To Eastern Airlines Inc. as 
N88813, side no. 707, 10/46, on December 19, 1946 it was involved in a midair with 
a Universal DC-3 near Aberdeen, Md.  Both aircraft were able to land safely. 
Repaired and stored as 39119, b/u.
39120 (MSN 10443, Line No. DC174), ex USAAF 42-72338.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as N88704, 
side no. 712, 09/46-05/51, stored as 39120 then converted to R5D-5 as BuNo 39120 then wfu
39121 (MSN 18378, Line No. DO152), ex USAAF 43-17178.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as NC88707 
then registered as N88707, side no 714, 07/46-05/51, stored as 39121 then sold as N68576,
leased to Breathens, S.A.F.E. of Iceland, operated by Luftleidir Icelandic Airlines as LN-SUP 
(1954-1960) then registered as D-ADAR
39122 (MSN 10438), ex USAAF 42-72333.  Leased by Eastern Air Lines
Jun 16, 1946 as N88703, side no. 711.  Returned to US Navy as 39122 May 11, 1951.
Converted to VC-54N in 1962.  WFU and stored at Davis Monthan AFB Mar 1970.
Bought by Aircraft Specialties Inc. Mar 1975 and registered as N67017.  Bought by Air Response Inc
May 28, 1986 and reregistered as N34NA.  WFU and stored at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ.
Presently (2004) parked/stored at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ by 
Aviation Response, Inc. with a fire bomber side no.14.
39123 (MSN 18334, Line No. DO108), ex USAAF 43-17134.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as N865579, 
side no. 710, 08/46-05/51, stored as 39123 then b/u
39124 (MSN 10495, Line No. DC226), ex USAAF 42-72390.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as N88705, 
side no. 713, 06/46-10/58, stored as 39124, wfu
39125 (MSN 10535, Line No. DC266), ex USAAF 42-72430.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as N88724, 
side no. 715, 08/46-10/51, stored as 39125, wfu
39126 (MSN 10536, Line No. DC267), ex USAAF 42-72431.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as N34070, 
side no. 719, 09/46-06/51, stored as 39126, wfu
39127 (MSN 10542, Line No. DC273), ex USAAF 42-72437.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as N34045, 
side no. 718, 09/46-10/51, stored as 39127 then converted to VC-54N (R5D-1Z) as 39127, 
then converted to RC-54V as 39127 for the US Coast Guard, wfu
39128 (MSN 10492, Line No. DC223), ex USAAF 42-72387.  To Eastern Airlines, Inc. as N54365, 
side no. 720, 1946-1951, stored as 39128 wfu.
39137 ... 39181
Douglas R5D-1
USAAF C-54As transferred to US Navy
I have 39122 being ex USAAF 42-72333.  But this wasn't an R5D-1.
39137 (MSN 3065) ex USAAF 41-37275.  To civil registry as N90861 (Santa Fe Skyways) , then PH-TEY "Limburg", PH-DBY (KLM), 
F-OBMU and then 7T-VAU (Air Algerie).  Crashed into mountainside in Sahara near Tamanrasset,
Algeria Apr 11, 1967.  35 of 39 onboard killed.
39138 (MSN 3066) ex USAAF 41-37276.  To Dutch AF as NL306.  To civil registry as PH-TAE (KLM).
W/o Nov 05. 1946  
39139 (MSN 3076/DO18) ex USAAF 41-37285.  Bought by Transocean Airlines in 1946 as
N79998.  Crashed/ditched Aug 15, 1949 when ran out of fuel 15 km west of Lurga
Point, off the coast of Ireland.  8 of 58 onboard killed. 
39140 (MSN 3077) ex USAAF 41-37286.  To ZJC-54A at Edwards AFB.  To civil registry as NC57777 (Veteran 
Airways), VP-CBE, CY-ACB (Air Ceylon), VH-INY (Ansett Australia Airlines) , N5521V (Seven Seas
Airlines), HP-351 (Aeronaves de Panama), 5N-AFC (Pan African Airlines),VP-BCX (Carribean
Air Charters, ntu), N11117 (Aviation Facilities - Leased to Taino Air Services.  Possibly
sold to Cambodia or CIA for operations in Cambodia.
39141 (MSN 3078) ex USAAF 41-37287.  To NC86552 (Chamberlain Aircraft Engineering), to Philippines 
Airlines and in early 1946 registered as PI-C108, returned to N86552, then to Air Asia/CAT 
Aug 8, 1946 registered as B-1002, to Air America March 1959 same B-1002.  Sold September 01, 1963 to 
VIAT/AII Saigon (VIAT was the South Vietnamese front of the Agency) on lease purchase. 
Leased to Air Vietnam.  Scrapped
39142 (MSN 3089) ex USAAF 41-37298.  To civil registry as NC79048 (Transocean
Air Lines), PI-C105 (Philippine Airlines),  VT-CYK (Bharat Airways).  Burnt out after force
landing at Comillah Dec 30, 1949.  7 killed.
