Changes in DOWN 4R5E*

 - Preset timestamp for SPEC3 elt in case site doesn't have ER TIMEBYINDEX$;
   use GETPFTMSTMP$ routine to retrieve ER PFI$ default timestamp format.
 - Collect release version of DOWN with SYSLIB 77R1 version of BSP$.
 - BSP$ interface level 3 not needed; exclude TIMESUBR$ & entry points from MAP.
 * [Code not changed; updated to replace GET$$TMSTMP$ routine.]

 Changes in DOWN 4R5D

 - Improve image comparison time by using BICL instruction.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to support full MODSWTIME$ range.
 - Modify SCRSIZ$ so screen read wait activity not overwritten due to timing.

 Changes in DOWN 4R5C

 - DOWN could output garbage characters when switching between Fieldata & ASCII
   on the new 8300/SAIL machines. Some old UOM EDIT$ routines were revised to
   avoid a problem when interpreting the Quarter-Word Mode bit (DB32).

 Changes in DOWN 4R5B

 - Fix bug: DOWN was not correctly counting the number of element pairs with
   differences if the first element in a pair was empty or had only data images
   but no correction cards (-n,m). The value set into T3 of the condition word
   by the Y option was also incorrect. (DOWN output was correct, however.)
 - Clarify Y option in DOC: will not include null entries forced by E option.
 - Update to STM$PKG Rev. 8.

 Changes in DOWN 4R5A

 - Switched to STM$PKG Rev. 7 for all date/time editing and comparisons. Will
   recognize modified SWTIME words if they occur where TDATE$ words are

 Changes in DOWN 4R5

 - Will maximize SDFI & index buffers when DOWNing other than large program
   files or T option. DOWN can get I/O errors if there are very large records
   and relatively small buffers. Will also maximize for small program files.
 - Default # SDFI buffers: 4 (single file/elt downdate), 8 (ProgFl-ProgFl).
 - Add H option to show memory acquisition history for SPEC7 parameters.
 - Add ability to display instruction/cycle count used by main processing loop.
 - Add ability to display progress lines (@@X C) to terminal if breakpointed.
 - Was not getting correct highest sector+1 for data file compares. This could
   cause an error or premature end of file.
 - Allow for supplying an initial progress interval in SPEC7.
 - Fixed bugs handling continuation records (051) of long images, particularly
   when they end on or cross over a buffer boundary.
 - Changing @@X C time interval (@@X C,nn) was producing too many messages.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4J

 - @DOWN,J could guard mode if no SPEC3 field.
 - @DOWN,T could generate garbage star cards in output.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4I

 - Would not always assume -0 cycle when SPEC2 QUAL*FILE coded without one.
 - Indicate continuation lines for long images more clearly for @DOWN,L/LV.

 Patched DOWN 4R4H - 2010/06/30

 - Prevent 0 elt type (undefined) from causing error; treat as SYM.

 Patched DOWN 4R4H - 2010/05/07

 - Fixed problem with mixed mode comparisons (ASCII & Fieldata).

 Changes in DOWN 4R4H

 - Fixed problems related to TCF downdating (@DOWN,T), including IGDMs and
   incorrect image counts.
 - Upgraded to PIPE$ 1R2A and the latest SCRSIZ$.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4G

 - Added F to SPEC6 TOC DOWN parameters: flag newer element with "+" if it
   exists in both files.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4F

 - Added 1 & 2 to TOC DOWN parameters in SPEC6: list only one file's summary.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4E

 - Added U option as opposite of Q: Ignore B/C options in unquoted areas.
 - Add E reply to pause line when @DOWNing two program files: skip to next *ELT
   or next *ELT beginning with given letter(s).

