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42-66502 ... 42-66726 (EXACT MATCH)
Lockheed P-38H-1-LO Lightning
MSN 1013/1237
66506 (MSN 1017) with 8th FG, 80th FS, "Porky II" shot down by
Japanese fighter over Borgen Bay, New Guinea Dec 26, 1943.
MACR 3146.  Pilot bailed out ver enemy lines and KIA.
66511 (MSN 1022) with 475th FG, 431st FS w/o when ditched Nov 8, 1943
in Porlock Harbor, New Guinea.
66514 (MSN 1025) with 49th FG, 9th FS w/o in landing accident at
Wards Aerodrome, Port Moresby, New Guinea Aug 16, 1943.
66516 (MSN 1027)(49th FG, 9th FS) lost in bad weather at New Guinea Oct 13,
1943. Pilot MIA. MACR 1256.
66517 (MSN 1028) w/o with 35th FG, 39th FS w/o when ditched 5 mi
NW of Yule Island near Papua New Guinea Jul 21, 1943 after
being damaged by Zeros.
66518 (MSN 1029) 475th FG, 433rd FS w/o Jul 19, 1943 when crashed
after engine failure at Moreton Bay, Australia
66523 (475th FG, 432nd FS) damaged by a Zero and forcelanded near
Tarobi, New Guinea Oct 29, 1943. Pilot evaded for two months, then
captured and executed. MACR 1193.
66525 (8th FG, 80th FS) crashed due to engine failure 2 mi offshore
Kila Aerodrome, New Guinea Aug 23, 1943. Pilot killed.
66527 (475th FG, 433rd FS) landing accident at Dobodura, New Guinea Nov 24, 1943.
66530 (475th FG) forcelanded 17 mi S of Brisbane, Australia Jul 5, 1943.
66532 (35th FG, 39th FS) disappeared on raid on Rabaul Nov 13, 1943,
probably due to weather.  Pilot MIA.  MACR 3039
66534 (MSN 422-1045) shot down over New Guinea Jan 18, 1944.  Part of one wing
and tailplane recovered, registered N66534 Nov 17, 2008!!
66535 (8th FG, 80th FS) wrecked in taxiing accident at Kiriwana, Salamons Oct 12, 1943.
66541 (475th FG, 432nd FS) ditched into Huon Gulf near Lae, New Guinea Nov 20, 1943.
66542 (475th FG, 431st FS) lost in bad weather at New Guinea Sep 8, 1943. Pilot KIA. MACR 750.
66544 (49th FG, 9th FS) crashlanded at Horanda, New Guinea Oct 24, 1943.
66546 (475th FG, 433rd FS, "Charlie Jeanne II") collided in midair with 
P-38 42-66834 and crashed in Alexishafen area, New Guinea
Nov 9, 1943.  MACR 1260.  Pilot KIA.
66547 (475th FG, 432nd FS) right engine failed and crashed at Finschafen, New Guinea Sep 22, 1943. 
Pilot KIA. MACR 751.
66552 (475th FG, 431st FS) crashlanded at Finschhafen, New Guinea Dec 10, 1943.
66554 (475th FG, 431st FS) MIA Jan 18, 1944
66555 (36th FS) crashed into ocean near Yamai Apr 16, 1944 during infamous Black Sunday mission 
to Hollanida, pilot killed
66556 (475th FG, 431st FS) crashed Sep 5, 1943
66558 (475th FG, 431st FS) crashlanded at base Dec 22, 1943.
66561 (475th FG, 433rd FS) shot down over Oro Bay, New Guinea Oct 17, 1943, possibily by the famous ace Nishizawa.
MACR 1420.
66565 (475th FG, 432rd FS) (475th FG, 432nd FS) crashed near Dobodura, New Guinea Nov 15, 1943. Pilot killed.
66570 (8th FG, 80th FS) crashed due mechanical failure at Kiriwina, Solomons Oct 26, 1943.
66572 (475th FG, 431st FS) lost during aerial combat SE of Dagua, New Guinea Aug 18, 1943.  Pilot KIA.  MACR 752.
66577 (475th FG, 431st FS) MIA Feb 14, 1944
66580 (475th FG, 432rd FS) shot down by Japanese fighters 10 mi E of Finschafen, New Guinea Sep 24, 1943. 