39143 (MSN 3090) ex USAAF 41-37299.  To civil registry as NC79999 (Seaboard World Airlines - 
United States Overseas Airlines - Lsd to World Wide Airlines).  Scrapped.
39144 (MSN 3096) ex USAAF 41-37305.  Assigned to Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy.  To civil 
registry as N57661 (Santa Fe Skyways), PH-XEY then PH-TEX (KLM), F-BELM (Air France), 
TS-APM (Leased until sold to Tunis Air), F-BRHQ (Air Fret - Air Djibouti), To Air Afrique as TT-DAA.  
Crashed into ground 2.5 mi short of runway at Fort-Archambault, Chad Feb 28, 1971.  Crew of 3 survived,
but aircraft was w/o.
39145 (MSN 3097/DO39) ex USAAF 41-37306.  WFU and stored Mar 1946.  Broken up
39146 (MSN 3103/DO45) ex USAAF 41-37312.  WFU and stored Feb 1947.  Broken up  
39147 (MSN 3104) ex USAAF 41-37313.  With VR-11, hit mountain during landing descent to Manila, 
Philippines Nov 30, 1945.  No fatalities.
39148 ex USAAF 41-37318 to R5D-1Z, later redesignated VC-54N
39149 ex USAAF 41-37319.  To civil registry as NC79975 (United States Overseas Airlines), 
XA-HEN (Guest Aerovias Mexico), C-FEDM (Curtiss Reid Flying Service), N79975 (United
States Overseas Airlines), EC-WPQ later EC-APQ (Iberia). Sold to Spantax.  WFU.
39150 (MSN 7449/DO 57) ex USAAF 42-107430.  To Commercial Airways
of the Philippines Jun 12, 1947 as PI-C260.  Leased by US 
Overseas Airlines Feb 1951 as N68736.  Bought by US Overseas
Airlines May 2, 1953.  Destroyed when crashed on the ice cap
near Nassarssauq, Greenland May 13, 1957.  2 of 3 onboard killed.
39151 (MSN 7450/DO 58) ex USAAF 42-107431.  WFU and stored Feb 1947.
Broken up
39152 (MSN 10290/DC 21) ex USAAF 42-72185. To Peruvian International
Airways in 1947 as OB-SAD-173.  Registered as N1476V in 1949.
Bought by Union Aeromaritime de Transport Jan 21, 1950 as F-BFGR.
Bought by Compagnie Autrex-Lopez-Loreta-Lebreton in 1952.
Crashed at Elsines, near Bordeaux-Merignac, France after engine
failure Feb 7, 1953.  6 of 22 onboard killed.
39153 (MSN 10291/DC 22) ex USAAF 42-72186.  WFU and stored Dec 1946,
broken up
39154 (MSN 10292/DC 23) ex USAAF 42-72187.  To civil registry as N49537 with
Pacific Overseas Airlines in 1948.  To Union Aeromaritime
de Transport Dec 29, 1951 as F-BFVT.  DBR in landing at
Fort Lamy, Tchad Jun 3, 1955.
39155 (MSN 10293/DC 24) ex USAAF 42-72188.  WFU and stored Mar 1947.
Broken up.
39156 (MSN 10294/DC 25) ex USAAF 42-72189.  Sold to Transportes Aereos
Benianos in 1964 as CP-747.  Fate uncertain
39157 ex USAAF 42-72190
39158 ex USAAF 42-72191.  To Pan American Airways as N88714 *Clipper Golden West*, later *Clipper
Red Rover*
39159 (MSN 10297) ex USAAF 42-72192.  By 1956 was N88706 of
Northwest Airlines. 
39160 (MSN 10304/DC35) ex USAAF 42-72199.  WFU and stored Feb 1947.  Broken up
39161 (MSN 10305/DC36) ex USAAF 42-72200.  WFU and stored Mar 1947.  Broken up
39162 (MSN 10306/DC37) ex USAAF 42-72201. Bought by Pennsylvania Central
Airlines in 1946 and registered N53487.  Became Capital Airlines Apr 21,
1948.  Plane named "Capitaliner Canton 429.  Bought by T. D. Keegan
Ltd Dec 1, 1960 and registered G-ARIC.  Transferred to Trans World
Leasing Ltd Jan 1961.  Bought by Field Aircraft Services Jun 24, 1961.
Leased by World Wide Aviation Ltd Jun 22, 1971, returnedNov 1, 1961. 
Bought by Congolese AF Apr 1969, registered 9O-RIC, reserialed 9Q-RIC
Damaged on the ground by another C-54 9Q-PCW (ex 42-72194) N'Dolo, Leopoldville
Jun 1964.  WFU and stored 1966. 
39163 ex USAAF 42-72202 (MSN 10307) by 1955 was ZS-BWN "Swartberg"
of South African Airways.  To F-BJHG with UAT Union Aeromaritime de Transport, To TU-TBJ with Air Afrique.
Noted with Chad AF as 10307 then as TT-EAF with Air Tchad.  Noted dumped at N'Djamena in Aug 2011.
