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41-24440 ... 41-24489 (EXACT MATCH)
Boeing B-17F-10-BO Fortress
MSN 3125/3174
24440 (3rd BG, 15th BS) used as F-9.  Returned to USA
24441 (97th BG, 342nd BS, "Francis X") shot down on mission to
Lorient, France Oct 21, 1942
24442 (97th BG, 4145h BS, "Little Eva") destroyed by German bombing
at Tafaraoui, Algeria Dec 23, 1942
24443 (97th BG, 414th BS, "Johnny Reb") shot down on mission to
Lorient, France Oct 21, 1942
24444 (97th BG, 340th BS, "Superman/The Red Gremlin") was the
first B-17 in Africa.  Returned to USA
24445 (97th BG, 340th BS, "Southern Belle") shot down by Hptm. Karl-Heinz Meyer in Fw 190A-3 of JG 26/II Stab near 
Flasselles, France  Sep 6, 1942 during mission to Avion Portex aircraft factory at Meault, France
10 KIA.  First aircraft of 8th AF to be listed as MIA.
24446 (5th BG, 23rd BS, "Jezebel") returned to USA
24447 (91st BG, 401st BS, "Kickapoo") shot down by fighter over
North Sea Feb 26, 1943.  MACR 3575.  10 KIA
24448 (43rd BG, 64th BS, "Taxpayer's Pride") show down by Japanese
J1N1 night fighter near Mt Varzin on mission to Rabaul Jun 26, 1943.
9 KIA, 1 POW.
24449 (91st BG, 401st BS, "Short Snorter") shot down by fighter
near Lorient, France Dec 30, 1942.  10 KIA.  MACR 3265.
24450 (5th BG, 72nd BS, "My Lovin' Dove") damaged over Nauru
and ditched Feb 9, 1943.  Crew spent 16 days on lift raft to
Buka and rescued 50 more days later.
24451 (91st BG, 401st BS) flew into Slieveanorro Mountain, Northern
Ireland Oct 3, 1942.  6 crew killed.
24452 (91st BG, 401st BS) shot down by Hptm Karl-Heinz Meyer in
Fw 190A-4 of JG 26/II Stab near Mantes, France Dec 20, 1942.  
MACR 16243.  3 KIA, 7 POW
24453 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Mizpah/The Bearded Beauty") shot down
Aug 17, 1943 on Schweinfurt raid by Hptm Gunther Specht 
in Bf 109G-6 of JG 11/11 Stab at Vlatten, Germany.  MACR 275.
5 KIA, 5 POW.
24454 (19th BG, 28th BS, then to 43rd BG, 65th BS, "Georgia Peach")
shot down by Japanese J1N1 night fighter at Ubili, PNG
Jun 13, 1943.  8 KIA, 2 POW.  One POW executed later.
24455 (5th BG, 63rd BS, "Old Baldy") returned to USA late 1943.
24456 never flew combat missions, scrapped
24457 (5th BG, 31st BS, "The Azte's Curse") crashlanded due to
brake failure Apr 23, 1943 and w/o.
24458 (43rd BG, 64th BS, "San Antonio Rose I") shot down by
Japanese fighters Jan 5, 1943 on bombing mission at Rabaul, New Britain.
9 KIA, 2 POW.
24459 (91st BG, 401st BS, "Hellsapoppin") shot down by Obfw
Friedrich Erlenkamper in Bf 109G-4 of JG 54/1 over Bremen 
Apr 17, 1943 and crashed near Wunstorf, Germany.  MACR 15520.
5 KIA, 5 POW
24460 (306th BG, 423rd BS, then to 482nd BG, then to 379th BG) to
RFC at Kingman, AZ Oct 7, 1946.
24461 assigned to 306th BG, 369th BS at Westover, August 22, 1942; transferred 
to Thurleigh, October 2, 1942; salvaged with non-battle-damage on February 22, 1943.
24462 slated to go to 306th BG, 369th BS at Westover on August 21, 1942, but was not delivered; arrived at Boise, 
December 17, 1942; transferred to Tinker, April 7, 1943; transferred to Lewiston, April 23, 1943; 
transferred to Gore, May 19, 1943; transferred to Pocatello, June 2, 1943; transferred to Spokane, 
June 17, 1943; transferred to Moses Lake, September 20 1943; RFC at Albuquerque, June 26, 1945.
24463 (306th BG, 423rd BS) exploded over Atlantic after takeoff 
from Gander, Newfoundland Sept 5, 1942.  9 killed.
24464 (91st BG, 323rd BS, "Excalibur") shot down by fighters over
North Sea Mar 4, 1943. 3 KIA, 7 rescued.