 Patched DOWN 4R4D - 2009/05/28

 - Modified end line for TOC DOWN to read "TOC DIFF. TOTALS", indicating that
   these totals denote the elts in each SPEC that the TOC DOWN found different
   or missing from the other SPEC, based on the TOC DOWN comparison options.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4D

 - Added J option to solicit list of elts to reject from program file downdate.
 - Added SPEC7 to allow tuning parameters previously modifiable only by regen.
 - Added ability to specify sequence number range for program file downdate:
        @DOWN,NPM FILE1.(1),FILE2.(12)
 - Allow option & transparent character in either order in @DOWN,M calls.
 - Clarified some error messages as to Spec # and reason.
 - Improved memory overflow checking.
 - Improved memory usage by not acquiring SDFO buffers unless output wanted.
 - Corrected handling of some SPEC2 shortcuts involving elt cycles & seq. #s.
 - Raised elt limit in LPF DOWNs to about 8600.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4C

 - Improved editing of @@X C progress line. Added elt count & total. Also added
   ability to specify a timed interval for progress line: @@X C,nn.
 - Fixed bug that could cause errors in program file @DOWN of LEPF files.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4B

 - Corrected handling of SPEC2 shortcuts if @USE name in SPEC1.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4A

 - Added support for positive relative sequence numbers for named elements.
 - Reorganized banking and libraries to accommodate up to about 8200 elements
   in DOWNs between LPFs.

 Changes in DOWN 4R4

 - Reorganized TOC DOWN option control in SPEC6 of processor call; eliminated
   J and U options. Added totals line by type for each spec.
 - Prevent pausing if DOWN called from @ADD stream.
 - Include eltname if available in SDFI OPEN error message.
 - Continue program file DOWN if SDFI OPEN error on individual element.
 - Eliminated H option; demand pausing is the default (PAUSING tag in DOWNDEF).
 - Genned with new SCRLIN$ routine that returns available columns for demand.

 Changes in DOWN 4R3B

 - Added J option for TOC DOWN to just show elements that exist in both files.
 - Include absolute & omnibus elements in subtype comparison for TOC DOWNs.
 - Compare and show elt sizes for TOC DOWNs.
 - Handle elt size properly for LEPF and non-LEPF files in TOC DOWNs.
 - DOWN was not always showing the element name on a no-find.
 - Aligned image count on end lines.
 - Regenned with latest PIPE$, including CSF$ tracing capability.

 Changes in DOWN 4R3A

 - Added ability to @DOWN program file elts by version: @DOWN F1./VER1,F2./VER2
 - Can do NULL DOWNs via @DOWN,NL to show statistics without generating output.
 - Aligned dates when doing D-option TOC DOWN.
 - Eliminated unnecessary periods when editing filenames.

 Changes in DOWN 4R3

 - Added ability to specify named element by relative sequence number.
 - Show elt sequence numbers in end lines when @DOWNing two elts.
 - Added TOC @DOWN elt differences to end line elt counts.
 - Print DOWN end lines for error as well as normal termination.
 - Added K option, to ignore leading blanks.
 - Document @@X C keyin, to show progress of long-running @DOWNs.
 - Fixed error when @DOWNing large files due to not getting accurate highest
   track written.
 - Capture error when image exceeds max SDF words.
 - Distinguish between I/O and SDF errors.
 - Added line number to SDF error messages.
 - Will do no comparisons if SPEC 1 & 2 both absent.

 Changes in DOWN 4R2

 - Added M option, for masked call on SPEC1 elt/ver.
 - Added G option, to suppress signon and signoff lines in piping files.
 - Changed piping filenames to reflect association with DOWN: $DOWN$PIP$01, 02,
   03, ... for temporary; $DOWN$runid(+1) for catalogued. $DOWN$PIPE$T is @USE
   name attached to most recent temp file.

 Changes in DOWN 4R1

 - Removed 131071-line ceiling for files and elements.
 - Added full support for PF/LPF/LEPF on input and output.
 - Added capability of piping DOWN output to an alternate file.
 - Added ability to specify element by sequence number, as in FILE.(0023),
   allowing comparison of deleted or omnibus (@COPY,IO) elements.
 - Added subtype comparison of symbolic elements for @DOWN,S <file>.,<file>.
 - Added U option to ignore subtypes during @DOWN,S.