Pilot KIA.  MACR 753.
66582 (347th FG, 339th FS) crashed on Guadalcanal Aug 20, 1943. Pilot killed.
66583 (18th FG, 12th FS) crashed on takeoff due engine failure at Munda, New Georgia Islands, Solomons Dec 6, 1943.
66585 (347th FG, 339th FS) destroyed by the crashing P-38H 42-66900 at Munda, New Georgia Islands, Solomons
Nov 18, 1943
66589 (475th FG, 431st FS) damaged by cannon fire Jan 18, 1944
66592 (475th FG, 431st FS) crashed on landing at Lae, New Guinea Nov 8, 1943.
66593 (475th FG, 431st FS) MIA at New Guinea Nov 8, 1943. MACR 1846.
66595 (475th FG, 432nd FS) crashed into Buma Bay off Cape Sudest, New Guinea Oct 31, 1943.  Pilot killed.  MACR 1192.
66593 (475th FG, 431st FS) MIA Nov 8, 1943
66596 (475th FG, 433rd FS) MIA Nov 9, 1943.  Collided with Ki-43 Oscar over Alexishafen Airfield.  Pilot KIA.
66597 (432nd FS, 475th FG) lost Sep 22, 1943, Papua New Guinea.  MACR 751
66626 (347th FG, 339th FS) collided in midair with P-38 42-66888 3 mi E of Fauro Island,
Solomons Oct 19, 1943.  Pilot KIA.  MACR 810  
66631 (8th FG, 80th FS) damaged by fighter and later ditched into
mouth of Sepik River, New Guinea Dec 22, 1943.  MACR 2284
66636 (475th FG, 433rd FS) shot down 2 mi S of Sigul River Arawe N. B. Dec 16, 1943
66648 (329th FG, 330th FS) crashed after midair collision with P-38H 42-66691 E of Linda Vista, California
Aug 18, 1943.  Pilot bailed out but injured.
66662 (8th FG) shot down by Japanese fighter at Rabaul, New Guinea Nov 2, 1943.  MACR 1194
66665 (475th FG) shot down Nov 2, 1943 3 mi offshore from Rabaul, New Guinea. Pilot KIA
MACR 1951.
66666 (475th FG, 431st FS, "Miss Fru Fru")
66668 (8th FG, 36th FS) MIA near Yamai during infamous Black Sunday mission to Hollanida
66669 (35th FG, 39th FS) shot down by enemy aircraft 5 mi E of Rabaul during raid on Rabaul, New Guinea
Nov 7, 1943.  Pilot KIA.  MACR 3038.
66671 (347th FG, 339th FS) crashed on takeoff at Stirling Island, S of Bougainville, Solomons Jan 7, 1944. 
Pilot killed.
66673 (18th FG, 12th FS) wrecked in taxiing accident at Munda, New Georgia Islands, Solomons Dec 24, 1943.
66691 (With 329th FG, 330th FS in midair collision with P-38H 42-66648 and crashed
into a house at Linda Vista, California Aug 18, 1943.   Pilot and 3 children killed in the crash
66699 crashed Jul 8, 1944
66710 (459th FG) crashed in dive at Kangaung Landing Ground on flight from Chittagong May 25, 1944.  MACR 5031.
Pilot killed.
66711 (80th FG) lost Mar 10, 1944.   MACR 3013
66712 (80th FG, 459th FS) bellylanded at Ramu, India Nov 27, 1943.
66714 (80th FG, 459th FS) lost in India Nov 21, 1943.  MACR 1208
66719 (55th FG, 38th FS) engine caught fire and ditched into North Sea 50 mi E of Clacton-on-Sea,
UK Oct 18, 1943.  MACR 1040.  Pilot KIA.
66723 (20th FG, 77th FS) shot down by Hptm Klaus Mietusch in
Bf 109G-6 of JG 26/III Stab near Luxem, Germany Dec 1, 1943.  
MACR 1425.  Pilot POW
66724 (55th FG, 338th FS, "Miss Margaret") left engine failed,
turned back and was shot down by Fw Otto Schneider in
Bf 109G-6 of JG 11/6 SE o Nordolm, Germany  Nov 13, 1943.  
MACR 1269.  Pilot bailed out and became POW.

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