24465 (306th BG, 368th BS, "Montana Power") damaged by AAA, shot down
by Maj. Josef Priller in Fw 190A-5 of JG 26/Stab and crashed
at West Kapelle, Belgium Apr 5, 1943.  MACR 15534.  3 KIA, 7 POW
24466 became trainer aircraft
24467 (306th BG, 368th BS, "The Grim Reaper/Blasted Event") damaged by
AAA, then shot down by Fw 190A of JG 11/1 at Aurich, Germany
Apr 17, 1943.  MACR 15525.  2 KIA, 8 POW.
24468 (306th BG, 368th BS, "Wa-hoo") scrapped May 31, 1945
24469 (306th BG, 367th BS) crashed after takeoff near Thurleigh,
UK Jan 6, 1943
24470 (306th BG, 369th BS, "Sons of Fury") shot down and crashed
near Brest, France Jan 3, 1943.  10 KIA
24471 (306th BG, 369th BS , "Four of a Kind") crashed after midair collision
with B-17F 41-24498 at Lille, France Jan 13, 1943.  MACR 15502.
3 KIA, 7 POW.
24472 (306th BG, 369th BS) hit by AAA and then shot down by Lt Gerhard
Seifert in Fw 190A-4 of JG 26/9 over Lille, France Nov 8, 1943.  
5 KIA, 4 POW, 1 evaded.
24473 (97th BG, 414th BS, "Kiss-me Kowboy") scrapped Aug 1, 1945.
24474 (306th BG, 367th BS, "Floozy") hit by AAA and ditched into
English Channel Nov 18, 1942.  1 KIA, 9 POW
24475 (306th BG, 423rd BS, "Old Faithful") scrapped Dec 5, 1943
24476 (306th BG, 369th BS, "A-Dorable") in collision with B-17F 42-5251
over UK Mar 1, 1943. Bellylandded at Chelveston, UK after collision.
Scrapped Mar 19, 1943.
24477 (97th BG, 340th BS, "Joan of Arc/Falming Mayme") crashed after
midair collision with Fw 190A at Tunis, Tunisia Feb 1, 1943.
MACR 3516.  7 KIA, 3 returned
24478 (306th BG, 369th BS) shot down by fighter of JG 2 and
crashed into sea near St. Nazaire, France Nov 23, 1942.
7 KIA, 2 POW
24479 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Sad Sack") in midiar collision with
B-17F 41024499 and crashed into sea Nov 23, 1942.  MACR 16273.
24480 (91st BG, 324th BS, "The Bad Penny") scraspped Oct 19, 1944.
24481 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Hells Angels") hit by a fighter and
crashed into North Sea W of Amrum, Germany May 14, 1943.  
MACR 15498.  All 10 KIA
24482 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Heavyweight Annihilators") crashlanded
Feb 27, 1943 and scrapped.
24483 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Spirit of Alcohol") shot down by Lt.
Heinz Knoke in Bf 109G of JG 11/5 and crashed into Kiel Bay,
Germanyh May 19, 1943.  MACR 15632.  6 KIA, 4 POW.
24484 (91st BG, 401st BS, "The Bad Egg") crashlanded and hit a 
jeep on Anderw Field, UK Dec 31, 1943.  The jeep driver
was killed.  The plane was taken to a repair
group, where front half joined B-17G 42-31229.
24485 (91st BG, 324th BS, "Memphis Belle") was first B-17 to complete 25 combat missions over
Europe.  Was put on display at site in Memphis, TN.  Reported Oct 2004
to be under restoration by Memphis Belle Memorial Association
at Millinton, TN.  Was delivered by truck to USAF Museum in 2005 for total 
overhaul due to extensive damage due to years of exposure to the elements.
24486 (306th BG, 367th BS, "Man O'War") shot down by AAA and
crashed into English Channel Nov 9, 1942.  11 KIA 
24487 (*Eager Beaver*) served with 368th BS, 306th BG at
Thurleighh.  Transferred May 1, 1944 to AF Service Command
and returned to USA Jul 1944.  Given to Williamsport Technical Institute, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 
after the war for use in an aeronautical program.  WTI later became
Williamsport Area Community College and later the Pennsylvania
College of Technology.  Nose section was sent to the Mighty
Eighth Airforce Museum near Savannah, and is still on
display there..
24488 (306th BG, 369th BS, "Banshee II") shot down by Oblt.
Rudolf Sigmund in BF 110G-4 oF NJG 1/10 at
Greetsiel, Germany Apr 17, 1943.  MACR 15445
5 KIA, 5 POW
24489 (306th BG, 367th BS, "Terry and the Pirates") shot down by
fighters over France Dec 20, 1942.

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