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44-41949 ... 44-42048 (EXACT MATCH)
Consolidated B-24M-10-CO Liberator
MSN 5885/5984
41949 to RAAF as A72-160.  w/o in crash 5-45.
41950 to RAAF as A72-161. Converted to components 5-47.
41951 to RAAF as A72-162.  SOC 12-52.
41952 to RAAF as A72-163.  SOC 12-52.
41953 to RAAF as A72-164.  SOC 12-52.
41954 to RAAF as A72-165.  SOC 12-52.
41955 to RAAF as A72-166.  To DCA 12-49 for fire training
41956 to RAAF as A72-176.  SOC Mar 1948.  Purchased by George Toye who intended to 
use the fuselage as shelter for cross-country skiers. Never used as such; lay 
derelict until rescued for museum use. Fuselage held in yard
at Moe, Australia for RAAF Museum.  Now under
restoration at Werribee, VIC.  42-41091 recovered
from Papua New Guinea and used in restoration.
41957 to RAAF as A72-167.  Sold 6-50
41958 to RAAF as A72-168.  SOC 12-52.
41959 to RAAF as A72-169.  SOC 12-52.
41960 to RAAF as A72-170.  SOC 12-52.
41961 to RAAF as A72-171.  SOC 12-52.
41962 to RAAF as A72-172.  Sold 6-50.
41963 to RAAF as A72-173.  SOC 12-52.
41964 to RAAF as A72-174.  SOC 12-52.
41965 to RAAF as A72-175.  SOC 12-52.
41966 to RAAF as A72-177.  Lost on ops 5-45.
41967 to RAAF as A72-178.  SOC 12-52.
41969 to RAAF as A72-179.  SOC 12-52.
41970 to RAAF as A72-180.  Sold 6-50.
41973 to RAAF as A72-181.  SOC 12-52.
41974 to RAAF as A72-182.  SOC 12-52.
41975 to RAAF as A72-183.  Sold 6-50.
41976 to RAAF as A72-184.  Converted to components 9-45	
41977 to RAAF as A72-185.  Sold 6-50.
41978 to RAAF as A72-186.  To DCA 12-51 for fire training
41979 to RAAF as A72-187.  SOC 12-52.
41980 to RAAF as A72-188.  SOC 12-52.
41982 to RAAF as A72-189.  Sold 6-50.
41983 to RAAF as A72-190.  SOC 12-52.
41984 to RAAF as A72-191.  Missing on ops 3-45.
41986 assigned to NACA Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory, Lewis Field, Cleveland, OH Nov 1945.
NACA’s B-24M became one of the laboratory’s most frequently used aircraft. Mechanics repeatedly 
modified the B-24M to study different icing phenomena on components such as windshields, 
antenna, propellers, and engines. Each component had individual thermal ice protection devices 
which allowed researchers to determine the effect of ice on specific areas. Over the next 
nine years researchers studied almost all components, including wings, tail, engine cowls, nose, 
propellers, and antennas in icing conditions.
The B-24M was also used to study ice buildup on jet engines. A General Electric I?16 engine 
was installed in the aircraft’s waist compartment. An air scoop on the top of the aircraft 
ducted cold external air to the engine inside. Water spray nozzles inside the aircraft simulated 
icing conditions at the turbojet’s inlet. Later a Westinghouse 24C turbojet was installed 
under the B?24M’s right wing to study its performance as the crew flew the aircraft into 
hazardous icing conditions. 
41987 to RAAF as A72-192.  Sold 6-50.
41988 to RAAF as A72-193.  Sold 6-50.
41989 to RAAF as A72-194.  SOC 12-52.
41990 to RAAF as A72-195.  SOC 12-52.
41991 to RAAF as A72-196.  Shot down 6-45
41992 to RAAF as A72-197.  To DCA 12-52 for fire training
41993 to RAAF as A72-198.  SOC 12-52.
41995 crashed south of Kenny, CA and north of Usal, CA near Anderson Cliff and Mistake Point May 12, 1945 
on training flight from March Field to Oregon.  All 11 crew killed.
41968 converted to F-7B
41971 to RAAF as A72-158.  SOC 12-52
41972 to RAAF as A72-159.  Missing on ops 5-45.
41997/41999 to USN as PB4Y-1 90192/90194.
42000/42016 to USN as PB4Y-1 90195/90211.
42017 to USN as PB4Y-1 90133.
42023 destroyed by fire in takeoff accident in Pacific Feb 16, 1945.
42026 converted to F-7B.   Destroyed on takeoff from McGuire Strip May 8, 1945 when
nose gear collapsed.  No casualties.
42028 converted to F-7B
42031 converted to F-7B
42032/42048 to USN as PB4Y-1 90212/90228.

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