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BKMSG 1R1A -- Send Message To Terminal From Within Breakpoint

BKMSG is a utility processor that can send messages to a user's own terminal while breakpointed to a print file. It can be used to track the progress of a breakpointed runstream.

Call: @BKMSG[,options]
      -- Message line[s] --


B - Beep the terminal when sending the message, by inserting an ASCII BEL character (07). This may not work on all terminal types.

D - Date- and time-stamp the message (compare with T).

HELP - Display a brief HELP page for BKMSG.

P - Print the message in the runstream as well as sending it to the terminal. The P option will also force printing of the message in the case where the run is not currently breakpointed or not a demand run, since otherwise it would be ignored.

T - Time-stamp the message (compare with D).

As many images as needed may follow the @BKMSG call, and they will all be sent together. There is an upper limit of about 4095 characters to the message. The message is terminated by an @EOF or any ECL image.

BKMSG uses an ER ERRPR$ with the RSI function to send its message. By default it uses E$ORMSG 02333, which is defined as "^1 complete". To prevent the "complete" from being displayed, BKMSG inserts an ASCII control character following the user's message. By default this character is HT (011); both it and the the default message number are defined as tags at the beginning of the BKMSG source. However, the "complete" may not always be suppressed; adjusting the length of the message may succeed in doing so.

If need be, an alternate message number may be specified in the call, as in '@BKMSG 004567'. This only needs to be done once during a session, since BKMSG will assign a flag file using as a maximum field the message number, converted as though decimal. If desired, the site may define a local E$ORMSG number, such as 0217700E, as simply "^1", a single insert with no other text.


        @XQT FILE.PROG1
        PROGRAM 1 DONE
        @ASG,A FILE2
        @XQT FILE.PROG2
        PROGRAM 2 DONE