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63-8260 ... 63-8366 (EXACT MATCH)
Republic F-105F-1-RE Thunderchief
Transfers to MASDC and MSNs from
8261 in 2010 was on permanent display at Jacksonville Museum of Military History, Jacksonville, Arkansas.
8263 (562nd TFS) w/o Sep 1, 1978, Death Valley when centerline tank hit aircraft and lost control  Both crew rescued.
8264 (4529 CCTW) w/o Apr 21, 1964 when engine flamed out on landing approach to Indian Spring AFB, NV.
Pilot ejected successfully.
8265 (MSN F42) converted to F-105G crashed at George AFB, Ca. on failed takeoff.
Burned but both crew members survived.  I have it going to
MASDC as FK0092 Nov 11, 1982 and then to Torrejon AB in Spain
for ABDR use.
8266 (MSN F43) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0014 Jul 1, 1980.  On display at Mid America Air Museum, Liberal, Kansas
8268 (12th TFS) crashed near Osan, South Korea Jan 29, 1970 due to bad afterburner, low thrust, no leading
edge flaps.  Pilot rescued.
8270 (4523 CCTS) flew int oground 10 mi SE of Lathrop Wells, Nevada Sep 7, 1965.  Pilot killed.
8271 (562nd TFS) crashed 5 mi NW of Hutchinson, Kansas due to engine failure Oct 6, 1961.  Both crew ejected safely.
8274 converted to F-105G.  Now at Glenn L. Martin Museum, MD.
8275 converted to F-105G
8276 (MSN F53) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0018 Jul 11, 1980.  Seen
mounted on pylon at Nellis AFB, Nevada in 2008.
8277 (MSN F54, 355th TFW, 333rd TFS) shot down Apr 26, 1967. 1 KIA.
8278 (MSN F55) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0020 Jul 29, 1980.  On
static display outside Veteran's Administration hospital
at the former Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA
8279 (84th TFTG) crashed 2400 feet short of runway at Mcconnell AFB, Kansas Aug 23, 1976.  Both crew ejected safely. 
8280 (12th TFS0 crashed near Kwangju AB, South Korea Nov 5, 1969.  Both crew killed.
8281 was to be converted to F-105G but later deleted.  
With 355th TFW, 354th TFS, shot down by small arms fire Feb 21, 1970. Both crew
escaped safely.
8282 (MSN F059, 67th TFS) shot down by small arms fire near Son La, NVN Aug 28, 1965. Pilot POW
8283 (4519 CCTS) crashed 1.5 mi NW of Rolling Fork, Mississippi due to engine failure Jul 20, 1968.  Both
crew rescued.
8284 (cn F61) converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW) crashed on takeoff at Korat RTAFB, Thailand Feb 2, 1972. 
1 killed, 1 survived.
8285 (MSN F62)converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0022 Sep 2, 1980.  Now at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ.
8286 (MSN F63, 388th FTW, 14th TFS) shot down by AAA near Teynguen, North Vietnam Jul 6, 1966. Both crew KIA.
8287 (MSN F64). Noted at Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum, Rantoul, Illinois September 2003
8288 (MSN F65) to MASDC as FK012 Mar 21, 1980
8288 to MASDC as FK0012 Mar 21, 1980.
8290 (80th TFS) crashed at Yokota, Japan Feb 16, 1965 due to engine failure.  Both crew recovered.
8291 converted to F-105G
8292 (MSN F69) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0094 Dec 9, 1982.  To
Zaragosa AB, Spain for ABDR use
8294 (MSN F71) to MASDC as FK0029 Feb 16, 1981.  Removed from MASDC and shipped to Clark AB, Philippines for ABDR training.
Probably scrapped after eruption of Mount Pinatubo in Jun 1991.
8295 shot down by MiG-21/Atoll Nov 18, 1967.
8296 (MSN F73) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0017 Jul 14, 1980.  
Now on display at England Air Park, Alexandria, Louisiana
8297 (44th TFS) w/o Aug 4, 1964 over Ie-Shima Range 20 mi N of Kadena, Okinawa due to fire and overheat warning.
Both crew rescued.
8298 (12th TFS) flew into ground on final 16 mi NE of Kadena, Okinawa Dec 7, 1969.  Both crew killed.
8300 (MSN F77) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0019 Jul 22, 1980.  Preserved at Le Bourget
8301 (MSN F78) converted to F-105G.  Capt Lo K. Thorsness awarded Medal of Honor and Capt Harold Hohnson awarded
Air Force Cross for mission Apr 19, 1967.  They protected an attempted rescue of another Wild Weasel
crew, in the process shooting down two MiG-17s.  After running out of ammunition, the crew continued
to act as decoys to draw MiGs away from the rescue aircraft.  Plane crashed with 35th TFW near Cuddyback
Range due to engine failure Dec 20, 1974.  Both crew survived.  A plane marked at 63-8301 is on static
display at Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham, Alabama
8302 converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW, 17th WWS) shot down over North 
Vietnam Sep 29, 1972.   Pilot POW and subsequently released.  EWO survived ejection but was
apparently killed by North Vietnamese after landing.
8303 (MSN F80) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0023 Sep 2, 1980
8304 converted to F-105G
8305 (MSN F82) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0015 Jul 1, 1980.
8306 converted to F-105G.  To Aviation Cadets Museum, Eureka Springs, AK in 2005
8307 (MSN F84) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0021 Jul 29, 1980
8308 (354th TFS) shot down 8/17/1966.  Two crew MIA.
8309 seen Oct 2003 in storage area of Warner Robins Museum, cockpit only.
8310 (49h TFW) crashed due to engine failure 1.5 mi E of Mittelwot, Germany Uul 14, 1966.  Both crew killed.