39164 ex USAAF 42-72203 (MSN 10308) by 1955 was N4269 "Skycruiser
New York" of Colonial Airlines
39165 (MSN 10318/DC49) ex USAAF 42-72213.  To WAA in 1946.  Registered N34565.
Transferred to US Department of Commerce in 1946 as N5288N.
Leased by Transocean Airlines Aug 1, 1952.  Subleased by Airwork
Ltd Mar 1955, returned to Transocean Dec 1955.  Returned to US
Department of Commerce 1957.  Transferred to CAA Oct 4, 1957,
reregistered to FAA.  Bought by International Air Freighters
in 1958 and registered as CF-NWM.  Bought by Cubana in 1958
and registered CU-T-785.  WFU and stored 1962.
39166 ex USAAF 42-72214.  To Pan American Airways as N88931 *Clipper Quickstep* in 1947.
To Cubana de Avacion in 1949 as CU-T397.  Crashed on takeoff Dec 6, 1952, Bermuda.
39167 (MSN 10320) ex USAAF 42-72215.  By 1956 was N48762 of
Northwest Airlines
39168 (MSN 10321/DC52) ex USAAF 42-72216.  WFU and stored Jul 1947.  Broken up
39169 (MSN 10322/DC53) ex USAAF 42-72217.  Bought by Cruzeiro do Sul
Nov 4, 1946 named "Canopus" registered PP-CCJ.  Bought by
Atlas Tire Company Jun 15, 1948 named "Sky Merchant" registered
N37734.  Bought by California Eastern Airlines Mar 3, 1953
registered N229A.  W/o Mar 27, 1953 when ditched in Pacific
Ocean off San Francisco at night due to engine failure.  Aircraft stayed
afloat for 5 1/2 hours.  All 4 onboard survived.
39170 (MSN 10323) ex-USAAF 42-72218.  to Pan American Airways as N88932 *Clipper Matchless* 1947-1951.  
Then CF-CUK, N9940F, EP-ADJ. Became KA-ADJ with Katanga rebels Nov 1962.
39171 (MSN 10324/DC55) ex-USAAF 42-72219.  Bought by Pacific Overseas
Airlines in 1946 as N49524.  Bought by Guest Aerovias Mexico 
Oct 13, 1948 as XA-HEG.  Leased by Qantas Oct 31, 1955, returned
to Guest Aerovias Mexico May 1, 1956.  Destroyed in crash landing
after an inflight fire 13 km NNW of Puerto Somoza, Nicaragua
Nov 15, 1956.  25 killed.
39172 (MSN 10325) ex USAAF 42-72220.  By 1956 was N49529 of Northwest Airlines
39173 ex USAAF 42-72221.  Sold on civilian market as N49539, OO-CBS, to Belgian 
AF as KX-1, radio call sign OT-CWU. The project to convert the fuselage into a bar at the Chantilly restaurant was 
abandoned having failed to obtain the necessary permits. Scrapped at Torhut, Belgium May 1984
39174 ex USAAF 42-72222 (MSN 10327).  To Pan American Airways as N88933 *Clipper Winged Racer*.
Sold to Canadian Pacific Airlines as CF-CPC in 1951.  Disappeared near
Sitka, AK on flight from Vancouver, BC to Anchorage, AK enroute to Tokyo.
6 crew and 31 passengers lost.  No trace ever found.
39175 ex-USAAF 42-72232.  To civil registry as N49288, AP-ADL, N49288, HZ-AG, G-ASPN, ZS-IRE, 
A2-ZGU, 9Q-CBP.  Was still flying, but now reported as reregistered 9Q-CWP and WFU.
Was seen at Kinshasa, Congo stored after an uncontained engine fire.
39176 ex-USAAF 42-72236.  To F-BFGQ.  To Peruvian International Airways as OB-SAC-172. Sold and re-registered 
39177 (MSN 10342, line no. DC 73) ex USAAF 42-72237.  To Pennsylvania
Central Airlines in 1946 as N91068.  Destroyed after engine caught
fire and fell off while landing at Washington National Airport
Sep 12, 1946.
39178 ex-USAAF 42-72238. To civil registry as OB-SAB-71, F-BFGP, TU-TBK (Air Afrique),
and 5T-CJR (air Mauritanie).  Later re-registered N1474V
39179 (MSN 7476/DO84) ex USAAF 42-107457.  To Colonial Airways as 'Skycruiser
America" N93267 May 29, 1947.  Merged with Eastern Airlines.  To PSA in Jun 1956, 
to Mercer Enterprises in 1961, to Arctic Coop Federation of Canada Dec 1969 as CF-QIX then
C-FQIX in 1970 when bought by Air Commonwealth.  WFU and stored at Winnipeg, Canada.  
Bought by Aero Trades Western in early 1979 then DBR Jun 1, 1979 at Thompson, Manitoba 
when an engine caught fire after takeoff.  Plane landed with engine still on fire and plane was
consumed by fire.
39180 (MSN 7477/DO85) ex USAAF 42-107458.  Report that it hit top of Mt Tengo and crashed into 
gorge 7.5 mi SW of Agana Airfield, Guam Sept 30, 1945.  7 killed.    
