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41-24175 ... 41-24219 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24D-20-CO Liberator
MSN 970/1014
24176/24178 to Navy as PB4Y-1 31963/31965.
24181 to TB-24D.  With 224 BU crashlanded at Laredo AAF, TX Oct 8, 1945.
24183 (308th BG, 374th BS, "The Goon") lost Feb 1, 1945, China.  MACR 12030.
24186 (5th BG, "Pretty Prairie Special") lost Dec 30, 1943, 10 mi N of southern
tip of New Ireland.  MACR 1620.  Damaged by enemy fighters, last seen gliding down through
clouds.  10 KIA, 1 POW.
24188 (308th BG, 374th BS, "Lakanooki") renamed "Snowball from Hell" when returned to USA.
24190 (98th BS, 11th BG, "Cupid") lost Aug 23, 1943, Pacific Ocean.  MACR 404.
24191 (44th BG, "Cactus")
24192 (328th BG, "Dogpatch Raiders").  With 93rd BG, flew into ground at Hempnall, Norfolk, England Feb 3, 1944
24195 (98th BG, "Little Joe")
24197 (98th BG, 344th BS, "Tagalong") shot down by AAA on Ploesti raid, Rumania, Aug 1, 1943.   MACR 168
24198 (98th BG, 344th BS, "The Vulgar Virgin") shot down by AAA on Ploesti raid, 
Rumania, Aug 1, 1943.  9 KIA, 1 POW.  MACR 166.
24200 (376th BG, "Wittle Wed Wabbit") lost Apr 30, 1943, Mediterranean.  MACR 3305
24201 (44th BG, "Baldy and His Brood")
24202 (346th BG) crashed Jan 6, 1943 near Madil, OK
24208/24210 to Navy as PB4Y-1 31966/31968.
24211 (44th BG, "Wing and a Prayer")
24214 (11th BG, 42nd BS, "Dogpatch Express") damaged by Japanese
Zeros and ditched in Pacific 144 km NE of Arno Atoll,
Marshall Islands Dec 21, 1943.  MACR 1423.  
24215 (445th BG "Lucky Gordon") declared war weary and used as formation assembly
ship.  Serial was shown in full across fin and rudder as 4124215
93rd Bombardment Group. Transferred and became assembly ship of 445th Bombardment Group, operated by the 
703rd Bombardment Squadron at RAF Tibenham. Nick-named ‘Lucky Gordon’.
24217 (490th BG) used as training aircraft in USA.
24218 (308th BG, "Daisy Mae") lost Sep 15, 1943 on raid to Haiphong.  MACR 11907
24219 (321st BS, 905h BG, *Seafood Mama*) shot down by fighters off Gazelle Peninsula, PNG Jul 12, 1943.

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