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42-67312 ... 42-67401 (EXACT MATCH)
Lockheed F-5B-1-LO Lightning
MSN 1823/1912
67312 to 33rd PRS and crashed at Will Rogers Field, OK Mar 7, 1944.  Pilot
67318 in midair collision with RAF Halifax, embedding one of the Halifax's fins
in the Lightning's port wing and bending starboard wing back by 26 degrees.
Starboard engine froze but pilot was able to get the plane on the ground.
67325 shot down by AAA near Munich Apr 12, 1944, Wing Commander Warburton on board.
67329 (17th PRS, 4th PRG) lost Apr 18, 1943, Solomon Islands.  MACR 3997
67331 (7th PRG, 27th PRS) lost Huissen, Netherlands Sep 25, 1944.
67342 (7th PRG, 27th PRS, "Double Trouble") lost S of Breskens, Netherlands Sep 19, 1944.
MACR 9168.  Pilot evaded.
67350 (F-5A, 26th PRS, 6th PRG) in collision with B-25D 41-30337 while
landing at Saidor during infamous Black Sunday mission to Hollanida.
67362 (7th PRG  13th PRS) lost in a landing accident on Jan 21, 1944 
67366 (7th PRG, 27th PRS) lost Veldhoven, Netherlands Jun 8, 1944.  MACR 5491.
67378 (7th PRG  13th PRS) lost on Jan 19, 1944.  Pilot was killed attempting a landing in bad weather.
67388 (21st PRS) lost Dec 17, 1944 with pilot bailing out in weather
due to fuel exhaustion, he walked back to the station on 15 Jan 1945.  MACR 10625

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