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42-73115 ... 42-73164 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24J-15-CO Liberator
MSN 2685/2734
73115 (380th BG) lost Jan 8, 1944, New Guinea.  MACR 1699
73116 (380th BG) lost Mar 14, 1945, SW Pacific.  MACR 14105
73117 (380th BG) lost Jan 19, 1944, SW Pacific.  MACR 15223.
73119 (307th BG) lost Jul 15, 1944, South Pacific.  MACR 6924
73130 tested with B-17G nose and turret from B-17G 42-97772.  Turned out to be operationally unsuitable due to
weight increase, stability problems, poor performance.
73131 converted to F-7A -  Another reference (Al Blue) has this 
as being 73132.
73134 ("Milady") w/o Jan 17, 1945 in takeoff accident near Darwin, Australia.  6 killed.
73136 (98th BG) lost Jun 24, 1944.  MACR 11265
73137 (376th BG, 512th BS) shot down by Bulgarian fighters and crashed NW of Skopje, 
Yugoslavia Nov 24, 1943.  MACR 1300.  Flown by mostly Yugoslavian crew.  Only US crewmember is
POW, no information about the 9 Yugoslavian crew.
73138 (98th BG, *Butch*) lost Feb 22, 1944, Germany.  MACR 2726
73139 (376th BG) lost Jul 15, 1944, Rumania.  MACR 6756
73140 (376th BG) lost Jul 2, 1944.  MACR 6436
73141 (307th BG, 424th BS) lost Nov 14, 1943, Solomons.  MACR 1076
73142 (5th BG) lost Apr 2, 1944, South Pacific.  MACR 3679
73148 (5th BG) lost Apr 2, 1945.  MACR 14289.  The MACR actually lists the serial number
as being 42-70148, which was a P-63.
73149 w/o Apr 18, 1944 in takeoff accident at Momomote AF, Papua New Guinea.
73150 (5th BG) lost Apr 2, 1944, SW Pacific. MACR 3680.
73151 (30th BG, 27th BS, "Tropic Knight") flew more successful missions
than any other bomber in Pacific theatre.  Flown home to sell war
bonds.  Crashed during approach to Santa Monica Air Field.  Believed
sent to Davis-Monthan AFB and scrapped there.
73152 converted to F-7A.  
Damaged in landing accident at Kunming,
China Jul 15, 1944.
73154 (30th BG, 27th BS, "Dinah Night") damaged by a fighter and
caught fire and crashed into sea 10 mi S of Wotje Atoll,
Marshall Islands Dec 26, 1943.  MACR 1585.  9 KIA.
73155 (11th BG, 431st BS, "Tired Tessie")
73156 ("Belle of Texas") landed at Mullinix Field, Tarawa Dec 20, 1943 with faiiled brakes, parachutes
used to stop plane just short of water's edge.  Repared by Navy and flown to Hawaii Feb 1944 where 
salvaged as war weary.
73157 converted to F-7A
73158 w/o Jul 11, 1944 in landing accident Ondal, India
73159 (7th BG, 493rd BS, "Tough Baba") shot down by AAA and 
fighters at Danubya, Burma Dec 1, 1943. MACR 1233.  11 KIA
73162 loaned to the AFT Unit (Adfanced Fighter Training Unit) RAF Far East Command and in the
act of being delivered, crashed at RAF Station Amarda Road, India May 5, 1944, when it
collided in the air with an RAF Harvard and crashed in flames. The
Liberator was in the air about 80 feet from the ground and was landing. The
Harvard was slightly damaged in the collision and nobody was injured. The
Liberator was totally destroyed and four were killed and two seriously injured.

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