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44-34299 ... 44-34322 (EXACT MATCH)
Douglas A-26B-50-DL Invader
MSN 27578/27601
34299 to France in Nov 1956 as 702-B
Renumbered with USAF serial Mar 1959.
SOC after accident at Bone Feb 8, 1960.
34300 (13th BS, 3rd BG) MIA Apr 4, 1952 after night mission in Korea.
34301 (25th BS, 3rd BG) class 26 6/28/50 due to enemy ground fire.
34304 (13th BS, 3rd BG) hit tree on strafing run 
11/3/50. Left at AB in Korea
34308 (B-26C) to France in Oct 1956 as 711-C
Renumbered with USAF serial Mar 1959.
Converted into RB-26P Aug 1960.  WFU
Feb 1966.  SOC Mar 27, 1968.
34309 (MSN 27588, 3rd BG, 13th BS) was a Shoran-equipped aircraft.
34312 (MSN 27591, B-26C) to France in Dec 1956 as 715-C.
Renumbered with USAF serial Mar 1959.
Converted into RB-26P Feb 1961.  WFU
Jan 1966.  SOC Aug 10, 1966.  To
F-BMJR and later to Biafra.  Scrapped 1967.
34313 (MSN 27592) went directly to storage and then to Korea with
3rd BW and then to 452nd BW.  Damaged by AAA Dec 27, 1951
and recovered at K-46, Korea.  In May 1952 to 17th
BW.  Sold as surplus in 1957 and registered as N5457V.  Modified as aerial
tanker in 1960 and flew in Oregon as air tanker
until 1974.  Sold to Conair in British Columbia as C-GHLK
until retired in 1987.  Resided in Canadian museums until 
purchased by David Lane and is flying as
N119DR.  Seen at Reno Air Races Aug 2002.  In 2007 seen sitting
in a storage yard at San Diego Air and Space Museum.
34314 (8th BS, 3rd BG) shot down by ground fire during
night mission 9/14/51.  Medal of Honor for
John S. Walmsley, Jr.
34316 converted to B-26C.  To Colombia in 1957 as FAC 2517.
34317 (90th BS, 3rd BG) MIA 12/26/52 after night mission
in Korea.
34318 salvaged at K-9 in Korea May 28, 1952.
34320 loaned to France Jan 1954 for
service in Indochina.  Returned to
USAF Oct 1955 and scrapped.
34321 (13th BS, 3rd BG) MIA on night mission 11/23/51.

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