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44-40649 ... 44-40748 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24J-175-CO Liberator
40649 to RAAF as A72-40 - soc 7-52
40650 to RAAF as A72-44 - soc 12-52.
40651 to RAAF as A72-42 - soc 12-52.
40652 to RAAF as A72-41 - soc 12-52.
40653 to RAAF as A72-39 - damaged in 
landing accident 9-44, converted to components.
40654 to RAAF as A72-43 - soc 12-52.
40656 converted to F-7B
40658/40659 converted to F-7B
40659 destroyed on ground at Tacloban, Leyte Jan 29, 1945 when a C-46
crashed into it during takeoff.
40661 “Jeeter Bug” 30th BG, 819th BS at Guam, Marianas Islands May 4th 1945
40663 converted to F-7B
40665 (30th BG) lost Aug 14, 1944, Central Pacific.  MACR 7832
40666 lost South Pacific Sep 10, 1945.
40667 (373rd BS, 308th BG) lost in accident 75mi S of Luichow, China Oct 4, 1944
40669 converted to F-7B.  With 3rd PRS, crew bailed out off the coast of Okinawa Sep 28, 1945 when a tire,
damaged on takeoff, made landing impossible.  All crew parachuted safely into water and were picked up
by naval craft.
40670 “Dragon Lady” with 11th BG, 42nd BS at Guam, Marianas Islands May 4th 1945
40674 “Going My Way” with 11th BG, 431st BS at Guam, Marianas Islands May 4th 1945
40677 (30th BG) lost Jan 24, 1945, North Pacific.  MACR 11740
40679 (30th BG) lost Aug 14, 1944, Central Pacific.  MACR 7981
40680 (494th BG, 866th BS, *Lonesome Lady*) shot down Jul 28, 1945, Inland
Sea of Japan.  Crew POW.  All except the pilot and the tail gunner
killed by atomic bomb at Hiroshima.
40684 (866th BS) lost Jan 2, 1945, SW Pacific.  MACR 11263
40868 (867th BS, 494th BG, 7th AF, "Kelley's Kobras")
40688 (494th BS) lost Dec 13, 1944, SW Pacific.  MACR 10595
40690 (494th BG) lost Jan 25, 1945, Samar, PI.  MACR 12178
40692 (11th BG) lost Sep 12,1944, SW Pacific.  MACR 8449
40694/40703 to USN as PB4Y-1 38822/38831
40704 “Black Cat” nose art with 494th BG, 864th BS c1945
40705 (494th BG, 865th BS, *Sniffin' Griffin*)
40706 (17th Tow Target Sq) crashed after takeoff from Wheeler
Field, Oahu, Hawaii Jul 28, 1945.  Aircraft burned.  Also reported as having crashed at Barkings Sands,
Kauai, Hawaii Nov 22, 1944.  
40707 “Bugs Buggy” with 494th BG, 864th BS c1945
40709 “Bomb Babe” with 494th BG, 866th BS c1945. 
40711 (494th BG) lost Jul 17, 1945, Central Pacific.
40712 (494th BG, 864th BS "Plunderbus") seen at Kingman, AZ Apr 1947.
40714 (7th BG, 493rd BS) lost Oct 22, 1944 over Bay
of Martaban off coast of Burma in collision with 40992.  MACR 9616
40715 “The Missouri Mule” with 494th BG, 865th BS, nose gear damaged by Japanese AAA and forced to land with main gear
only on return to Anguar Island, Caroline Islands Apr 10th 1945
40716 (494th BG) shot down Jul 28, 1945 and crashed in Hiroshima, Japan.  Most
of vrew died in the crash but the rest died from the atomic bomb.
40721 (90th BG, 400th BS) crew fourced to bail out while returning from mission to
Indo China when ran out of gas returning to McGuire May 27, 1945, SW Pacific.  Crew picked
up by a Catalina, but two of the crew were lost.  MACR 14523
40725 (90th BG) lost Sep 30, 1944, SW Pacific.  MACR 9147.
40739 (494th BG, 864th BS, "Contrary Mary") to RFC at Kingman, AZ
40743 (494th BG) lost Feb 17, 1945, Hawaii.  MACR 13084.
40744 “8 Ball” with 494th BG, 866th BS c1945. 

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