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Consolidated B-24D-5-CO Liberator
MSN 546/550
23752 (90th BG, 319th BG) ditched off Kawa Island Jan 1, 1943 during raid on Rabaul.  Tail gunner
MIA, 2 waist gunners killed in ditching.  Survivors were flown back to base.  Found Jan 12, 2002 in
90 feet of water.
23753 (319th BS, 90th BG, "Lady Millie") crashed on takeoff at Fenton Airfield, NT, Australia Mar 2, 1942.
Crew of 8 killed
23754 (93rd BG, 409th BS, "Little Lady") landed in Turkey 
Aug 1, 1943 after Ploesti raid and interned.  This plane was first
B-24 to fly over occupied Europe on missin to Fives-Lille
Steelworks Oct 9, 1942.
23755 (90th BG, 319th BS) hit terrain Wards Strip Feb 7, 1943.  Another report
has this plane flying into the side of a mountain 7 mi from Port Moresby.
Remains of a B-24D noted 1977 at Gerehu, PNG was reported to bear
tail number 123755 on one side of the starboard fin, and
123721 on the other.

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