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Serial Number Criteria: 67-21440
Description Criteria: O-2B
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67-21440 ... 67-21470 (EXACT MATCH)
Cessna O-2B-CE Super Skymaster
Batch of civil Model 337s taken from civilian dealers.  Transfers to AMARC from
21440 (MSN 337-0518) was previously N5418S.  To MASDC as HV0151.  In 2009 was on display at Lackland AFB.
21441 (MSN 337-0521) was previously N5421S.  To MASDC as HV0058.  Became N25892 of US
Customs Service, cancelled June 28, 1995.
21442 (MSN 337-0406) was previously N5306S.  To MASDC
21443 (MSN 337-0438) was previously N5338S.  To MASDC as HV0017, then HV0106.  Became N5338S
21444 (MSN 337-0447) was previously N5347S.  To MASDC as HV0105
21445 (MSN 337-0450) was previously N5350S; became N47784 of Commodore 
Aerospace, Oklahoma City, OK
21446 (MSN 337-0454) was previously N5354S.  To MASDC as HV0049, then HV0107.
Registered N446TF Apr 14, 2008.  Restored by Trudeau Warbirds of Punta Gorda, FL. and recertified in 2008.
21447 (MSN 337-0457) was previously N5357S.  To MASDC as HV0108.  Became N14536 of US
Customs Service, cancelled as 'destroyed' January 1995.
21448 (MSN 337-0472) was previously N5372S; noted stored at Fresco, CA October 1986
21449 (MSN 337-0339) was previously N6339F; became N67136 of US Forestry Service
21450 (MSN 337-0334) was previously N6334F, CF-UDZ (January 1966) and N11B. 
When civilianised again, N87750 was originally allocated but not taken 
up, aircraft becoming N87755 with J. Turner of Houston, TX
21451 (MSN 337-0353) was previously N6353F, CF-UEP (February 1966) and N11B
21452 (MSN 337-0385) was previously N6385F.  Became N63854 Jul 16, 1996 with 
B. Gentry of Reno, NV
21453 (MSN 337-0418) was previously N5318S. Became N55391 Jul 28, 1988, registration 
cancelled Mar 27, 1990, then became N912KC.  Now at American Military Heritage Museum
21454 (MSN 337-0473) was previously N5373S.  To MASDC as HV0162.  To Salvadorean AF
21455 (MSN 337-0477) was previously N5377S.  (9th SOS, 14th SOW) shot down by ground fire near Ninh Hoa  
during psy-ops mission against VC troops near Nha Trang, Jun 22, 1969; two crew KIA.
21456 (MSN 337-0478) was previously N5378S. Reverted to N5378S; registration 
cancelled Jan 26, 1987
21457 (MSN 337-0489) was previously N5389S.  With 9th Special Operations Squadron 14th Special Operations Wing 
shot down by small arms fire 15 mi NW of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, South Vietnam Oct 8, 1968.
Crew of 2 killed.
21458 (MSN 337-0490) was previously N5390S.  To MASDC as HV0102.  To civil registry as N65278
21459 (MSN 337-0491) was previously N5391S; became N67153
21460 (MSN 337-0499) was previously N5399S. Reverted to N5399S 
and cancelled as 'destroyed' Jan 3, 1996.
21461 (MSN 337-0501) was previously N5401S; reverted to N5401S
21462 (MSN 337-0507) was previously N5407S.  To civil registry as N67ZZ Aug 24, 1982
21465 (MSN 337-0261) was previously N6261F.  On display at March Field Museum, California.
21466 (MSN 337-0319) was previously N6319F.  To MASDC as HV0109
21467 (MSN 337-0448) was previously N5348S; became N31416
21468 (MSN 337-0460) was previously N5360S; noted stored at Fresco, CA 
October 1986
21469 (MSN 337-0492) was previously N5392S.  Now preserved at Kansas Aviation 
Museum (formerly McConnell AFB Museum).
21470 (MSN 337-0505) was previously N5405S.  To MASDC as HV0152.  Went to Salvadorean AF

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