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41-24220 ... 41-24311 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24D-25-CO Liberator
MSN 1015/1106
24220 (493rd BS, 7th BG) lost Oct 14, 1943, India.  MACR 813
24224 hit side of mountain during navigation run in
rain and overcast near Tobe, CO Jun 29, 1944.  10 killed.
24225 (44th BG, 68th BS, "Flak Alley") lost Feb 24, 1944, Germany.  MACR 2922.
24226 (93rd BG, 330th BS, *Utah Man*) collided in midair with 42-40765
Nov 13, 1943 on mission to Bremen, Germany and crashed
near Husum, Germany.  MACR 2179. 8 KIA, 2 POW.
Was formerly "Joisey Bounce"
24229 (44th BG, 67th BS, *Buzzin Bear*) shot down by fighter
over Italy during mission to Foggia Aug 16, 1943.
4 KIA, 5 POW, 1 evaded
24230 (93rd BG, 329th BS, 'Jo-Jo's II Special Delivery/Here's to Ya') 
shot down over Ionian Sea during return from Ploesti raid, 
Rumania, Aug 1, 1943.  MACR 329 and 6466
24231 (98 BG, 415th BS, "D'Artagnan") shot down by a Bf 109G-6 at Lecce, Italy Jul 2, 1943. 4 KIA,  6 POW.  MACR 23.
24232 (44th BG, 67th BS, "Calaban") hit by bombs from a B-24 above
and crashed at Emden, Germany Dec 11, 1943. Dec 11, 1943.  MACR 1653 and 1961.
9 KIA, 1 POW.
24234 (44th BG, "Mr 5 x 5") colided in midair with 42-7501 and
crashed near Bremen, Germany Nov 26, 1943.  MACR 1501.  10 KIA.
42-7501 landed safely.
24235 (44th BG, "Earthquake")
24236 as Liberator GR.V to RCAF as 3701  Crashed near St. Donat, PQ Oct 19, 1943
242838 (308th BG, 375th BS, "Bad Penny")
24240/24242 to Navy as PB4Y-1 31969/31971.
24243 (MSN 1038, 308th BG, 347th BS,*Rum Runner*) shot down Hankow, China Aug 21, 1943.  MACR 555.
24244 (308th BG, 374th BS, "Snowball From Hell")
24246 (98th BG, 345th BS, 'Semper Felix') shot down by AAA on Ploesti raid, 
Rumania, Aug 1, 1943.  MACR 225.  9 KIA, 1 POW.
24248 (90th BG, 319th BS, "Alley Oop") crash-landed Aug 25, 1943 in Northern Territory, Australia.  4 killed.
242?4 (376th BG) lost on Ploesti raid, Rumania, Aug 1, 1943.
24252 served as "Chug-A-Lug" with 425th BS 308th BG, 14th AF at Kqwanghan Airfield (A-3) in China c1943
24258 (376th BG, 512th BS, "Desert Lily", later "Minerva II") shot down by Bf 109G-6 near Wiesmath,
Austria Nov 2, 1943.  MACR 1099.  8 KIA, 2 POW.
24259 (376th BG, "War Maid"), loaned to 93rd BG for Ploesti mission.
24260 disappeared Dec 6, 1942 during flight over Pacific with five onboard.  No trace ever found.
24262 crashed Dec 6, 1942 during patrol flight over the Pacific.  6 on board.  Bad
weather may have been a factor.  Wreckage was found 9.5 mi SE of Stewarts Point
on a mountain ridge.
24270 (376th BG, 514th BS, "Miss O Lanius") crashlanded Dec 20, 1943.
24271/24272 to Navy as PB4Y-1 31972/31973.
24277 to RCAF as 3704.   Converted to transport Oct 6, 1944.  To EAC for storage Aug 13, 1945.
Sold as war asset Nov 22, 1946.
24278 (44th BG, 67th BS, *Miss Delores*) shot down May 14, 1943.  7 crew bailed out, 3 KIA.  MACR 16558
24281 to RCAF as 3703.  Crashed at Torbay Feb 3, 1944
24282 (44th BG, 506 BS, *Ruth-Less*) crashed into high ground at Butts Brow, Willingdon, near Eastbourne, Sussex, UK. Feb 2, 1944, 
killing all 10 aboard.  MACR 6385.  There is a well kept memorial to Ruth-less and her crew on 
Butts Brow overlooking Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.  There is an annual ceremony at the site when 
wreaths are laid for "Our friends and allies far from home".
24283 (44th BG, 506th BS, *Old Crow*) damaged Oct 1, 1943 in raid to Weiner Neustadt, Austria and 
forced down in Sicily, was repaired and then flown back to Tunis.  Declared unsalvageable 
Oct 9, 1943 at Tunis.
24286 (90th BG, 400th BS, "Gone With the Wind") salvaged in USA after 123 missions
24287 308th BG, 375th BS, "Thumper")
24290 to RAAF as A72-8 - w/o in takeoff crash at Tocumwal, NSW Jan 11, 1945.
24294 (376th BG, 515th BS, *Brewery Wagon*) shot down over Ploesti 
Aug 1, 1943.  2 KIA, 8 POW.  MACR 154
24295 (506th BS, 44th BG, "The Wicked Witch") shot down by flak and fighters
Kiel, Germany May 14, 1943.
24297 (376th BG, 512th BS, *Chief Wahoo*) landed in Turkey 
Aug 1, 1943 during Ploesti raid and interned.
24298 (93rd BG, 409th BS) shot down by Fw. Heinz Hanke in Fw 190A of
JG 11/3 and ditched in North Sea off Amrum, Germany
Nov 13, 1943.  MACR 2189.  11 KIA. Not named "Queenie" as is often reported.
24301 (*Lady Be Good*, 376th BG, 514 BS) crew got lost in first
bombing mission over Italy April 4, 1943 and overflew
their home base at Soluch, Libya.  Flew 300 miles into Sahara, ran out of gas and
bellied in.  Crew bailed out when they were down to two engines due to fuel starvation.
Crew attempted to walk out and perished in the desert.  Aircraft found in
desert in 1959.  Crew remains and a survival diary found in early 1960s.  Most
of the plane still remained in desert as found.  Remains of plaine were salvaged and put
on display in Tobruk, Libya.
24303/24307 to Navy as PB4Y-1 31974/31978.
24309 crashed at Bungay/Flixton May 28, 1943.
24310 (376 BG, 514th BS "8 Ball!/Patches") shot down by Lt Emil Clade in Bf 109G-6 of JG 27/7
near Mount Parnassus, Greece Oct 5, 1943.  MACR 1097.  2 KIA, 8 evaded.
24311 (98th BG, 344th BS, *Hadley's Harem*) lost on Ploesti raid, 
Rumania, Aug 1, 1943.  Ditched off south coast of Turkey, 10 mi SWo of Alanya.  MACR 167
3 KIA, 7 interned.  Wreck recovered 1995-96 and now in museum in Turkey.
Museum is Rahmi M. Koc Museum at Sutuce, Turkey.  According to a report dated 
May 2003 they only have the front fuselage.  Nose only reported in Rahmi M. Koc
Muzesi, Haskoy, Istanbul May 2006.

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