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51-11504 ... 51-11599
Beech TC-45G Expeditor
c/n AF-61/156.  Remanufactured AT-7/AT-11 aircraft.
11504 (c/n AF-61) ferried to Israel with delivery registration
4X-ADO Dec 1957.  Registered 4X-FPO with Israeli AF and
subsequently registered N708C. 
11505 (c/n AF-62) to civil registry as N444Q 
11506 (c/n AF-63) intend to civil registry as OO-GDB but ntu, sold to France as F-BLHB
11508 (AF.65) to civil registry as N3728G.  Acquired by Air America Oct 25, 1965
from Appliance Buyers Credit Corp.  Converted to Volpar Turbo Beech by
Apr 8, 1966.  Ferried to Roswell, NM from Tainan Aug 1975 and sold
to Omni Aircraft Sales of Washington, DC Oct 1966.  Sold to Ciba-Pilatus
Aerial Spraying of Stans, Switzerland as HB-GGB later in Oct 1966.
Reported w/o at Ica, Perus Feb 6, 19082, but it was repaired and
sold to Kalitta Flying Service as N8487A May 1987.  Sold to Kitty Hawk 
Charters, Morristown, TN. 16-Jun-1999 (current)
11511 (c/n AF-66) to civil registry as N2817G (current with Western Venture Capital Corp, Tulsa, OK. since 
11510 (c/n AF-67) to civil registry as N4996B 
11511 (c/n AF-68) to civil registry as N199H (current with Industrial Electric, Columbia, SC. 
since 21-Nov-1966)
11514 (c/n AF-71) to civil registry as F-BLGF
11515 (c/n AF-72) to civil registry as N5258V, then HC-ACR
11518 (c/n AF-75) to civil registry as N80240 (current with Sharpe Makenna Javay, Portland, OR. since 
11522 (c/n AF-79) to civil registry 
as N204A, then N204AA (current with First Charlotte Leasing Company, Charlotte, 
NC. since 03-Jan-1992, flown by Saber Cargo Airlines)
11523 (c/n AF-80) to civil registry as N158L, then C-GAIV (current with 
Vancouver Island Air, Campbell River, BC. since 24oct97)
11524 (c/n AF-81) to civil registry as N9535Z 
11525 (c/n AF-82) to civil registry as N706FY (Air North)
11527 (c/n AF-84) to Peru as FAP 710
11529 (c/n AF-86) to civil registry as N7826L
11531 (c/n AF-88) converted to TC-45G.  Crashed near Mountain
City, VA Jaun 20, 1957. 
11532 (c/n AF-89) to civil registry as N6100C 
11533 (c/n AF-90) to civil registry as N341DP
11539 (c/n AF-96) acquired by Air America Sep 24, 1965 from an owner group
registered as N5255V. Registered as N77Y for Air America and converted
to Ten-Two Nov 1965.  Sold for scrap to a South Vietnamese compay Oct 5, 1974,
but Air America was unable to get government approval prior to the evacuation
and the aircraft was abandoned Apr 29, 1975 in Saigon.
11540 (c/n AF-97) acquired by Air America and registered as N9573J Oct 8, 1963. 
Converted to Ten-Two Feb 1964.  Put into inactive storage at Tainan
Dec 12, 1969.  Sold for scrap Dec 10, 1974. 
11542 (c/n AF-99) to Air America as N9521Z after being converted to Ten-Two at
Tainan on Jan 31, 1964.  Collided with Army Mohawk 61-2712 and Army U-6A
53-7937 during landing roll at Vunt Tau, SVN Jul 26, 1969, causing injuries
to pilot and to 7 passengers.  Considered not repairable and destroyed.
11544 (c/n AF-101) to civil registry as N8186H 
11546 (c/n AF-103) became N6690R
11548 (c/n AF-105) to civil registry as N9907Z 
11549 (c/n AF-106) to Air America Sep 20, 1963 as N5454V.  Converted to Ten-Two
Nov 1963.  Put into inactive storage at Tainan Nov 18, 1969.  Sold for
scrap Dec 10, 1974.
11553 (c/n AF-110) to civil registry as N80478 
11556 (c/n AF-113) acquired by Air America Aug 7, 1965 from Aero American Corp
registered as N9855Z.  Stored at Tainan.  Sold for scrap Jun 17, 1974
11557 (c/n AF-114) to Air America as N137L after being converted to Ten-Two at
Tainan on Jan 31, 1964.  Damaged at Tra Vinh, SVN Feb 22, 1969 when both
landing gears retracted while on landing rollout.  Destroyed by hostile
action Feb 25, 1969. 