8311 (MSN F088) converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW) crashed on landing at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand Nov 15, 1970. 
Both crew ejected, 1 on ground injured. 
8312 (44th TFS, 388th TFW) shot down by SAM Feb 29, 1968 and crashed 5 mi outside of Hanoi.  Crew of 2 ejected but were
killed.  Remains of pilot returned in 1975, and remains of EWO returned 10 years later.  At one time,
the plane was named "Midnight Sun"
8313 converted to F-105G
8314 (49th TFW) crashed near Muckeln, Germany Dec 12, 1964.  Crew rescued.
8315 (192nd TFG, Virginia ANG) crashed near Nicklesville, Georgia Jun 4, 1977 due to engine fire in flight.
Crew ejected, pilot rescued but EWO was killed.
8316 converted to F-105G
8317 (333rd TFS) shot down 9/30/1968.  Two crew MIA.
8318 converted to F-105G.  Crashed with 562nd TFS at Luke AFB, AZ Jan 14, 1976 when engaged the end barrier.
Crew OK.
8319 converted to F-105G
8320 scored 3 MiG kills in Vietnam.  Converted to F-105G in 1972.
Now on display at WPAFB museum.
8321 converted to F-105G.  Crashed with 561st TFS in a canyon near Newbury Park, California while attempting
emergency landing at NAS Point Mugu March 2, 1978.  EWO 
ejected safely, but pilot was killed.  Pilot was able to 
direct the plane away from populated areas before it crashed.
8322 (334th TFS) crashed 3.5 mi NW of Mt Olive, North Carolina Nov 8, 1966.  Pilot killed, EWO rescued.
8324 (4537 FWS) suffered fuel system malfunction at Tonopah Airport, Nevada Mar 17, 1969.  Crew OK
8326 converted to F-105G.  Shot down by SAM Dec 10, 1971 Mu Gia Pass, Laos.  Pilot rescued the next day,
8327 (MSN F104) converted to F-105G.  Crashed 45 mi S of Korat AFB, Thailand Mar 12, 1972 due to engine failure and
flameout.  Both crew rescued.
8328 converted to F-105G
8329 converted to F-105G.  (354th TFS) shot down by MiG-21/AA-2 at Rau Cai river, NVN Jan 28, 1970. One crew KIA, 
one MIA.  One crew KIA, one MIA.
8330 shot down by MiG-21/Atoll Oct 7, 1967.
8331 (MSN F108) to MASDC as FK0086 Feb 11, 1982. Noted summer 2004 at Pacific Coast Air Museum,
Santa Rosa, CA
8332 converted to F-105G
8333 converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW, 17th WWS) hit by flak over North 
Vietnam 2/17/72, crashed at sea.  Crew ejected and were taken POW.  
8334 converted to F-105G. Crashed with 562nd TFS Jun 14, 1978 12 mi from George AFB, California due to 
flameout on high final.  Both crew ejected safely.
8336 (MSN F113) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0087 Apr 23, 1982
8338 (354th TFS) shot down 7/23/1966.  Two crew KIA.
8339 converted to F-105G
8340 converted to F-105G.  With 562nd TFS, aborted takeoff and could not rotate Apr 20, 1978.  Crew OK.
8341 shot down by MiG-17 gunfire Apr 19, 1967 37 mi SW of Hanoi
8342 converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW, 17th WWS) shot down by flak over 
North Vietnam Apr 15, 1972.
8343 on temporary display outside at Cavanaugh Air Museum, Addison, Texas.
8344 (421st TFS) crashed near Salina, Kansas due to engine failure and explosion Mar 4, 1965.  Crew rescued.
8345 converted to F-105G.   On display with Georgia ANG, Robins AFB, Georgia
8347 converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW, 17th WWS) hit by flak over North Vietnam 
Jul 29, 1972, crashed at sea.  Also listed as w/o May 17, 1972
on landing at Korat
8348 (561st TFS) hit approach lights 2 mi N of Atsugi TACAN, Japan May 5, 1968.  Crew OK
8350 converted to F-105G.  crashed 42 mi NNE of NAS China Lake, CA due to flight control failure May 17, 1979.
Pilot killed, EWO rescued.
8351 converted to F-105G
8352 damaged by ground fire on Wild Weasel mission Mar 10, 1967.  Aircraft stayed in skies above steel
works at Thai Nguyen until SAM site was found and destroyed.  Capt Merlyn H. Dethlefsen awarded
Medal of Honor and Capt Kevin Gilory awarded Air Force Cross.
8355 converted to F-105G
8356 (357th TFS) shot down by MiG-17 gunfire Jan 5, 1968.  Two crew KIA.
8357 (MSN F134) to MASDC Jul 10, 1981. SOC Oct 23, 1984.  To Hahn AB, West Germany for BDRT.  Currently 
preserved at Musee du Chateau de Savigny, Savigny-les-Beaune, Bourgogne, France
8359 converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW, 561st TFS) shot down by flak over North Vietnam Nov 16, 1972.
8360 converted to F-105G.  (388th TFW, 17th WWS) hit by flak over North Vietnam 
Sep 17, 1972, crashed at sea.  Both crew did not survive ejection and their remains were not recovered.
8361 w/o Aug 7, 1966 30 mi NNW of Haiphong, North Vietnam.  Pilot POW.
8362 (MSN F139) to MASDC as FK0089 Jul 22, 1982
8363 (MSN F140) converted to F-105G.  To MASDC as FK0091 Nov 1, 1982
8364 (560th TFS) crashed 10.8 mi SSW of Fairchild AFB, Washington Jul 23, 1965.  Pilot killed.
8365 (MSN F142) noted Mar 2004 on display at Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham IAP, Alabama
8366 on display on pylon at McConnell AFB, Kansas

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