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42-30132 ... 42-30231
Boeing B-17F-90-BO Fortress
MSN 5246/5345.
30133 (2nd BG, 492th BS, "Raggedy Ann") shot down by AAA over 
Wiener Neustadt, Austria Nov 2, 1943.  MACR 1112.  2 KIA, 8 POW
30134 (301st BG, 32nd BS) shot down by AAA at Bolzano, Italy 
Dec 25, 1943.  MACR 1589.  4 KIA, 4 POW, 1 returned.
30135 (351st BG, 511th BS then to 95th BG, 334th BS, "Trouble Shooter") 
shot down by AAA and crashed 7 km SE of Schweinfurt, Germany Oct 14, 1943.  10 POW.  MACR 855
30137 (97th BG, 341st BS) ditched off Sardinia Sep 25, 1943.
30139 (384th BG, 545th BS, *Snuffy*) damaged by AAA then shot
down by Fw Christof Nagel in Bf 110 of NJG 101/10 Aug 17, 1943
at Burkardroth, Germany on mission to Schweinfurt, Germany.  MACR 294
2 KIA, 8 POW
30140 (381st BG, 523rd BS, *King Malfunction II*) shot down by 
Oblt Herbert Kleinschmidt in Bf 110G-4 of NJG 1/6 Esch, Germany 
Aug 17, 1943 during Schweinfurt raid  1 KIA, 6 POW, 3 evaded. 
MACR 379
30141 (96th BG, 337th BS, "Liberty Belle") shot down by fighter and crashed into North
Sea Jul 28, 1943.  MACR 140.  10 KIA, 1 POW
30142 (388th BG, 560th BS, "Pistol Packin' Mama") shot down by
Lt Horst Ertmann in Fw 190A-6 of FG 1/II Stab between
Biervliet and Ijzendijke, Netherlands Nov 5, 1943.  MACR 3123.
2 KIA, 7 POW, 1 evaded.
30143 (384th BG, 545th BS, *Yankee Powerhouse*) shot down by AAA at Wardenburg, Germany Jun 25, 1943 on mission 
to Hamburg, Germany.  4 KIA, 6 POW.  MACR 16378
30144 tried to land on unfinished airfield, ended up bellylanding in
field near Walsham-le-Willows, England Jun 27, 1943
30145 to Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, England
Jan 7, 1944 for "range tests".  Returned to USAAF
Feb 7, 1944.  ("Green Hornet") used as communications aircraft 
by 486th BG.
30146 (333rd BS, 94th BG, *Down and Go*) belly-landed near Copenhagen after mission to
to Warnemunde Jul 29, 1943 after hit by flak.  1 KIA, 9 POW.  MACR 202.  Salvaged by Luftwaffe and
operated as A3+BB, A3+EE.  Exploded on takeoff Feb 9, 1945, killing crew and 10 Vichy agents.
30147 (384th BG, 544th BS, *M'Honey/Flak Dancer*) show down by Fw. Kark-Heinz Zeschke
in Fw 190A of JG 26/6 at Moutmolen, Belgium Aug 17, 1943 on mission
to Schweinfurt, Germany.  MACR 291
30149 (94th BG, 332nd BS, "Spare Parts") damaged and crashed near
Ebrach, Germany Oct 14, 1943.  10 POW.  MACR 790
30150 (95th BG, 412nd BS, "Exterminator") shot down by Hptm Horst Geyer in Fw 190A of Epr.Kdo 25 and
exploded at Lathen, Germany Jul 28, 1943.  MACR 214.  10 KIA.
30151 (381st BG, 532rd BS, *Spare Parts*) crash landed at
St Omer, France due to mechanical problem Mar 4, 1944.  MACR 2910.
30153 (381st BG, 532rd BS) damaged by AAA and then shot down by Uffz Herbert Biermann in Bf 109G of JG 11/5
and crashlanded at Sudmoor, Germany Jul 25, 1943.  MACR 131.  10 POW.