11558 (c/n AF-115) to civil registry as N9925Z
11560 (c/n AF-117) to civil registry as F-BLGF 
11561 (c/n AF-118) to civil registry as N7496C 
11562 (c/n AF-119) to civil registry as N9906Z 
11563 (c/n AF-120) to civil registry as N9304Z.  Was at one time N80478.
11564 (c/n AF-121) to CC-CDR.  WFU.  Preserved at Museu Nacional de Aeronautica, Santiago, Chile.
11567 (c/n AF-124) to civil registry as N9585Z 
11569 (c/n AF-126) ferried to Isreal as 4X-ADS Dec 1957, becoming
4X-FPT with Israeli AF.  To US civil registry as N7199C.  Still on USCAR early 2002 but since long 
sold to Israel as 4X-ADS.
11572 (c/n AF-129) to civil registry as N136L 
11574 (c/n AF-131) to civil registry as N7203C, then CF-QIE 
and N63310 (current with James L Hudson, Mesquite, TX. since 19-Apr-1983)
11575 (c/n AF-132) to civil registry as N601K (Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, TX. sale reported 
Jun 2002)
11576 (c/n AF-133) to civil registry as N3661G 
11582 (c/n AF-139) to civil registry as F-BLYL
11584 (c/n AF-141) to civil registry as PP-ABF (TABA)
11586 (c/n AF-143) to civil registry as N9966Z.  WFU Sep 1973.  Reported in Walter Soplata collection, Newbury, Ohio.
11589 (c/n AF-146) to civil registry as N9819Z, then N51CN 
11590 (c/n AF-147) to civil registry as N5283L (current with Page Whalen Enterprise, 
San Martin, CA. since 18-Sep-1978)
11591 (c/n AF-148) to civil registry as N7202C 
11595 (c/n AF-152) to civil registry as N445DM (Commuter Airlines, current with River City Aviation, 
Malden, MO. since 29-May-1997).  Was converted to Dumodliner
with tricycle undercarriage
11596 (c/n AF-153) to civil registry as N9816Z tnen N3GM.  Since 1994 has been at Kingman 
Army Airfield Museum.
65-10316 ... 65-10475
Northrop T-38A-60-NO Talon
c/n N.5735/5894.
converted to AT-38B.
10321 to GAT-38B.
10324 with 509th BW, 394th CTS, Whiteman AFB, MO in 2007
10325 in Museum of Aviation collection at Warner Robins, GA.
10326 (c/n N.5745) to NASA
10327 (c/n N.5746) to USN NTPS as 650327.  SOC Jan 12, 2001.
10328 (c/n N.5747) to NASA as N514NA
10329 (c/n N.5748) to NASA as N511NA
10330 (c/n N.5749) to MASDC as TF0052 Jul 31, 1978
10333 (c/n N.5752, 340th FTG, 96th FTS) crashed onto open land near Bracketville, TX
Dec 13, 2005 following birdstrike during routine low-level training mission
from Laughlin AFB.  Both crew ejected but instructor suffered serious injuries.  AFM 10/2005
10337 (14th Flying Training Wing) damaged during attempted landing at Ellington Field, Houston, Texas Feb 11, 2011.
10341 lost in routine training mission near Capitan, New Mexico May 21, 1990.  
10348 (c/n N.5767) converted from T-38A to T-38C.
10351 (c/n N.5770) to NASA as N909NA
10352 (c/n N.5771) to NASA as N910NA.  To Russell Military Museum, Russell, IL
10353 (c/n N.5772) to NASA as N821NA
10354 (c/n N.5773) to NASA as N912NA
10355 (c/n N.5774) to NASA as N913NA
10356 (c/n N.5775) to NASA as N914NA.  To AMARC Apr 12, 2012.
10357 (c/n N.5776) to NASA as N717NA
10361 (c/n N.5780) with 509th BW, 394th CTS, Whiteman AFB, MO in 2007
10362 (c/n N.5781) to MASDC as TF0053 Jul 31, 1978.  To NASA
10363 (c/n N.5782) to AMARC as TF0227 Sep 30, 1993.
