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41-23697 ... 41-23724 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24D-1-CO Liberator
MSN 492/519
23699 (44th BG "Lemon Drop") 44th Bombardment Group, 68th Squadron used in North Africa on Operation Tidalwave 
to bomb the Ploesti oil fields.  Became the assembly ship for the 44th Bombardment Group, 68th Squadron at RAF Shipdam. 
Scrapped Jun 1945.
23700 crashed at Alipore, India Mar 26, 1943
23703 (44th BG, 66th BS, "Scrappie's Pappy") broke up in air during practice
flight Feb 20, 1943 and crashed 3 mi SW of Watton, England.  8 killed.
23707 (93rd BG, 330th BS) crashed in Atlas Mountains of Morocco Dec 7, 1942 while
searching for Tafaranoui airfield, Algeria on flight from Alconbury via Portreath, Cornwall.
23710 (93rd BG) crashed on landing at Exeter, England Nov 7, 1942
23711 (93rd BG,328th BS, "Jerk's Natural") shot down by Bf 109G-6 of JG 27/I S of Wiener 
Neustadt, Austria Oct 1, 1943.  MACR 3301.  9 KIA, 1 POW.
23712 (93rd BG, 330th BS) crashed at Hurlstone Point, Porlock Bay, UK, Oct 27, 1942.
British record show date of crash as Oct 29, 1942.
23713 lost between Gander and Prestwick Sept 10, 1942.
23714 (90th BG, 321st BS) salvaged at Stillwater, OK.  Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946
23715 (98th BG, 345th BS) lost over Mediterranean May 1, 1943.
23716 (90th BG, 321st BS) lost Aug 17, 1943, South Pacific.  MACR 4906
23717 (93rd BG, 330th BS, "Exterminator") lost on Ploesti raid, 
Rumania, Aug 1, 1943.  Mid-air collision with B-24D 41-24121 4 km NE of Razlog, Bulgaria
during withdrawal.  MACR 334.  11 KIA
23719 (90th BG, 319th BS) salvaged Stillwater, OK.  Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946
23720 to RAAF as A72-2 Feb 1944. Scrapped 12-52
23721 to Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, England
Jul 8, 1943 for unspecified tests.  Duration of stay not known.
23723 (93rd BG) crashed on landing at Alconbury Nov 8, 1942.

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