39181 (MSN 10344) ex USAAF 42-72239.  To civil registry as N67566 with NASA
Goddard Jan 1962.  Never had a NASA number.  Departed Feb 1965.  To 
TJ-ABM (Cameroon Airlines, wfu)
50840 ... 50849
Douglas R5D-1
USAAF C-54A transferred to Navy.  Some modified as staff transports and
redesignated R5D-1F, R5D-1Z and then VC-54N.
50840 (MSN 10361) ex USAAF 42-72256
50841 (MSN 10363) ex USAAF 42-72258
50842 (MSN 10364) ex USAAF 42-72259
50843 (MSN 10365) ex USAAF 42-72260.  To N58003, VP-CBD, CY-ACA, VH-INY,
N5520V, D-ADAL, G-AREK, converted to Carvair, G-AREK, N9757F, LX-IOG,
F-BHMV, G-AREK, G41-1-173 (a British Class B registration), G-AREK, 
F-BYCl, N83FA.  Crashed Apr 1997 at Griffin, Georgia.  2 crew killed.
50844 (MSN 10366/DC97) ex USAAF 42-72261.   Douglas Aircraft Company bought Jun 30, 1946 and converted to DC-4, Conversion No. 37. 
Pan American World Airways bought Jun 20, 1947 Reg. as N88934 and named "Clipper Pride of America". 
Renamed "Clipper Berlin". Transferred to Pan American Grace Airways (PANGRA) in 1949. Later WFU & stored Miami, 
FL. Charlotte Aircraft Sales bt. Dec 17, 1961. Spanish Air Force bought. 1962, Reg. T.4-10. Withdrawn from 
use 1979. This airframe is now preserved at Museo del Aire, Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, Spain. 
50845 (MSN 10393) ex USAAF 42-72288.  To OB-SAE-174, F-BFGS (Air Atlas), CN-CCC 
(Royal Air Maroc), F-BJHD, TU-TBP, F-BJHD.  To Guest Airways of Mexico as XA-GUO. 
Sold to Peruvian International Airways as OB-SAE-174. Sold and re-registered N1477V
50846 (MSN 10394) ex USAAF 42-72289.  Became N49528.  By 1956 was
N67067 of Northwest Airlines
50847 (MSN 10395) ex USAAF 42-72290.  Used by Naval Air Transport Service and assigned to VR-1.
Named "Moby Dick".  By 1955 was N41341 of Pacific Northern Airlines.
50848 ex USAAF 42-72291 (MSN 10396/DC127).   Bought by Chamberlin Aircraft Engineering in 1946.  Bought by
Philippine Airlnes Feb 1949 and registered as PI-C107.  Damaged in landing at Tokyo, Japan Oct 28, 1949.
To Pacific Overseas Airlines (Siam) Dec 1950 and named "City of Ayudhya" and registered
as HS-POS.  Crashed into saddle between Mount Butler and Mount Parker while 
taking off from Kai Tak, Hong Kong Mar 11, 1951.  All 26 onboard killed.
50849 ex USAAF 42-72292 (MSN 10397).  To civil registry as NC88756, then XA-GUP, then
N88756.  To Thai Airways Apr 11, 1957 as HS-TSC.  To VP-YTY Jan 1962. 
50850 ... 50868
Douglas R5D-2
USAAF C-54B transferred to Navy.
Some modified as staff transports and redesignated R5D-2F, R5D-2Z and then VC-54P.
50850 (MSN 10427) ex USAAF 42-72322. Converted to R5D-2Z, redesignated VC-54P.  
Struck high ground near Copper Canyon, NV Jan 10, 1968.  19 killed.
50851 (MSN 10428) ex USAAF 42-72323. Used for radar tests at NATC Patuxent River, MD
under designation R5D-2-2.  Had two pods mounted under each outer wing, and
a dorsal appendage which looked like a submarine conning towwer complete
with an extended periscope.  Redesignated C-54P in 1962.  To Aero Union of CA as N62295.
Now a hulk at Chico, CA.
50852 (MSN 10429) ex USAAF 42-72324.   Nosewheel collapsed on landing at NAF China Lake, CA
Jun 5, 1969 on flight from NAS Los Alimatos, CA.  Aircraft SOC at China Lake.
50853 (MSN 10430) ex USAAF 42-72325
50854 (MSN 10431), ex USAAF 42-72326.  To Globe Air, Mesa, AZ as N98AS.  To
Carribean Air Cargo.  Ditched off St Croix, Virgin
Islands  Mar 28, 1981 after engine fire.  1 of 2 crew on board killed.
50855 (MSN 10459, ex USAAF 42-72354).  To Aero Union of CA as N67109.
W/o Apr 30, 1990 at Chico, CA after a nose gear collapsed on landing
and the plane caught fire.
50856 (MSN 10460, ex USAAF 42-72355) to VC-54P.  To American Air Freight, Laredo, TX as N774AF.
50857 (MSN 10461, ex USAAF 42-72356.  Converted to C-54S in 1962 and later
to C-54P.  To MASDC Mar 1973.  to Biegert Aviation as N44911 Oct 28, 1975.
