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42-40918 ... 42-40962 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24D-115-CO Liberator
MSN 1995/2039
40918 (90th BG, 320th BS, "Shack Rat") lost on recon flight from Wards Drome New Guinea Oct 27, 1943.  MACR 963.
Crashed in Sarawaget Mountain Range in Morobe Province in bad weather.  All 12 crew MIA.  Human 
remains found in 2007.
40919 returned to USA Jan 10, 1944.
40920 (90th BG, 400th BS) lost New Guinea Aug 29, 1942.  MACR 13578
40923 to USN as PB4Y-1 32115.
40925 returned to USA Jan 10, 1944.
40926 returned to USA Mar 28, 1944
40930 (MSN 2007, 308th BG, 425th BS) shot down by Japanese fighters at Hankow, China Aug 24, 1943.  
10 KIA.  MACR 557
40932 to USN as PB4Y-1 32116.
40933 returned to USA Apr 3, 1944.
40934 (403rd BS, 43rd BG) lost Oct 13, 1943, New Guinea.  MACR 808. Took off for
a strike on Rabaul.  Plane last seen entering a weather front
40 miles out of Kiriwina.  Forcelanded on reef in the
Amphlett island group.  The wreck is still there.
40936 to USN as PB4Y-1 32117.
40937 (478th BG) landed in Portugal 8/20/1943 and interned.  To civil registry as CS-ELB
40938 (93rd BG, 330th BS, "D Cup") show downby UFFz reinhold Klein in Fw 190A of JG 2/3 1km S of
Doudeville, France Sep 15, 1943.  MACR 15215.  4 KIA, 5 POW, 1 evaded.
40941 (90th BG, 400th BS)
40942 (90th BG, 320th BS)
40943 to USN as PB4Y-1 32118.
40944 returned to USA
40947/40948 to USN as PB4Y-1 32119/32120.
40950 to USN as PB4Y-1 32123.
40951/40952 to USN as PB4Y-1 32121/32122.
40953 to USN as PB4Y-1 32124.
40954 (308th BG, 375th BS "Je Reviens") shot down Aug 21, 1943 during
first raid on Hankow.  Plane crashlanded on a sandbar in the
middle of a river.  Infantry firefight broke out between Japanese
troops on one side of the river and Chinese troops on the other.
The Chinese troops won and rescued the survivors of the
crash.  3 crewmen were killed.  Pilot Lt. Col Addison E. Baker posthumously awarded
Medal of Honor.
40962 (3rd BS) crashed at sea May 24, 1945 during squadron assembly.
Only one survivor.

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