30154 (100th BG, 349th BS, *War Eagle*) hit by Bf 109G-6 flown by UFFZ Veid of JG 11/9 and
crashed at Hastedt, Bremen 5 mi SE of Bremen, Germany Oct 8, 1943 on mission to Bremen.  
MACR 953.  1 KIA, 9 POW.
30155 (305BG, 366 BS) lost Jan 5, 1944, Simonsberg, Schleswig, Germany.  MACR 1684
30156 (306th BG, 423rd BS) damaged by AAA then shot down by Maj Anton Mader in Bf 109G-6 of
JG 11/Stab at Vriescheloo, Netherlands lost Jul 26, 1943.  MACR 127.  3 KIA, 7 POW.
30157 (91st BG, 323rd BS "Dirty Gertie/Hell's Belles") overshot landing at
Bassingbourn, UK Jul 28, 1943 due to shot up hydraulics, ran
off airfield into oatfield and eventually ended up in ditch.  Salvaged
30158 (379th BG, 525th BS, "Mary Jane II") shot down by
Lt Heinert in Fw 190A of JG 11/3 at Worms, Germany Aug 17, 1943
during Schweinfurt raid.  MACR 1764.  2 KIA, 8 POW
30159 (305th BG, 366th BS, "Setting Bull") shot down by Hptm
Kryzwo in Bf 110 of NJG 101/10 at Wegnez, Belgium
Aug 17, 1943.  MACR 301.  2 KIA, 8 POW.
30160 destroyed in crash landing at Snetterton Dec 13,
1943.  Four killed.
30161 (95th BG, 335th BS, "Cuddle Cat") shot down by fighter Sep 6, 1943, 
Stuttart, Germany.  MACR 547.  10 POW.
30162 (94th BG, 410th BS) lost Jan 4, 1944.  MACR 1756
30163 (306th BG, 368th BS) ran out of fuel and crashlanded near
Gournay-en-Bray, France Sep 6, 1943.  MACR 518.  5 POW, 5 evaded.
30164 (95th BG, 334th BS) shot down by Fw 190 on mission to
Keil Jun 13, 1943.  MACR 8960 and 1371.  General Nathan Bedford 
Forrest III was onboard.  All bailed out and landed in the Baltic
Sea.  Only one crewmember was rescued.
30165 (379th BG, 524th BS) shot down by Obfw Eugen-Ludwig Zwiegart in Bf 109G of JG 54/9 between
Wieste and Sogel, Germany Jun 25, 1943.  2 KIA, 8 POW.  MACR 1356
30166 (94th BG, 332nd BS, "Black Jack III" then "You Can't Miss
It") shot down by Oblt Heinrich Klopper in Bf 109G-6 of
JG 1/7 off W coast of Schouwen, Netherlands Nov 5, 1943.  MACR 1043.
8 KIA, 2 POW.
30167 (95th BG, 336th BS, "Angel's Pumpkin", later "Destiny's Tot") to 457th BG
Mar 1944.  Returned to USA Jul 18, 1944.
The report that it was shot down 50 mi E of Paris while returning from mission
Dec 26-27, 1943 must be incorrect.  Crew bailed out successfully, 5 POW, 5 evaded.
30168 (385th BG, 550th BS, 'Slo-Jo') shot down by Fw. Walter Kohne in Fw 190A-6 of JG 1/2 and 
exploded over North Sea N of Lengeoog, Germany Dec 11, 1943.  MACR 1666.  7 KIA, 3 POW
30169 (97th BG, 414th BS) shot down over Austria May 24, 1944.  MACR 5070
30170 (100th BG, 349th BS) shot down Mar 6, 1944 by fighter attack
near Haseluenne.  MACR 3015.  One killed, 9 others bailed out
and taken prisoner.  
