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41-11590 ... 41-11603 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24D-CO Liberator
MSN 86/99
11590 to RAF as Liberator III FK223.  SOC Jan 1946.
11591 was HALPRO #09 'Queen Bee/Lorraine'.  With 450th BG, was on 
flight from Casablanca to RAF St. Mawgan in Cornwall Mar 29, 1944
Due to fog, aircraft was unable to locate St. Mawgan and
was diverted to Fairwood Common.  Unable to descend because
of clouds, crew was ordered to bail out.  Four did so and
landed safely.  However, the flight engineer refused to jump,
possibly due to the low altitude.  The pilot had to try
and crash-land the plane, the plane passed over the airfield, 
lost height, smashed through a guard hut, and came to rest
with its nose embedded in the hedgebank.  Pilot survived
the crash but the flight engineer had forgotten to buckle
himself into the copilot's seat was thrown through the
windscreen on impact and died in hospital 3 days later.  
Condemned crash Apr 2, 1944
11592 was HALPRO #17 'Draggin' Lady', condemned Nov 16, 1942
11593 was HALPRO #18 'Black Maria', condemned Jan 12, 1943
11594 was HALPRO #07, to RAF as Liberator GR.V FL963.  Damaged in attack on U-boat in 
Bay of Biscay Jul 3, 1943 and SOC after return.
11595 was HALPRO #01 "Ole Faithful/Lily of the Desert".  Crashed at
Colan, UK Dec 21, 1943.  3 killed, 4 injured.  Salvaged Jan 7, 1944. 
11596 was HALPRO #02 "Brooklyn Rambler" landed at Ankara, Turkey
June 12, 1942 and interned.  Eventually repatriated.
11597 was HALPRO #19 "Blue Goose" landed at Ankara, Turkey 
June 12, 1942 and interned.
11598 to RFC Bush Field May 24, 1945
11599 to RAF as Liberator III FK222.  SOC Jul 1945.
11600 was HALPRO #08 'Eager Beaver', condemned Jun 6, 1942
11601 was HALPRO #23 'Hellsapoppin'', condemned Aug 13, 1943
11602 was HALPRO #21, *Babe the Big Blue Ox*, later 376th BG.  Lost with 376th BG over Naples Feb 8, 1943.   MACR 4186.
11603 was HALPRO #23 'Malicious', later to 376th BG.  Hit by flak with 376th BG and ditched in Mediterranean 
Jan 31, 1943.  MACR 3304

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