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40-2042 ... 40-2079 (EXACT MATCH)
Boeing B-17C Fortress
MSN 2043/2080
2042 bailed to Boeing for 2 years before returning to USAAF. Converted to B-17D.  Redesignated RB-17D Oct 22, 1942. 
Crashed NW of New Albany, Oregon Jan 25, 1943.  W/o Jan 29, 1943.
2043 to RAF as Fortress I AN518.  Listed as MIA Bygland, Norway Sep 8, 1941.  Also listed as having been 
returned to USAAF Dec 1, 1942, apparently with serial number 40-2066.  Seen taking off in film 
"Flying Fortress" which was made after 90 Sqn was taken off ops.
2044 to RAF as AN519.  Was first B-17 to bomb Germany, Dec 20, 1941.  MIA Oslo Dec 12, 1943.  SOC Dec 12, 1943.
2045 (30th BS, 19th BG) shot down by Japanese fighters Dec 10, 1941
Luzon, Philippines.  First USAAF B-17 lost in actual combat.  Capt Colin P. Kelly killed.
2046 to Wright Field Nov 1940.  To Eglin Air Proving Ground
May 1942 for testing 2 20-mm cannon in nose.  To RFC at Altus Oct 4, 1945.
2047 delivered Strategic Air Depot Sep 9, 1940, to Salt Lake City Jun 27, 1941.  Crashed Nov 2, 1941 
Georgetown, CA while being ferried from Salt Lake City to McClellan Field near 
Sacramento, CA.  Of the 9 crew, 8 survived.  Pilot was killed. Wreck still there.
2048 delivered 19th BG Sep 2, 1940.  To Clark Field, Philippines Feb 6, 1941.
(19th BG) strafed on ground at Clark Field, Dec 8, 1941.  Salvaged
2049 delivered 38 RS/19th BG Salt Lake City.  Transferred to 9th BS, 7th BG Selfridge Field
Feb 24, 1941.  (38th RS, 11th BG) damaged by Japanese fighters during approach to Bellows Field, Pearl Harbor
Dec 7, 1941.  Not repaired, and used as spares source.
2050 delivered SAD Sep 3, 1940.  Assigned to 11th BS, 7th BG Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City May 19, 1941.
(11th BS, 7th BG) overshot landing at McClellan Field Jun 11, 1941.  Salvaged May 6, 1942.
2051 to RAF as AN520.  SOC Aug 14, 1944, handed over Portland, Oregon
2052 to RAF as AN521.  With 220 Squadron, abandoned after engine fire near Shallufa Jan 10, 1942.  W/o
Oct 3, 1943.
2053 to RAF as AN522.  Broke up in midair when flew into heavy cloud near Catterick Bridge, UK Jun 22, 1941.
2054 (38 RS, 11 BG) was one of the planes that arrived over Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941.  Crashed 130 mi off
Oahu, Hawaii Jun 15, 1942.  MACR 16123.  7 survived, two killed.
2055 to RAF as AN523.  Damaged by enemy aircraft over Brest, France Aug 16, 1941.
w/o after crash landing at Roborough, UK.  Freeman has 2055 being AN537.  There is controversy about the
B-17C identities delivered to RAF.
2056 to RAF as AN524.  Crashed Aug 21, 1941, and relegated to instructional airfram 3355M Sept 1942.
2057 to RAF as AN525.  With 90 Squadron, shot down by Bf 109s near Kristiansand, Norway Sep 8, 1941 while on
mission to bomb the ship Admiral Scheer in Oslo Harbor.
2058 converted to B-17D. (7th BG, 9th BS) groundlooped and destroyed by fire at Langley Field, VA Feb 4, 1941.
2059 converted to B-17D.  Redesignated RB-17D Oct 22, 1942.  W/o Aug 4, 1943.
2060 to RAF as AN526.  Was code WP-G.  Relegated to instructional airframe 4449M Oct 1942.
