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Boeing B-29A-25-BN Superfortress
MSN 7431/7480
94026 (19th BG) ditched off Iwo Jima Apr 24, 1945 while returning from mission to North Nagoya, Japan.  MACR 14312.
All 11 crew survived and were rescued.
94032 retired to MASDC Nov 4, 1954, last B-29 bomber to be retired.
94034 (29th BG, 6th BS) crashed off coast of Enoshima Island, Japan Apr 16, 1945 in mission to Kawasaki.  MACR 14271.
8 crew killed, 4 bailed out and became POW.
94039 (314th BW) hit by flak on mission to Yokohama May 29, 1945 and crashed
into sea on return flight.  All 11 crew KIA.  MACR 14538.
94040 (330th BG, 459th BS) collided with B-29A 42-94044 in midair 100 mi N of Iwo Jima Jul 5, 1945.  Able to land
and all crew survived.  Not known if aircraft was repaired.
94041 (504th BG, 680th BS) hit by AAA over Shimonoseki Straits Jul 27, 1945 and crashed in Inland Sea while on 
mining mission and crashed in Inland Sea.  MACR 14797.  5 crew killed, 6 bailed out and were rescued by 
US Navy aircraft.
94044 (39th BG, 62nd BS) collided with B-29A 42-94040 in midair 100 mi N of Iwo Jima.  Able to land and all
crew survived.  Unknown if aircraft was repaired.
94045 (307th BW, 371st BS) shot down by MiGs near Namsi airfield Oct 23, 1951.
94047 (330th BG, 459th BS) ditched from unknown cause off coast of Japan Apr 24, 1945 while on mission to Hitachi
aircraft factor at Tachikawa, Japan.  8 crew killed, 3 bailed out over Japan and became POW.
94050 (497th BG) MIA May 27, 1945, Marianas.  MACR 14525
94052 assigned to 330th BG, Guam.  then to 301st BW.  To RAF as Washington B.1 WF444 Jun 28, 1950 and
assigned to 115 Squadron.  Returned to USAF Aug 25, 1953.  Assigned to Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah
94053 (39th BG, 60th BS) crashlanded at North Field, Guam May 19, 1945.  All crew survived, but aircraft was destroyed.
94054 to F-13A
94056 (504th BG) crashed from unknown cause at Oikawa Chiba, Japan May 29, 1945 while on mission to Yokohama, Japan.  MACR 14541.
11 crew bailed out and became POW.
94060 (19th BG, 30th BS) crashed from unknown cause on Mount Topatchau, Saipan May 5, 1945.  All 11 crew killed, aircraft
was destroyed.
94072 (307th BW, 371st BS) crashed into E. China Sea 5 mi off Okinawa Sep 8, 1950.

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