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41-23640 ... 41-23668 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24D-1-CO Liberator
MSN 435/463
23642 sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946
23652 wrecked in Sept 1945.
23655 all engines failed due to icing and crashlanded near Wayne, Nebraska
Oct 4, 1942.  5 bailed out, 2 killed, 2 OK.  MACR 806 lists
this plane as lost Oct 1943, but that was really 41-24655.
23658 (329 BS, 93 BG, "U Name It Peg" then "Thar She Blows") damaged by
Oblt Johannes Naumann in Fw 190A-4 of JG 26/6 and crashed
at Bredhurdst, UK Mar 8, 1943.  Salvaged. 
23659 (343rd BS, 98th BG, *Blond Bomber II*) damaged by flak during raid on Naples and
forced to land at emergency strip near Pachino, Sicily Feb 20, 1943 and plane and
crew were captured by Regia Aeronautica.  Plane repaired and transferred to 
Centro Sperimentale at Guidonia where it was extensively tested by
Italian personnel as I-RAIN, then to Germany Jun 19, 1943 and to KG200.  During
flight by German personnell the undercarriage collspsed and the plane
was damaged.  Found at Rechlin by Allied personnel heavily damaged.
23661 (98th BG, 415th BS, later 345th BS, "Black Jack").  Flew on 
Ploesti mission Aug 1, 1943.
23664 (74th BS, 6th BG) lost June 11, 1943, Ecuador.  MACR 2
23666 (93rd BG, 330th BS, 'Hot Freight') shot down by Bf 110s Mar 18, 1943.
10 crew KIA, one POW.
23667 (93rd BG, "Ball of Fire") declared war weary and used as formation assembly
ship.  Condemned for salvage May 5, 1945 and replaced by 42-72869

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