2061 to RAF as AN527.  SOC Sep 15, 1943, w/o Sep 1, 1944. 
2062 (93rd BS, 19th BG) shot down by Japanese fighters 10 mi S of Malang, Java Feb 3, 1942.  7 KIA
2063 delivered SAD Nov 30, 1940, Salt Lake Cityu May 22, 1941, Sunset Field Jun 14, 1941.  Assigned to
38RS, 19th BG Nov 14, 1941.  Was one of the planes that arrived over Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941.
(38th RS, 11th BG) crashed Langley Field May 29, 1943 while on training mission out of Sebring, FL.  
W/O May 29, 1943
2064 to RAF as AN528.  Caught fire on ground at Polebrook, UK Jul 3, 1941.  Salvaged Jul 7, 1941.
2065 to RAF as AN529.  W/o after forced landing near Fort Maddalena, Libya Nov 8, 1941.
2066 to RAF as AN530.  Was code WP-F.  Saw action and survived.  SOC Sep 11, 1943.    
Freeman says that it was AN532 and was returned to USAAF Dec 1, 1942 and subsequently burnt out.
2067 delivered Salt Lake City Feb 13, 1941.  To Albuquerque Oct 1, 1941.  Assigned to 19th BG at
Clark Field.  (19th BG) destroyed on ground by strafing at Clark Field, Philippines Dec 8, 1941.
2068 to RAF as AN531.  SOC Jan 17. 1945.  Longest serving B-17 in RAF.
2069 to RAF as AN532.  Returned to USAAF Dec 1, 1942, apparently with serial
40-2079 (Freeman says it was AN524, returned to USAAF Dec 1, 1942 and
crashed at Hendricks Jan 3, 1943 and scrapped)
2070 destroyed on ground by Japanese attack on Hickam Field, Oahu, HI Dec 7, 1941.  Must have been
repaired since w/o Jan 3, 1943 at Hendricks Field, FL.
2071 to RAF as AN533.  Shot down by Bf 109s over Norway Sep 6, 1941.
2072 (19th BG) heavily damaged on Davao mission Dec 25, 1941 and converted into transport.  With 46th 
Troop Carrier Squadron, 317th Transport Group, crashed Bakers Creek, Queensland, Australia, 
June 14, 1943 while ferrying troops to New Guinea.  Six crew and 34 GIs killed.  One survived.
2073 to RAF as AN534.  Broke up in midair due to extreme turbulence over Wilbarston, UK Jul 18, 1941 and crashed.
2074 delivered Langley Nov 14, 1941.  Assigned 38th RS, 19th BG.  (38 RS, 19BG) was one of the planes that 
arrived over Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941.  Hit by Japanese gunfire while attempting to land at Wheeler 
Field, setting its magnesium flare box on fire.  Fuselage buckled on landing, splitting the
plane in two.  A flight surgeon on board was killed by strafing fire as he
tried to scramble away from the burning plane.  The plane was not repaired.
2075 to RAF as AN535.  With 90 Squadron, damaged by Bf 109s over Norway Sep 8, 1941 and written off in
crash landing at Kinloss, Scotland.
2076 to RAF as AN536.  With 206 Squadron, broke up in midair over Shepreth, UK, Jan 9, 1942.
2077 (MSN 2078) upgraded to B-17D standard Jan 1941.  Strafed on ground by Japanese fighters at
Hickam Field Dec 7, 1941.  Salvaged Dec 8, 1941.
2078 delivered Salt Lake City Mar 17, 1941, returned to Boeing, to Salt Lake City Jun 24, 1941.  SAD
Sep 9, 1941.  Crashed Duncan Ford, Texas Oct 11, 1941. Salvaged.
2079 to RAF as AN537.  Was code WP-L and later code NR-L as seen in a photo over convoy with
220  Sqn, Coastal Command.  SOC Sep 1, 1944, Freeman says it was 
AN518 and returned to USAAF Sept 26, 1943.  W/o Sept 1, 1944.

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