Changes in CPMD 49R4

 - Ensure alternate abs file freed if assigned (@CPMD file.elt).
 - Ensure all timestamp ERs are defined.
 - Include ISO date on all timestamp dump command responses.

 Changes in CPMD 49R2B

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to handle full MODSWTIME$ timestamp range.
 - Add TMCFG$ variable (ER TIMECONFIG$).
 - Prevent attaching of excessive @USE names to scratch file.
 - Add @MAP options to header line when listing banks.

 Changes in CPMD 49R2A

 - Re-gen with updated EDIT$AEDIT element from the UOM library to avoid
   DB32/SAIL problem when switching between Fieldata and ASCII.

 Changes in CPMD 49R2

 - Add BREGS command, to display the contents of the Base Registers.
 - Add MTD command, to dump in modified TDATE$ format.
 - Add MSW and VMSW as dump commands for MODSWTIME$ format, with the earlier
   MDS and VMDS retained as synonyms.
 - Modify MSW dump format to follow the time with '+' if the seasonal offset
   bit is set. (Local zone not used in case word originated elsewhere.)

 Changes in CPMD 49R1B

 - Ensure all bank info from DIAG$ header read in. Previously only 56 words
   were read, causing inaccurate bank information for programs with more than
   48 dumped banks.
 - Show correct format of EX and EXR instructions in Extended Mode.

 Changes in CPMD 49R1A

 - Add DWINT command, to dump double word integers.

 Changes in CPMD 49R1

 - Add MDS and VMDS commands, to dump MODSWTIME$ format.
 - Add MODSW$ variable: current MODSWTIME$.
 - Add absolute information line (file.elt, timestamp) to initial header.

 Changes in CPMD 48R9

 - Add SWT and VSW commands, to dump SWTIME$ format (=DWTIME$/1000000000).
 - Add TIM, VTIM, and OTIM commands, to dump TIME$ format (ms after midnight).
 - Add DWTM$,SWTM$,SYS$TM variables: current DWTIME$,DWTIME$/1 Bill.,SYS$TIME.
 - Fix bug: program dump of LBU/SBU could show index reg. as B reg.
 - Switch to STM$PKG for date/time editing and signon.

 Changes in CPMD 48R8A

 - Add B option, to use batch width (132) in batch/breakpoint.
 - Assume ECHO mode in breakpoint as well as batch.
 - Some dump commands could miscalculate available columns.

 Changes in CPMD 48R8

 - Recognize ER SYS$TIME.
 - Add STM command, to dump a 4-word SYS$TIME packet.

 Changes in CPMD 48R4A

 - Fixed bug with BPR command.

 Changes in CPMD 48R4

 - Added BCD dumping command, for Binary Coded Decimal format used by
   Fixed Point Decimal instructions on the 2200.
 - Modify PR and LPR commands to detect if bank being dumped is Extended Mode.
   Add BPR command to force Basic Mode dumping.
 - If an absolute is interrupted while in an Extended Mode bank, that bank will
   be shown as being "based" on B0. REENT will work as usual.
 - Add 5th field to BASE command to allow basing banks on MI, MD, UI, UD, and
   B0 (simulated).
 - Ensure REENT command uses Extended Mode format instructions (EPR) if error
   occurred while in Extended Mode.
 - Improve some Extended Mode instruction dumping formats, such as B-Registers.
 - Modify DWT to handle dates up through 2091.
 - Detect if program was in quarter word mode when interrupted.

 Changes in CPMD 48R1F

 - Retain items to dump per line for NEXT and LAST commands.

 Changes in CPMD 48R1E

 - Indicate Extended Mode banks in response to BANK command.
 - Added TIP ERs to instruction format dumping.
 - Added ERTAB/MAKE runstream, to generate ER name/index table.

 Changes in CPMD 48R1D

 - Added ability to supply alternate items per line in dump commands:
   O 040000,60,3

 Patched CPMD 48R1C - 2008/05/01

 - Modify DWT command to include milliseconds.

 Changes in CPMD 48R1C

 - Add DWT command, to dump DWTIME$ value as time & date.

 Changes in CPMD 48R1B

 - When CPMD cannot find the original absolute as named in the DIAG$ file,
   it will display the complete filename.absname it is looking for.
 - Honor D & F options on REENT command.
 - Document R dumping option for relative addresses in HELP DUMP.
 - Add Z dumping option to number words starting from 0.
 - Recognize terminal column width greater than the standard 80 if FUSION on.

 Changes in CPMD 48R1A

 - Change banking to allow more space for variables. This is to accommodate the
   new C option for PKTGEN$, which uses CPMD's LET instruction (see HELP LET).
 - Add W$ (whole word) to partial word expressions.

 Changes in CPMD 48R1

 - Update to load registers correctly for EXEC 48R1.
 - Show header when listing banks.

 Changes in CPMD 47R1B

 - Add 2WAY dumping command, for dumping in octal and ASCII.
 - Add // (covered divide) and % (modulo) operators for integer expressions.
 - Add D option to options assumed if MAP,L.
 - Redesign HELP element for easier modification.
 - Remove elements pertaining to obsolete commands.
 - Regen using FUSION 2R2K.

 Changes in CPMD 47R1A

 - Indicate reentry address with '<<<<<<' when dumping in instruction format.
 - Add REENT command (synonym BEFAFTER) to display 10 instructions before and
   after the reentry address.
 - Options for dumping commands: D-Print duplicate lines; J-Join words.
 - Suppress some commands peculiar to UOM or never fully developed:

 Changes in CPMD 47R1

 - Fixed CPMD to load registers correctly in EXEC 47R1.
 - Clarified HELP MORE command to give basics of using CPMD; also changed
   name to HELP BASIC, although it will still respond to HELP MORE.

 Changes in CPMD 46R2A

 - Added OPTION dump command, to dump a single word in option bit format.

 Changes in CPMD 46R2

 - Converted completely to MASM.

 Changes in CPMD 46

 - Upgraded with latest instructions and ERs (HMP 5+).
 - Recognizes all registers, including X0 and R0.
 - Suppresses repeated lines. See HELP DUMPING.
 - Edits operands of shift & multiply/divide immediate instructions in decimal.
 - Some enhanced dumping commands: 3W (3-Way), for octal/Fieldata/ASCII;
   4W (4-Way), for octal/instruction/Fieldata/ASCII; EPR, the Extended Mode
   version of LPR, for dumping Extended Mode code in absolutes.
 - Uses FUSION for full-screen mode.