To Brooks Fuel of Fairbanks, AK Sep 3, 1996.  Suffered major damage
May 7, 2004 when explosion took place in left wing during engine start at 
Ganes Creek Mine airstrip, 25 mi W of McGrath, AK.  Engine 1 and
outboard section of left wing separated from the rest of the wing.
Crew uninjured.  
50858 (MSN 10462) ex USAAF 42-72357
50859 (MSN 10463) ex USAAF 42-72358
50860 (MSN 10516) ex USAAF 42-72411
50861 (MSN 10514) ex USAAF 42-72409
50862 (MSN 10522) ex USAAF 42-72417
50863 (MSN 10521) ex USAAF 42-72416
50864 (MSN 10519) ex USAAF 42-72414
50865 (MSN 10520, ex USAAF 42-72415).  To Air Response, Inc as N67019, 
Tanker T-157.   Seen in derelict condition at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ in 2009.
50866 (MSN 10533) ex USAAF 42-72428
50867 (MSN 10525) ex USAAF 42-72420.  W/o Jun 1, 1964 in ground fire at Twin Cities, Minnesota
50868 (MSN 10537) ex USAAF 42-72432.  Operated as a Blue Angels support
aircraft 1957-65, 1968.
50869 ... 50888
Douglas R5D-3
USAAF C-54D transferred to Navy.
50879/50888 cancelled.
Most survivors redesignated C-54Q in 1962.
A few became RC-54V.  Staff transport variant designated R5D-3Z and then VC-54Q.
50869 (MSN 10546) ex USAAF 42-72441.  Crashed during landing at Willow Run Apt, MI Jan 22, 1957.  
1 killed, 6 survived.
50870 (MSN 10553) ex USAAF 42-72448
50871 (MSN 10550) ex USAAF 42-72445.  Sold to EASI Mosquito Control as N67024.
50872 (MSN 10558) ex USAAF 42-72453 (MSN 10558, VRE-1) overshot landing at Yontan Field, Okinawa
and caught fire Apr 9, 1945.
50873 (MSN 10555) ex USAAF 42-72450
50874 (MSN 10544) ex-USAAF 42-72449.  To civilian registry as N27MA.
Now preserved at McClellan Aviation Museum, CA painted as 42-72449.
50875 (MSN 10560) ex USAAF 42-72455.  To civil registry as N67061
50876 (MSN 10559) ex USAAF 42-72454.  Converted to R5D-5, redesignated
C-54S in 1962.  WFU and stored at MASDC Mar 1971.  Sold 
Dec 27, 1974 and registered as N62439.  In 1976 to Figorifico
Reyes and registerd as CP-1206.  W/o when crashed after
takeoff at Rurrenabaque, Bolivia Mar 24, 1984.  Right wingtip
struck trees, causing the aircraft to lose control and
crash into a forest.  
50877 (MSN 10563/DC294) ex USAAF 42-72458.  Bought by Lee Mansdorf and Co Aug 22, 1957 as N6874C.  Bought by 
Twentieth Century Airlines Oct 19, 1957.  Bought by Lufttransport-Unternehmen Mar 24, 1958 as
D-AMIR.  Leased by Air Condor Aug 3, 1960 as G-AREL, returned Oct 1960.  Bought by Keegan Aviation in 1970.  
Bought by C Van Antwerpen Dec 16, 1960 as OO-RIC.  Leased by Belgian International
Air Services Dec 16, 1960 then bought Jul 16, 1961.  Leased by United Nations Congo in 1962.  Leased by Air Sud Kasai in 1962.
Leased by Air Congo in 163.  Returned to Belgian International Air Services Feb 1967.  Bought by Transportflug 
Aug 11, 1967 and registered D-ACAB.  Leased by Alitalia in 1968, bought by Comex Mar 22, 1972 as F-BTGZ.  
Bought by SF Air May 1972. WFU and stored Nice, France 1979.    Bought by Westair International
Sep 25, 2979 as N8060C.  Bought by Tiburon Aircraft Inc Oc 20, 1979.  Crashed into woods near McCormick, SC 
Nov 19, 1979 while carrying 15,000 pounds of marijuana while attempting a landing on a sod strip in
the ground fog.  Two crew killed.  Reports that this plane went to US Coast Guard seem to be in error.
50878 (MSN 10576/DC307) ex USAAF 42-72471.  Converted to VC-54Q in 1962.  Bought by Hillcrest Aircraft Company Sep 29, 1975
and registered as N67220.  Bought by Frigorifico Reyes Mar 1978 and registered as CP-1404. Crashed on landing at
Trinidad, Bolivia Jun 8, 1983.  5 killed.
56484 ... 56549
Douglas R5D-3 
USAAF C-54D transferred to Navy. Survivors redesignated C-54Q in 1962.
Some became RC-54V or VC-54P.  Serials reallocated from cancelled NH-1 batch.
Survivors redesignated C-54Q in 1962.  Some became RC-54V or VC-54P.
