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52-7050 ... 52-7089 (EXACT MATCH)
Republic F-84F-40-RE Thunderstreak
7051 on display with Illinois ANG at Springfield, Illinois.  Also reported as crashing near Arcadia, Florida with 12th
TFW May 22, 1963.  Pilot killed.
7052 to Luftwaffe as DR+006, DD+116, DD+367, DD+128, DD+328.  To Greece
7059 MAP to Belgian AF Apr 1958 as FU-193.  w/o at Florennes May 27, 1960
7062 to Eglin AFB range early 1972.  Seen there Aug 1976
7066 preserved at city of Vienna, West Virginia
7067 to Belgium as FU-187.  To instructional airfram at Saffraanbert.  Broken up
7069 to Belgium as FU-196.  W/o Apr 8, 1963.
7072 to Eglin AFB range early 1972.  Seen there Aug 1976
7076 to Luftwaffe as D+237, DD+237.  W/o Apr 24, 1962
7078 to Luftwaffe as DD+234, DD+334.  To Greece
7080 (12th TFW) crashed at end of runway 22 at MacDill on takeoff Apr 23, 1963.  Pilot
uninjured. Now on display at England AFB Heritage Park, Alexandria, Louisiana
7086 to Luftwaffe as DE+236.  To Greece
7089 to Luftwaffe as D+238, DD+238, DD+372, DD+250, DD+350.  To Greece

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