DOCHTM 1R2N 2020-03-04, WED. 1418:36
DOCHTM 1R2N -- Unisys Document to PC Utility

DOCHTM will copy a text file or element, including @DOC elt or output, to an
HTML-formatted symbolic element or file, which can be transferred to a PC
and be opened by a browser. Alternatively, it can copy the input to an
omnibus elt for binary transfer to a PC, to be opened by a word processor
like Word. In the latter case, SDF formatting will be removed, and a
carriage return/line feed will be appended to every image.
(Warning: DOCHTM may produce SDF images longer than 132 characters.)

     Call: @DOCHTM[,options] infile.[inelt],outfile.[outelt]

HTML Options:
   H - Create HTML symbolic output (the default). DOCHTM will recognize DOC-
       subtyped input elements, TTY output files from the enhanced DOC, and
       plain text elements. For DOC input, DOCHTM will insert formatting for
       paragraphs and section headers; and a Table of Contents with links to
       these. For text elements, DOCHTM will join all consecutive lines
       unless the P option is used to recognize paragraphs.
            DOC directives honored: SPACE,COLUMN,LENGTH(as %),CENTER,FXFORM,
       FIGURE,TABLE,END,TOCLVL. The title must be the first image.
   D - Assume input element is DOC format, regardless of subtype.
   F - For non-DOC input, send each image as is, with no formatting.
   M - For non-DOC input, use monospaced vs. proportionally spaced font.
       (For a DOC subtype element, proportional font is assumed; if FXFORM,
       FIGURE, or TABLE is encountered, F & M are assumed until END image.)
   N - Inhibit any print unless errors occur.
   P - For non-DOC input, start a new paragraph whenever a non-blank line
       begins to the right of the preceding line.
   R - Read one or more HTML images to insert after TOP anchor. End with @EOF.
Binary Options:
   B - Create binary (omnibus) output. An 0400 will signal the end of file.
   C - Reduce consecutive spaces to one.
   J - Join consecutive lines that start on the same column so that they
       are separated by one space and no CR/LF. This will enable them to
       be wrapped and adjusted together into a word processor's paragraph
       margins. If the input is enhanced DOC TTY output, DOCHTM will join
       any line that starts on the current DOC COLUMN to the one before.
   W - Respond to 'U,DOC...' user print control images inserted by the
       enhanced DOC by adding *bold* (level 1) or _emphasis_ (level 2-9)
       to DOC section headers, so they can be modified by Word Autoformat.