56484 ex-USAAF 42-72468
56485 (MSN 10577) ex-USAAF 42-72472.  
56486 (MSN 10584) ex-USAAF 42-72479
56487 (MSN 10575) ex-USAAF 42-72470
56488 (MSN 10586) ex-USAAF 42-72481
56489 (MSN 10592) ex-USAAF 42-72487.  To civil register as N96451.  Stored by Central Air 
Service, Avra Valley, AZ as N96451, Tanker T-111
56490 (MSN 10587) ex-USAAF 42-72482
56491 (MSN 10598) ex-USAAF 42-72493.  Landing gear collapsed during landing NAS Agana,
Guam Apr 30, 1945.
56492 (MSN 10609) ex-USAAF 42-72504
56493 (MSN 10601) ex-USAAF 42-72496.  To Brooks Air Fuel, Fairbanks, AK as N44910.  Stored at Chandler, AZ
Had the rear part of the aircraft cut off and shipped to California for repair
of a previously damaged C-54 firebomber
56494 (MSN 10614) ex USAAF 42-72509.  To civil registry as N67147.
56495 (MSN 10619) ex USAAF 42-72514. Sold to Spanish AF as T.4-17.  To civil register as EC-APE.
56496 (VR-21, MSN 10624, ex-USAAF 42-72519) crashed after takeoff from NAS Kwajalein
on flight to Tokyo Sept 19, 1950.  26 killed.
56497 (MSN 10613, ex-USAAF 42-72508) to Aero Union of CA as N62342.  Registered
Jul 17, 2007 to Buffalo Airways Ltd ot Hay River, NT as C-FBAK.
56498 (MSN 10630, ex-USAAF 42-72525) to civil registry as N44918 to Biegert Aviation
in 1975.  To Atlantic Warbirds of Montana in 1996.  Now with Aces High as
N44914.  Noted at North Weald, England Jan 2006 painted as 56498.
56499 (MSN 10629) ex-USAAF 42-72522
56500 (MSN 10638) ex-USAAF 42-72533
56501 (MSN 10636) ex-USAAF 42-72531.  To civil registry as C-GDWZ Nov 1984.  With Millardair 
since Jan 20, 1995.
56502 (VR-6, MSN 10643, ex-USAAF 42-72538) flew into ground south of Konigstein, Germany
while on approach to Rhein-Main AB Dec 11, 1948.  1 killed, 2 injured.
56503 (MSN 10651) ex-USAAF 42-72546.  WFU and stored MASDC Sep 1970.
To Frigorifico Reyes as CP-1208.  W/o when crashed on takeoff
at Pista San Borja, Bolivia Jan 26, 1977.  An engine failure
during takeoff caused the plane to swing off the left side of
the runway and strike a parked DC-3
56504 (MSN 10661) ex-USAAF 42-72556.  To Brooks Air Fuel as  N99212. Stored at Fairbanks, AK.
56505 (MSN 10665) ex-USAF 42-72560.  Used on Berlin Airlift carrying coal. 
Assigned to Operation Deep Freeze/VX-6 in Oct 1958. Named Have Gum, Will Travel
Converted to C-54P 1962. Assigned to NAS Glenview, IL, 1964. To MASDC Jul 1966.
Bought by Texas Truck Salvage Co, Feb 21, 1975. Registered N67041 to Robert B Audiss Jr, Apr 3, 1975.
Registered to Central Air Service for aerial firefighting (air tanker No 149) Oct 11, 1976
N67041 cancelled Feb 27, 1989.  Bought by USAF Museum Feb 6, 1989 and loaned to Travis AFB, California, c Oct 1996
and displayed in original USAF serial number.
56506 (MSN 10673) ex-USAAF 42-72568.  To civil registry as N87591.
Converted to sprayer and sold to Confair of Canada as  C-GBKA. To Buffalo Airways 
May 30, 2002.  To N55CW
56507 (MSN 10681) ex-USAAF 42-72576
56508 (MSN 10692) ex-USAAF 42-72587 .  Was operated as a Blue Angels support
aircraft 1957-65, 1968.
56509 (MSN 10685) ex-USAAF 42-72580.   To civil registry as N62433.  Destroyed by Hurricane
Andrew at Miami International Apt Aug 24, 1992
56510 (MSN 10693) ex-USAAF 42-72588
56511 (MSN 10697, ex USAAF 42-72592) preserved at South Dakota Air and Space
Museum, Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota.
56512 (MSN 10742) ex USAAF 42-72637
56513 (MSN 10739) ex-USAAF 42-72634 (VMR-152) hit mountain at south end of K-1 airfield,
Korea May 30, 1951.  5 killed.
56514 (MSN 10741) ex USAAF 42-72636.  To civil registry with Central Air Services at Avra Valley, AZ as N67062.
Delivered to March Air Reserve Base, Riverside, CA for display.
56515 (MSN 10737) ex-USAAF 42-72632
56516 (MSN 10738) ex USAAF 42-72633.  Sold to Spanish AF as T.4-14, later to civil registry
as EC-BQH.
