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43-17149 ... 43-17173 (EXACT MATCH)
Douglas C-54B-10-DO Skymaster
MSN 18349/18373
17149 (MSN 18349) by 1956 was N90450 of Alaska Airlines Inc
17150 (MSN 18350/DO124) to Flying Tiger Lines in 1948 as N86574.  Crashed 3 km S of Issaquah, WA
on approach to Boeing Field Jan 7, 1953.  All 7 onboard killed.
17151 (MSN 18351) crashed in bad weather 6 mi SW of Tezgaon,
India Jun 14, 1945.
17152 (MSN 18352) involved in midair collision near Barrackpore,
India Jan 17, 1945.  Also listed as suffering structural
failure due to weather Apr 6, 1945.  Must have survived
since by 1956 was N44994 of Trans World Airlines
17153 (MSN 18353/DO127) bought by Braniff Airways Nov 1945 as N88818.  Leased by Northwest Airlines Jun 1946
returned Jun 1947.  Bought by Chicago and Southern Jan 20, 1949.  Bought by Northwest Airlines in 1951.
Bought by Aircraft Holding Inc Apr 11, 1961.  Bought by First National City Bank of New York
Apr 14, 1961.  Leased by Air New-Mex Inc Apr 14, 1961, bought Sep 1961.  Bought by Icelandair Sep 19, 1963
named "Snaefaxi" and registered TF-AKB.  Bought by Greenlandair Oct 11, 1963 registered OY-FAJ and
named "Sululik".  WFU and stored Sondred, Greenland Dec 1970.  Scrapped in Kangerlussuaq (BGSF).  To fire
dump Nov 1971.  Remains broken up mid 1980s.
17154 (MSN 18354/DO128) bought by National Skyways in 1946 and registered N67548, new name Flying Tigers
Line in 1946.  Bought by Western Sky Industries in 1954.  Bought by Transocean Airlines in 1955,
bought by California Eastern Airlines in 1956.  Bought by Air Vietnam Nov 13, 1957 and registered F-VNBN.
Reregistered Aug 1959 as XV-NUA.  Destroyed 1962.
17155 (MSN 18355) to civilian registry as N95408. Sold to Aerovias Interamericanas 
de Panama as HP-358. Sold to Aerovias Ecuatorianas as HC-AHJ. Sold to RIPSA of 
Peru as OB-R-849.
17156 (MSN 18356/DO130) to RFC Dec 18, 1944.  To Northwest Airlines as N95414.
To Flying Tiger Line Feb 19, 1954.  Leased to Ariana Afghan Airlines Jun 1957
as YA-BAJ.  Returned to Flying Tiger Line Jul 1957 as N95414.  Bought by
Pacific Western Airlines Jul 1957 as CF-PWA.  Bought by Transair
1960 as CF-TAM.  Bought by Kenting Aviation in 1966 as CF-KAD.
Bought by Worldways Airline 19765, bought by Airmotive Europe Feb 19, 1978.
To Nile Delta Airways (NTU).  To Hercules Global Airlines 1978 WFU and
stored Cairo, Egypt.  Bought by Onyx Aviation May 12, 1978 as N32DR.  To
Gritt and Grunts Mar 12, 1979.  Bought by Oklahoma Aircraft Corp Dec 14, 1979.
Bought by Aeroborne Enterprises Jun 18, 1980.  Bought by Commercial Aircraft
Corp of Yukon OK Jan 20, 1982.  WFU and stored McAllen TX.  May have been
scrapped there.
17157 (MSN 18357/DO131) assigned to All Weather Flight Center damaged Jan 2, 1946 in takeoff accident at 
Lockbourne AAB, OH.  WFU and stored 1971.
17158 (MSN 18358) to US Navy as BuNo 90385
17159 (MSN 18359) became N79072.  By 1956 was YK-AAQ of Syrian Airways Co.
17160 (MSN 18360) on civil registry as N90448, sold to France as F-BFCQ.
17161 (MSN 18362) suffered ground accident at Tezgaon, India Nov 25, 1944. Details
and consequences not known.
17162 (134 TCG) crashed 3 mi W of Sinbo, Burma Apr 21, 1945.
17163 to Pan American Airways as N88907 *Clipper Fleetwing* in 
1946.  Later *Clipper McKim*.  By 1955 name was "Clipper
Ann McKim"
17164 to Pan American Airways as N88940 *Clipper Aurora* in 1946.  In 1953 user
was Flying Tiger Lines.
17165 (MSN 18365/DO139) to US Navy as R5D-2 BuNo ????  09/46 to Eastern Airlines, Inc. as 
N88727, side no 716.  November 01, 1949 on a flight from Boston-Logan, MA to 
Washington-National, DC as Flight 537 while on final approach to runway 03 was in a 
midair collision with a Bolivian Air Force P-38L-5-LO, (ex 44-26927 MSN 422-7931) with 
the registration of NX26927. From the C-54B, 4 crew, 51 PAX fatal. From the P-38, the 
Bolivian test pilot survived, both aircraft were destroyed. It was (at the time) the worst 
plane crash in the history of civil aviation.  The P-38 pilot was accused of causing the 
accident, later tried and cleared of the charges, which are now believed to have been an ATC error.
17166 (MSN 18366) by 1957 was N90420 of Slick Airways.  Previously
with American Airlines.
17167 (MSN 18367) to civil registry as 4X-ADC.  By 1953 was N30058 of Flying
Tiger Lines
17168 (MSN 18368) to Pacific Overseas Airlines, Ltd as NC79068 in Jun 1946.  To
Pacific Overseas Airlines (Siam), Ltd at HS-PC204 in 1947.  Reregistered as HS-POA
in 1950.  Destroyed by fire during attempted overweight takeoff from
Don Muang, Thailand Jul 13, 1951.  According to Landings database, this plane is on
US civil registry as N837M, but this actually BuNo 17168.
17169 (MSN 18369) by 1956 was N95415 of Northwest Airlines.
17170 (MSN 18370/D0144) to CNAC, China as XT-T03, later XT-100, then N8344C, later to
Colonial Airlines, then absorbed into Eastern Airlines Jun 1, 1956 as N4720.
To Javelin Airways as N100J.  Nov 1, 1962 to Trans Meridian Flying Services as
G-ARXJ.  To Rutas Aereas Panamenas SA (RAPSA of Panama) as HP-451, OO-FAK.
17171 (MSN 18371) suffered engine failure at Kunming, China
Jan 10, 1945, presumably crashed as crew reported to have
bailed out.
17172 (MSN 18372) to US Navy as BuNo 90386
17173 (MSN 18373) to US Navy as BuNo 90387

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