30173 (95th BG, 412th BS, "All American/Circe") lost Feb 10, 1944.  MACR 2544
30174 (94th BG, 332nd BS, "Lady Luck 2") damaged by AAA then shot down by Hptm Hermann Staiger
in Bf 109G-6 of JG 26/12 and crashlanded between Hambergen/Wallhofen, Germany Jul 26, 1943.  
MACR 90.  1 KIA, 9 POW.
30175 (306th BG, 367th BS, "Hammer of Hell") shot down by fighter over
Germany Oct 14, 1943.  10 POW.  MACR 822
30176 (95th BG, 335th BS, "Assassin") shot down by Oblt. Arthur
Beese in Fw 190A-6 of JG 26/1 at Oostmalle, Belguum during
mission to Regensburg Aug 17, 1943.  MACR 401.
Crashed in Belgium, 1 KIA, 5 POW, 4 evaded.
30177 to 803rd BS(P) at Oulton early 1944 as radio countermeasures aircraft,
fitted with Mandrel sets and 9 Carpet sets.  Presented to Free French general M. P. Koening
by General Eisenhower.  Named *Bir Hakim* and 
*Charlene* at verious times.  Served postwar with
the French High Commissioner at Wahn, Germany.
Later to French Institut Geographique National as F-BGSG. Was used 
for spares, and remains were scrapped Aug 1973.
30178 after service with 95th BG as *Darlin' Dolly* converted to 
Aphrodite flying bomb and launched against power station at
Oldenburg Jan 1, 1945.  Shot down by flak before reaching target.
30179 (385th BG, 550th BS, 'Grim Reaper') shot down by Obfw Kampenmeier in Fw 190A of Focke Wulf
Einsatz Staffel at Herford, Geermany Jul 28, 1943.  MACR 189A.  4 KIA, 8 POW
30180 (96 BG 339 BS, "Guzzlers") damaged Jan 29, 1944.  Converted
to Aphrodite flying bomb and launched against U-boat pens
on Heligoland Sep 11, 1944.  Hit by enemy flak and crashed into sea.
30181 (95th BG, 335 BS, "Lover Boy") lost Jan 24, 1944, Torhout, Belgium.  MACR 2258
30182 (95th BG, 412th BS, "Blondie II") shot down by Lt Rudofl Dassow in ME 410A of ZG 26/II Stab
and crashed into North Sea S of Lengeoog, Germany Dec 11, 1943.  MACR 1562.
10 KIA
30185 (95th BG, "Wee Bonnie")
30187 (385th BG, 551th BS, 'Lulu Belle') damaged by fighters and ditched into Celtic Sea 
40 mi NW of Madstow, UK Aug 24, 1943.  MACR 961.  4 KIA, 7 rescued.
30188 (96th BG) damaged during Feb 4, 1944 Frankfurt mission.
crashed at East Shropham and w/o.
30189 (388th BG, 563rd BS, "La Chiquita") shot down by Uffz Bernhard Kunze in Fw 190A of JG 1/1
at Kleinheide, Germany Jul 26, 1943.  MACR 3067.  2 KIA, 8 POW
30190 delivered Wright Field Apr 24, 1943, to Gore Apr 27, 1943, to Boeing May 29, 1943,
to Blythe Jun 23, 1943, to Wright Jul 29, 1943, to Pendleton Sep 21, 1943, to 110tth BU Miami
Oct 12, 1943.  Converted to XC-108B, an experimental tanker transport with all armor and armament
deleted and extra fuel tanks in fuselage.  Returned to USA Sep 25, 1944.  To RFC at Bush Field
May 26, 1945.
30191 (379th BG, 525th BS, "The Belovich") damaged by AAA then
show down by Fw Cristof Nagel in BF 1009 of NJG 101/10 at
Elfershausen, Germany Aug 17, 1943 on mission to Schweinfurt.
MACR 1765.  1 KIA 9 POW.
30192 (95th BG, 335th BS) hit by AAA over Netherlands, bailout order was given and 5 crew
bailed out.  Pilot realized that aircraft was controllable and ditched into English
Channel 6 mi off Dover, UK Jul 30, 1943.  Of the 5 crew that bailed out, 2 KIA, 3 POW, rest
rescued.  MACR 217.