56517 (MSN 10740) ex USAAF 42-72635
56518 (MSN 10744) ex-USAAF 42-72639.  Crashed at Port Lyautey and was destroyed by fire Aug 23, 1960.
56519 (MSN 10743) ex-USAAF 42-72638
56520 (MSN 10812) ex-USAAF 42-72707
56521 (MSN 10835) ex-USAAF 42-72730.  Crashed Mar 8, 1960 on Mt Picon,
in Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain.  All onboard survived.
56522 (MSN 10833) ex-USAAF 42-72728
56523 (MSN 10834) ex-USAAF 42-72729
56524 (MSN 10838) ex-USAAF 42-72733
56525 (MSN 10840) ex-USAAF 42-72735
56526 (MSN 10846) ex-USAAF 42-72741.  Made VR-6's 5000th Berlin Airlift
flight during May 1949.  Crew was comboned USN/USAF.
56527 (MSN 10851) ex-USAAF 42-72746.  To N67046 then in 1977 tol CP-1351 with Trek Airways and w/o at Rio Beni,
Bolivia in crash landing after an inflight fire Apr 28, 1980.
56528 (MSN 10854) ex-USAAF 42-72749.  Transferred to the US Navy as an R5D-3 1 Aug 1945.
Used on Berlin Airlift carrying coal. Later fitted out as an Admiralís plane.  Involved with Operation 
Deep Freeze and was first aircraft to land on wheels at McMurdo Sound Dec 20, 1955 during the International 
Geophysical Year.  The International Geophysical Year (IGY) was an international scientific project that 
lasted from July 1, 1957, to December 31, 1958. It marked the end of a long period during the Cold War 
when scientific interchange between East and West had been seriously interrupted.  Redesignated C-54Q in 1962 and 
retired to Litchfield Park, AZ Dec 1964.   Bought by Texas Truck Salvage Co Feb 21, 1975.  Registered
N67035 to Robert B Audiss, Jr Apr 3, 1975.  Later purchased by Biegert Aviation and based as a 
spray aircraft at Chandler Memorial, AZ.  Registered to Biegert Aviation Jan 21, 1976 as N44915 but 
by May 21, 2003).  Parked with only one engine at the FARWEST (ex Biegert Aviation) facility at Chandler 
Memorial as 56528.  Registered to ABS Aviation Development Feb 7, 2008, expired Sep 30, 2013.  
Scrapped at Chandler.
56529 (MSN 10855) ex-USAAF 42-72750.  Now on civil registry as N67032.
56530 (MSN 10862) ex-USAAF 42-72757.  To civil registry as N44904.  Current with 
Biegert Aviation as sprayer.
56531 (MSN 10864) ex-USAAF 42-72759
56532 (MSN 22152) ex-USAAF 43-17202
56533 (MSN 22156) ex-USAAF 43-17206 transferred to US Navy Aug 17, 1945.
Donated to Pensacola Naval Museum in 1978, WFU and preserved.
56534 (MSN 22159/DC611) ex-USAAF 43-17209.   Converted to C-54S.
Transferred to US Marine Corps.  WFU and stored Davis Monthan
AFB, AZ Nov 1971.  Bought by Aerospace Proroducts Feb 19, 1975.
Bought by International Air Ltd Feb 20, 1975 and registered
as N42SB.  Bought by Biegert Aviation Inc Sep 2, 1975 and
reregistered N44905 Feb 20, 1976.  Trasnferred to Globe Air.
DBR after aborted takeoff at Falcon Field, AZ with gust locks
still installed May 15, 1979. 
56535 (MSN 22170) ex-USAAF 43-17220
56536 (MSN 22172) ex-USAAF 43-17222.  Converted to C-54Q in 1962.  WFU and stored MASDC Sep 1971.  Bought by
Interair Leases Inc Jan 31, 1975.  Bought by International Air Leases Dec 12, 1975.  Bought by Gerald D. Wilson 
Dec 12, 1975 registered N96448.  Bought by Kachemak Seafoods Inc Mar 31, 1979, bought by Sea-Bear
Air Transport Jun 26, 1980.  Bought by Central Air Services Apr 23, 1985.  Bought by American Air Freight
Co Dec 3, 1987.  Bought by Stanton Aircraft Corp Jul 14, 1989.  Bought by Enzo Air Sep 1989 and
registered RP-C325.  WFU and stored Manila, Philippines.  Bought by Hayde Alix Jan 1993.  Bought by 
Commercial Air transport Aug 1995. It is thought that the aircraft has not flown since.
56537 (MSN 22182/DC634) ex-USAAF 43-17232.  WFU and stored MASDC Apr 1970.  Sold as scrap Dec 1974.
56538 (MSN 22186/DC638) ex-USAAF 43-17236.  Converted to C-54Q.  WFU and stored MASDC Sep 1970.  Bought by Michael Stumpf 
Feb 1975 and registed N43SB.  Bought by Carolina Aircraft Corp in 1979 and reregistered N111AV
Mar 1980.  WFU and stored Fourt Lauderdale, FL.  Bought by Florida Aircraft Leasing corp Jul 1981.