Still on AMARC inventory Jan 15, 2008
10365 to NASA as N5784NA.  Mated with nose of F-5A 65-10573 to form flying
T-38A/F-5A flying under private ownership as N38MX from Fort Wayne IAP,
Indiana.  In 2012 was in the hands of Ross Perot, Jr as NX385AF
10372 converted to T-38C.  With 14th FTW/50th FTS crashed at
Columbus AFB, MS Apr 23, 2008 after entering uncommanded
roll to port after takeoff due to mechanical failure
of starboard aileron.  Both crew killed.
10375 (c/n N.5794) to USN NPTS as 650375.  Crashed at NAWC Patuxent River, MD Jul 11, 2000.
10387 converted to T-38C
10389 (c/n N.5808) to AMARC as TF0208 Jul 15, 1993.  Still on AMARC inventory Jan 15, 2008.
10393 with 12th FTW at Randolph AFB
10394 noted at Boeing, Williams Gateway AP, AZ Mar 15, 2003 under conversion to T-38C
10397 crashed on landing approach at Vance AFB Oct 7, 1984.  Both crew killed.
10400 (c/n N.5819) to AMARC as TF0199 Jul 9, 1993.  Still on AMARC inventory Jan 15, 2008.
10402 to NASA as N968NA.  In 2010 was located at visitor center at Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
10405 (c/n N.5824) noted Mar 2006 preserved at Columbus AFB,
Columbus,MS. Bears a four-digit "tail number" which is changed
every 6 weeks to reflect the identification number of the 
senior class at the time.
10406 (c/n N.5825) to AMARC as TF0170 Jun 4, 1993.  Still on AMARC inventory Jan 15, 2008.
10408 (c/n N.5827) to AMARC as TF0220 Jul 28, 1993
10409 (c/n N.5828) to AMARC as TF0222 Jul 29, 1993.
Still on AMARC inventory Jan 15, 2008
10418 with 509th BW, 394th CTS, Whiteman AFB, MO in 2007
10419 with 509th BW, 394th CTS, Whiteman AFB, MO in 2007
10425 converted to T-38C
10426 to MASDC as TF0056 Jul 31, 1978.  On display at Vance AB, OK.
10437 (AT-38B) collided in midair with another AT-38B
aircraft near Castroville, TX Dec 13, 1999.
Landed safely with damage to fin and rudder
10439 (c/n N.5858) converted to AT-38B.  To AMARC as TF0113 Sep 6, 1991.
Still on AMARC inventory Jan 15, 2008.
10441 (c/n N.5860) at USAF Museum..  Noted Oct 2009 on display at Kern County Airport, Bakersfield, California.
10442 with 509th BW, 394th CTS, Whiteman AFB, MO in 2007
10444 (71st FTW) crashed near Enid, OK Jan 14, 1983
10448 (c/n N.5867) to MASDC as TF0058 Jul 31, 1978
10451 (c/n N.5870) to AMARC as TF0230 Jun 8, 1994.
Still on AMARC inventory Jan 15, 2008
10452 (c/n N.5871) converted from T-38A to T-38C
10454 fuselage noted Apr 5, 2001 at Western Museum of Flight, Hawthorne, CA
10455 (7th FS) used for F-117 training flights as a chase.
10456 (c/n N.5875) converted to AT-38B.  To AMARC as TF0082 May 10, 1991.
To Slovakia Feb 27, 2004, traded for SAM missiles and launcher
for the USAF Museum.
10466 (c/n N.5885) converted from T-38A to T-38C
10471 noted at Boeing, Williams Gateway AP, AZ Mar 15, 2003 under conversion to T-38C
79-10780 ... 79-10785
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
full-scale development production aircraft
10780 (FSD-1) construction started Oct 1979, completed
May 1981.  Moved to Groom Lake, first flight
Jun 18, 1981.  Now on display at Nellis AFB as gate guard.
10781 (FSD-2) first flight Sep 24, 1981.  Now on display in USAF museum, WPAFB.
10782 (FSD-3) to Holloman AFB, NM Nov 14, 2005 for use as ground instructional airframe.
Now on display at Holloman AFB, NM
10783 (FSD-4) on display at Blackbird Air Park, CA
10784 (FSD-5) stripped and destroyed Aug 26, 2008 at AF Plant 42, Palmdale, CA
10785 is probably 80-0785.  Crashed Apr 20, 1982
before acceptance by USAF on first flight at Groom
Lake, NV, pilot Robert Ridenhauer survived.
