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44-64180 ... 44-64459 (EXACT MATCH)
North American P-51H-5-NA Mustang
MSN 126-37606/37885
64181 to RAF as Mustang IV KN987.  Used for trials at Aeroplane and
Armament Experimental Establishment, no service use.  Fate unknown.
64192 to US Navy as BuNo 09064 in 1948.  Reassigned to ANG in 1952. Was at one time used by
NACA for studies of high subsonic performance. 
64265 (MSN 126-37691) was accepted by USAAF July 1945 and sent to Pinecastle AFB in Florida where
it was used as a training and familiarization aircraft.  Transferred
to Chanute AFB to be used as airframe maintenance trainer.  Officially
retired in 1949.  Was on display at Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum, Rantoul, Illinois.  This museum
was set to close Dec 31, 2015 and the plane was transferred to the Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, Georgia.
64314 reported in 1990 as being airworthy as N551H.  Was N1108H before becoming
N551H.  Flying in airshows with false tail number of 464551 (44-64551)
64328 (TP-51H, 3626 AMS, 3625 AMG) damaged in landing accident at Tyndall AFB, FL Jan 29, 1951.
64333A (1053 MS, 1050 M&S) crashed Oct 19, 1950, 1 mi W of Fuquay Springs, NC.  Pilot killed.
64335 to 101st FIS, Massachusetts ANG  in winter of 1951.
64344 (611 AAFBU) crashlanded at Eglin Field, FL May 6, 1947.
64364 (97th FS) crashed while landing at Whitehourse, Yukon Apr 9, 1948.
Pilot OK.
64375 became N67149.  Was rebuilt from a wreck salvaged from Alaska.  The
original had force landed at Steves Village and had been stripped
and deliberately destroyed
64376 on display at USAF History and Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB, Texas.
64415 assigned to NACA Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, NAS Moffett Field, CA, later the NASA 
Ames Research Center Dec 18, 1946 to Apr 1961.  Registered as NACA 130
Modified with gun sight tracking displays.  Now airworthy as N49WB.  Was N313H before becoming N49WB
64416 force landed at Stevens Village, Alaska and was stripped
and deliberately destroyed.
64420 loaned to US Navy for low speed performance testing Aug 1945.

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