Destroyed by fire Great Abaco, Bahamas early 1982.
56539 (MSN 22184/DC636) ex-USAAF 43-17234.  WFU and stored 1971
56540 (MSN 22188/DC640) ex-USAAF 43-17238.  WFU and stored 1975.
56541 (MSN 22191) ex-USAAF 43-17241.  Crashed off Naha, Okinawa due to engine fire and fuel tank 
explosion Sep 22, 1960.  All 29 onboard killed.
56542 (22190/DC641) ex-USAAF 43-17240.  Converted to C-54Q.  WFU and stored MASDC Aug 1966.  Bought by
Biegert Aviation Inc Sep 1975 and registered N44913.  WFU and stored as an unconverted fire
bomber 1977.  During late 1980s/early 1990s, fuselage used as storage shed by ARDCO at Ryan Field, Tucson, AZ
56543 (MSN 22194) ex USAAF 43-17244.  To civilian registry as HK-1807P (Carlos 
Barcenas 14 Jan 1975 - Operated by TANA (1978)), current Sep 1999
56544 (MSN 22196) ex-USAAF 43-17246.  (VR-3) undershot landing at NAS Kwajalein Atoll, May 6, 1951.
56545 (MSN 22197) ex-USAAF 43-17247.  Ran off end of runway at Bempelhof AB Nov 15, 1048
and caught fire.
56546 (MSN 22200) ex USAAF 43-17250.  to Spanish AF as 352-15 T4-15.  To civil registry as EC-BQI.
56547 (MSN 22199/DC651) ex-USAAF 43-17249.  Cvtd to C-54Q, WFU & stored Davis Monthan AFB, AZ 1/73.  
To Interair Lease Inc Jan 31, 19754 and registered as N96450.  Bohght by International Air Leased Dec 12, 1975.
Bought by Derald D Wilson Dec 12, 1975, boutht by El Marc Air in 1985.  Boutht by Buds Flying Service  Oct 5, 1982.
Bought by Texas Aerial Applicators Jan 31, 1984, by American Air Freight Jan 24l 1986 and rerestered
as N74AF.  Leased and then bought by West Indies Air Transport.  While taxiing at Aguadilla-Borinquen Airport 
in Puerto Rico Feb 3, 1992, suffered a hydraulics failure and struck the right wing of parked Super 
Constellation HI-542CT and ran into a ditch. A fire broke out and N74AF was DBR.
56548 (MSN 22202) ex USAAF 43-17252.  Converted to C-54Q, transferred to USMC.  WFU and stored at Davis Monthan AFB
in Arizona Mar 1966.  Bought by Texas Truck Salvage Co. Feb 21, 1975. Bought by Robert B. Audias Jr. bt Apr 3, 1975 
reg. N67034. Bought by Central Air Services Oct 11, 1976 as tanker '150'.  Bought by Maricopa Aircraft 
Service June 18, 2000.  Bought by Maricopa Aircraft Inc. Jul 2000, WFU & stored Avra Valley, AZ.				
56549 (MSN 22203) ex USAAF 43-17253.  To civil registry as N99AS.
56550/56663 never delivered					
57988 ... 57989
Douglas R5D-1
USAAF C-54A transferred to Navy
57988 (MSN 7447/DO 55) ex USAAF 42-107428. To Pennsylvania Central
Airlines Oct 1, 1945 as N91070.  Renamed Capital Airlines Apr 21, 1948
and plane named "Capitaliner Chattanooga" with side number 428.
United Airlines took over management Jun 1, 1961.  Bought by
Sam Goldman 1961, by Charlotte Aircraft Corp in 1965.
Bought by Commercial Aircraft Corp in 1966.   WFU and stored
Wilmington, NC in 1966. 
87754 ... 87759
Douglas R5D-3 
C-54s transferred from USAAF.  Serials reassigned from cancelled JRF-5 batch
87754 (c/n 22153/DC605) ex USAAF 43-17203.  Converted to C-54Q.  WFU and stored 1975
87755 (VR-4) ditched due to fuel exhaustion caused by faulty navigation near Midway Island 9/10/1950 enroute
from Haneda, Japan to Barbers Point, HI and crew
rescued by Navy ship.  Plane sank by gunfire.
87756 (c/n 10599/DC330) ex USAAF 42-72494.  WFU and stored 1974
87757 (c/n 10602/DC333) ex USAAF 42-72497.  WFU and stored 197u5
87758 (c/n 10790/DC521) ex USAAF 42-72685. Converted to RC-54V.  Transferred to US Marine Corps.
Converted to C-54Q.  WFU and stored MASDC May 1970.  To civil registry as N62441 Dec 27, 1974.
To Frigorific Reyes Jan 24, 1975 as CP-1207.  WFU and stored at La Paz, Bolivia.  Bought by
Servicio Aero Santiago Jun 1994.  Still stored La Paz, Bolivia.
87759 (c/n 10802/DC533) ex USAAF 42-72697.  Converted to C-54Q 1962.  WFU and stored 1975.

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