Changes in CYCLES 2R4G

 - Show correct current asg count for disk files (@CYCLES,C) by expanding cell.
 - Adjust color of Backup Tape Position in case it adjoins Last Reference Date.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R4F

 - Because of a wrongly placed packet word, CYCLES could get garbage MSCON$
   status words on systems where MFD items are configured to use MODSWTIME$.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R4E

 - Recognize D and U options when producing X-option listing.
 - Allow relative plus cycle for U option.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R4D

 - Expand C option to show current ASG count for disk file cycles.
 - Ensure sign extension removed from third-word MFD items.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R4C

 - Expand Backup File Position field to 5 digits.
 - Switch to STM$PKG for signon and date/time editing.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R4B

 - Q option without B will display each cycle's equipment @ASG mnemonic.
 - (1), (2), or (3) before options field will show MUSER$ cell in decimal,
   octal, or Fieldata.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R4A

 - Added Z option: Display both absolute and relative F-cycles.
 - Modified SGS format to always include both absolute and relative cycle nos.
   Previously, it was showing one or the other based on the R option. Now the
   format will be consistent.

 Patched CYCLES 2R4 - 2008/01/30

 - Flag letters on SGS images were not showing lower case A or C when file
   assigned to other user only.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R4

 - Added H option, to set T3 of condition word to 1 or 0 based on whether there
   is or is not a higher cycle than the one specified on the call. If there is,
   will attach @USE name $HIGHERCYCLE to it. For SHARED, will set T# to 2 and
   attach @USE name $HIGHERCYCSH.
 - Added X option, to produce abbreviated display showing cycle numbers only.
 - Will now distinguish between cycles assigned to the caller (A or C flag)
   and those assigned to other users only (a or c).
 - Changed meaning of directory search options Y & S. Neither - Local, then
   Shared; Y - Local only. S - Shared only. SY - Shared, then local. The change
   will only affect systems with shared.
 - If both STD and SHARED exist for same filename, will pause between displays.
 - Fixed bug that could inadvertently @FREE assigned lower cycles of a file.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R3C

 - Added informational SGS to file showing range,max,clev,directory,owner,ACR.
 - Improve detection of @USE name in call.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R3B

 - Added D, U options.

 Changes in CYCLES 2R3A

 - Added E, Q, W options.
 - Display no. of cat. tape reels in Flags field, even if more than 1 digit.