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Lockheed P-38G-5-LO Lightning
MSN 222-7233/7300
12802 British found this aircaft on a sunken ship and was towing on a pontoon to Derry when it broke loose
and later washed up on shore near Donegal, Ireland
12814 (96th GFS, 82nd FG) got lost over Northern Ireland Dec 17, 1942 and pilot bailed out when got low on
fuel.  Plane crashed vertically into a field near Corrintra, Castleblaney.
12815 (82nd FG) lost over Austria Feb 24, 1944.  MACR 2703
12830 (82nd FG, 96th FS) shot down by 88 mm Flak SW of Cuglieri, Sardinia, Italy Jul 3, 1943.  Pilot KIA.  MACR 359.
12832 (95th FS, 82nd FG) lost Sep 4, 1943, Tyrrhenian Sea.  MACR 640
12847 restoration project from PNG salvage, at Bankstown, Australia.  At Precision Aerospace.
12848 (49th FG, 9th FS) shot down and crashed SE of Tobera
Field, Rabaul, New Guinea Nov 2, 1943.  MACR 1315.  Pilot KIA.  Wreck
discovered in 2001 near Warongoi River, Papua New Guinea.
12856 (49th FG) lost Oct 13, 1943.  MACR 1104.
12866 fitted with experimental gun installation of 2 short-barrel 20-mm cannon
and four 0.50-inch machine guns as part of XP-49 program

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