30193 (388th BG, 561st BS, "Hardluck") engine caught fire on takeoff,
overshot and wrecked at Knettishall, UK Oct 14, 1943.  Bombs
later detonated, but 10 crew got out before detonation.
30194 (95th BG, 335th BS, "We Ain't Scared") engine failed and
crashed at Kattenbos, Belgium Aug 12, 1943.  MACR 253.  5 KIA, 2 POW,
3 evaded.  One injured and died in hospital.
30195 (388th BG, "Blind Date") bellied into field on Holly Tree
Farm at Walpole, Suffolk Oct 7, 1944 after engine caught
fire shortly after takeoff.  Crew got of aircraft before
fire spread and eventually detonated the bombs.
30196 (384th BG, 546th BS, *Sad Sack*) shot down by Obfw Bohm in Bf 110G-2 of ZG 76/4 near
Wurzburg, Germany Oct 14, 1943 on mission to Schweinfurt, 
Germany.  6 KIA, 4 POW. MACR 839
30197 (385th BG, 550th BS, 'Mission Belle') lost Apr 11, 1944.  MACR 3822
30199 (306th BG, 369th BS, "Wicked WAAC") shot down by fighter near
Frankfurt, Germany Oct 14, 1943.  MACR 821.  1 KIA, 8 POW,
1 evaded.
30200 (94th BG, 410th BS) lost Jan 5, 1944.  MACR 1892
30201 (388th BG, 560th BS, "Shedonwanna") shot down by fighter at Voves,  SE of Chartres,
France Sep 6, 1943.  MACR 3124.  4 KIA, 6 POW
30202 (388th BG, 563rd BS) shot down by Hptm Kurt Ebersberger in Fw 190A-6 of JG26/8 near Liege,
Belgium Jul 30, 1943.  MACR 3125.  10 POW.
30203 (388th BG, 560th BS, "Shack-Up") shot down by Fw 190A of JG2
at Coudray (Loiret), France Sep 6, 1943, Germany.  MACR 3126.
4 KIA, 3 POW, 3 evaded.
30204 (385th BG, 548th BS, "Gremlin Buggy") shot down by Maj. Karl Bohm-Tettelbach
in Bf 110G-2 of ZG 26/Stab at Fesenfeld, Germany Nov 29, 1943.  MACR 1581.   4 KIA, 6 POW.
30206 (94th BG, 410th BS, "Happy Daze") shot down by Hptm Erwin Clausen in Fw 190A of JG 11/I Stab
during attack on Hamburg and ditched in North Sea 123 km NW of Borkum, Germany Jul 25, 1943.  
MACR 89.  One crew MIA.  Remaining 9 crew were rescued and returned to England.
30207 (388th BG, 561st BS, "Big Red") crashed in Vendee region of France
due to electrical malfunction and fire in oxygen system
Mar 27, 1944.  MACR 3540.  4 KIA, 2 evaded, 4 POW.
30208 (388th BG, 563rd BS) shot down by Oblt Karl Becker in Fw 190A-5 of JG 1/3 at Holtland,
Germany Jul 26, 1943.  MACR 3142 and 5386.  5 KIA, 5 POW
30209 (388th BG, 561st BS "Wee Bonnie") damaged by a fighter and ditched into North Sea Jul 26, 1943.
Crew rescued.
30210 (388th BG, 561st BS) damaged by AAA then shot down by Obfhr Michael Frasch in Bf 109G-4 of
JG 3/1 at Netterscheim, Germany Jul 30, 1943.  MACR 3264.  3 KIA, 7 POW.
30211 (95th BG, 335th BS) shot down by flak during raid on Huls Jun 22, 1943 and crashed at
Gelsenkirchen, Germany.  2 KIA, 8 POW.  MACR 4903.  One crewmember was repatriated after one of his
legs was amputated.
