Changes in DMP 23R2

 - Increase max size for MCT, which also fixes problems with the FS, MS, and
   MST commands; improve error message if MCT$ error.
 - Reformat MS,L reply messages for larger disk drives.
 - Ensure LE command continues instead of stopping after one entry found.

 Changes in DMP 23R1C

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to handle full MODSWTIME$ timestamp range.
 - Update ERCONFIG element with latest 49R4 configuration tags, including
   TDATE$ remediation parameters.

 Changes in DMP 23R1B

 - Correct EDIT$ASC routine to avoid DB32 ambiguity in Version E (SAIL)
   systems, which could cause PRT command to print garbage for ASCII dumps.

 Changes in DMP 23R1A

 - Correct AT command to show correct timestamps for DSTA CONSOLE log listings.
 - Add log entry 407 when checking for file usage in AT FILENAME=Q*F command.
 - Check for Audit Media Trailer (02) and End Sentinel (070) record types, to
   avoid excessive "invalid sequence number" messages during AT command.
 - Add U option to AT command to display console log timestamps in UTC.
 - Update ERCONFIG element so XP,L command recognizes new modified SWTIME tags.
 - Fix SRN command so it will get correct backup blocks & file position.
 - Update to STMPKG$ Rev. 9.
 - Display more dates in ISO format.
 - TD command can decode either TDATE$ or MODSWTIME words.

 Changes in DMP 23R1

 - Switch to STMPKG$ Rev. 7 for all date/time issues.
 - Update AT & other log commands to handle DSTA & new entry types.
 - Update PSV command to handle drives correctly; eliminate @ERS of TPF$.
 - Add 2200/8050 thru 2200/8070 to supported systems.
 - Eliminate T6 and T27 commands; obsolete. Use ZIP utility for selective log
   entry reading.
 - DMP will initially read screen lines available if in non-breakpointed,
   non-@ADDed demand. This value will be used for paging.
 - Add warning for a @COPY,G input tape with more than 1 track per block.

 Changes in DMP 22R2F

 - Fix bug: XP would not accept short name of parameter.
 - Revise reply to XP,L to always show both PLUS name and MASM name, if any.
   Also, XP,L xxx will search for the characters in both PLUS and MASM names.
 - Replying 'X' to pause during PRT would cut off future PRTs after 1 screen.
 - DMP/HTM created at unpack time rather than included separately.

 Changes in DMP 22R2E

 - Expand maximum buffer size for MCT command to prevent errors.
 - Add runstream DMPALLTAGS to DMP package file. This will generate a list of
   all CONFIG$ tags, entry points, and absolute values in the current EXEC
   using the DMP commands XP and XT. The list will be in temp file ALLTAGS.

 Changes in DMP 22R2D

 - Add L option to XT command to provide same capability as XP,L xxx. May also
   use with A or E option to limit search to entry points or absolute values.
   Example: XT,L SBLEV
 - A reply other than space or 'X' to the internal pause message would put
   garbage at the beginning of the next reply line.

 Changes in DMP 22R2C

 - Fix LIB command to recognize new LIB-ABS$ format.
 - Updated QSB command with latest privileges. Also added E,R,N,Q,S,X options.
 - Updated FSI command to show option letters and accept any nonblank character
   to select an option.
 - Updated XP,L O option to follow octal listing of parameter with parameter
   type (I, C, A, R) and word length if > 1.

 Changes in DMP 22R2B

 - Change characters in range 0200-0237 to underscore when dumping ASCII.
 - Expand SQ command to handle ER SMOQUE$ maximum of 169 files.

 Changes in DMP 22R2A

 - Expanded AT internal table to accommodate 26146 vs. 5000 runs.
 - Use standard processor ID line. SON command will also show machine type.
 - Get AT log entry word multiple from MCT one word later in EXEC 48R4 to allow
   reading system log files.
 - AT will allow relative cycle with or without minus sign. Will also show
   relative cycle in addition to absolute when switching to new cycle.
 - Add 2200/8030 & 2200/8040 to supported systems.
 - PAGE will be ON by default and assume 22 lines per page in nonbreakpointed
   demand. The first explicit ON PAGE will read the actual screen lines.
 - Fixed bug with ON PAGE pausing that would terminate output with any
   non-blank reply, not just X.
 - SON command will update date/time on signon line.
 - Comment out EQU definitions that are now defined in ERU$ or SYSLIB.
 - QSB command will now work.

 Patched DMP 22R2 - 2009/03/17

 - Prevent buffer from being clobbered if FAC error on WR command.

 Changes in DMP 22R2

 - RD and WR will use the previous values, if any, for filename, granularity,
   start, or count if omitted.
 - Added THREEWAY dumping option (3) for octal, Fieldata, and ASCII.
 - Enhanced C command to preserve ASCII characters and lower case if Q option.
 - Added BWIDTH variable to turn batch dump width on or off.
 - The first ON PAGE command will read the screen size for available lines.
 - The new variable PAGLNS may be set if ON PAGE does not get the correct size.
 - Support TOC editing and file ID for LPFs and LEPFs.
 - A syntax error when changing the buffer will no longer clobber it.
 - Fixed bug with FSS command.
 - Get correct highest track written for CPY of input file with "big" file bit.

 Changes in DMP 22R1T

 - Added ON/OFF mode ER-TRACE, to trace selected ERs.
 - Added RLP and RAS commands.
 - Corrected second @SSG call in EXECPARMMAKE runstream.
 - Fixed alignment of track count in reply to MS command.
 - Eliminated 4 unused elements: ACSDOC, MHMSALL, VIRT, Z$COM.

 Changes in DMP 22R1S

 - Machine types 2200/3800, 2200/8010, and 2200/8020 added to DMP's list.
   DMP will default to 2200/900 if system type not recognized. You can override
   this default by doing a "@USE DMP$SYSTYP$,2200xxxx" (no slash).
 - Updated XP parameters. Added runstream to enable creating parameter table
   from site's own EXEC symbolics. XP,O will dump parameters in octal. XP,L can
   list all parameters; "XP,L abc" lists only those beginning with abc.
   Can now replace integer/octal, TRUE/FALSE, ASCII, and real parameters.
 - Most functions will now recognize large program files. DMP,
   however, will not create LPFs. There is no LEPF support.