The FY allocations of the F-117s are still somewhat
80-0785 ... 80-0791
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
Serials also quoted as 80-10785/10791.
0785 crashed Apr 20, 1982 before acceptance by USAF on first flight at Groom
Lake, NV, pilot Robert Ridenhauer survived. Aircraft now sits
on a pole in front of Skunk Works Engineering Building in
Palmdale, CA as a gate guard, having been combined with
parts from structural test articles 0778 and 0779.
0789 (c/n A.4014) reported WFU and stored at Tonopah Mar 2007.
0790 (c/n A.4015) reported WFU and stored at Tonopah Mar 2007.
81-10792 ... 81-10798
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
Originally serialed 81-0792/0798 when they first came into the
"white" world, but reserialed when it was found that the
numbers conflicted with a batch of F-16s.
10792 first flight Sep 12, 1982 by test pilot Skip Holm.
Attached to 4450th Test Squadron.  w/o July 11, 1986, wnen crashed
14 mi NE of Bakersfield, CA.  Pilot USAF Major Ross E. 
Mulhare killed.  This plane had the original
serial of 81-0792, before the serials were changed by
adding a 1 to remove the conflict with F-16s.
10793 w/o Sept 14, 1997, Middle River, MD. during 
airshow.  Pilot Maj. Bryan Knight ejected safely.
10795 (c/n A.4020) reported WFU and stored at Tonopah Mar 2007
82-0799 ... 82-0806
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
0800 was one of final four F-117s to be flown to Tonopah Test Range,
NV for storage Apr 21, 2008
0801 of 49th FW/416th FS w/o Aug 5, 1992 Alamogordo, NM.
Pilot Capt. John Mills ejected safely.
0806 downed over Serbia by SA-3 missile Mar 27, 1999.  Pilot ejected
safely and was rescued.
83-0807 ... 83-0808
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
c/n 807, 808
84-0809 ... 84-0812
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
c/n A.4034/A.4037.  Some references have these as 84-1809/1812.  Other
references have these as 82-809/812.
84-0824 ... 84-0828
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawi
c/n A.4038/A.4042.  Also seen listed as 84-1824/1828.
84-1824 ... 84-1828
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
C/n A.4038/A.4042.  Also seen listed as 84-0824/0828.
1825 crash landed at Holloman AFB Jun 4, 1997
and burned out.  Aircraft may be repaired.  Has been seen Nov 2003 so must
have been repaired.  Seen at air show at Langley, VA Apr 2007.
85-0813 ... 85-0824
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
0813/0820 c/n A.4043/A.4050
some references have these as 85-1813/1824.  Also some references
85-0821/0823 being in FY 86 as 86-0821/0823.  These are
listed in both places until this question is resolved.
0815 w/o Oct 14, 1987, Nellis Range.  Maj. Michael Stewart killed
0822 w/o May 10, 1995, Zuni, NM
0817 (c/n A.4047) reported WFU and stored at Tonopah Mar 2007
0823 (c/n A.4061) 
0824 (c/n A.4038) was one of final four F-117s flown to Tonopah Test Range, NV
for storage Apr 21, 2008.  This has also been seen with tail number 84-0824.
Are you confused yet?
85-0829 ... 85-0836
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
c/n A.4051/A-4058.  ome references have these as 85-1829/1836
0832 (c/n A.4054) named "Once Bitten" with 49th FW.  reported WFU and stored at Tonopah Mar 2007.
0835 (c/n A.4057) in use (January 2004) by 53rd TEG/Det 1 at Holloman AFB, NM in 
two-tone grey colour scheme to ascertain suitability for possible daylight 
use. Nicknamed 'The Dragon'.  Reported WFU and stored at
Tonopah Mar 2007.
86-0821 ... 86-0823
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
Some references have these in FY 1985.  They are listed there
as well until this question is resolved.
0822 w/o May 10, 1995,near Zuni, NM. Capt Kenneth Levens killed
0823 (c/n A.4061)
86-0837 ... 86-0840
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
88-0841 ... 88-0843
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
0843 reportedly burned out in 1996 at Holloman AFB, NM.
Aircraft must have been repaired, since was seen at 1998 MCAS Miramar airshow.
Was one of final four F-117st to be flown to Tonopah Test
Range, NV for storage Apr 21, 2008

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