30212 after service with 388th BG as *Quarterback*, converted to
Aphrodite flying bomb and launched against V-site at
Watten Aug 6, 1944.  Experienced control problems and
crashed into sea.
30213 (388th BG, 562nd BS, "Li'l One") runaway prop caused abort,
all bailedout and plane crashednear East Wretham, Norfolk Nov 13, 1943
30214 (388th BG, 560th BS, "Iza Angel") ran out of fuel and crashlanded
in UK Feb 21, 1944.   
30215 (388th BG, 560th BS) lost Jan 11, 1944.   MACR 3127
30216 (388 BG, 563 BS, "Jonny") hit by AAA, then shot down by Oblt Harry Koch in Fw 190A-6 of
JG 1/6 at Banteln, Germany Jul 28, 1943.  MACR 3128.  1 KIA, 9 POW
30218 (95th BG, 335th BS, "Heavenly Daze") shot down by Oblt. Hugo
Frey in Bf 109G of JG 11/7 at Ferwerd, Netherlands Dec 11, 1943.   
MACR 1561.  5 KIA, 5 POW.
30219 (95th BG, 334th BS) damaged during attack on Kessel,
Germany and 3 crew bailed out and became POW Jul 28, 1943.  MACR 215.
Rest of crew returned with plane, which crashlanded at
Framlingham, UK.  Salvaged Aug 13, 1943.
30220 converted to F-9 photo-recon aircraft
with cameras added and bombing equipment deleted.
30221 (306th BG, 423rd BS) damaged in midair collision with B-17F 42-29971
over Thurleigh, UK Jul 8k, 1943.  Repaired.  Transferred to 368th BS
and named "Rick O Shay".  Crashed into English Channel after midair 
collision with B-17F 42-30841 off Folkestone, UK Dec 27, 1943.  2 killed,
8 rescued.  42-30841 landed safely.
30222 (388th BG, 563rd BS, "Lone Wolf") shot down by Oblt Horst Sternberg in Fw 190A-6 of
JG 26/5 at Longsols, France Sep 6, 1943.  MACR 3129.  2 KIA, 1 POW, 7 evaded
30223 (390th BG, 571st BS, "Rick-O-Shay") shot down by Oblt Albin
Meyer in ME 410A of ZG 26/5 at Westeraccum, Germany Dec 11, 1943.  
MACR 1582.  8 KIA 2 POW.
30224 (388th BG, 560th BS) damaged by AAA and shot down by Uffz Eugen Wloschinski in Fw 190A-4
of JG 1/6 at Deckbergen, Germany Jul 26, 1943.  MACR 3130.  4 KIA, 6 POW
30225 (388th BG, 560nd BS) shot down by Fw Erich Fuhrmann in Bf 109G-6 of JG 11/5 at
Vechta, Germany Jul 26, 1943.  MACR 3131.  6 KIA, 4 POW
30226 (95th BG, 334th BS, "Spook V") lost Jan 29, 1944, Zeigfield, Belgium.   MACR 2256
30227 (96th BG, 413th BS "Wabbit Twacks", then to 401st BG Dec 1943 as "Boots III")  Transferred
To Burtonwood Air Depot Mar 17, 1944.  Returned to USA Jun 3, 1944
30229 (388th BG, 563rd BS) lost between Gander and Prestwick Jun 20, 1943.  10 killed.  MACR 4
30230 ("Homesick Angel" of 5623nd BS) reported as being captured by Luftwaffe.  
It is probable that this aircraft was not captured.  There is photographic 
and written evidence which appears to prove that aircraft
was wrecked when bellylanded near Stanton, England Aug 24, 1943 after running 
out of fuel during return from mission.  No serious injuries to crew.
30231 (92nd BG, 326th BS) shot down by Lt Erwin Stalberg in
Bf 109G-6 of JG 3/8 Oct 14, 1943.  MACR 844

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