EOMEMAIL 1R1A - 2010 Feb 19 Fri 1208:51
EOMEMAIL 1R1A - Enter DEPCON E-Mail routing keywords into print file

·Call:  @'EOMEMAIL[,options] keyword=value keyword=value ...
                             ^ Keyword phrases separated by space.
   Or:  @EOMEMAIL[,options]  }
        keyword=value        }
        ... etc.             }  Also: @EOMEMAIL[,opts] <parameter-file|elt>
        . Comment            }
        @EOF                 }
·Options: E-Echo input images. | L-List output routing images. | H-Help
          N-No signon/END line/progress report. | X-Do not @ASG,X Outfile.
·Possible keywords: [only 1st 3 chars. checked; may be followed by "=" or ":"]
   Infile=<filename>   [existing file to copy & insert EOM routing]
  Outfile=<filename>   [EOM routing + Infile]
     (If no Infile/Outfile, you must be @BRKPTd to a new file or in batch.)
  From=Sender@email  |  To:Recipient@email  |  Err=Error@email
  Subject="Subject of E-mail"   [Enclose in " " if any spaces; use 2 "" for ".]
Queue=<SYMDEV>[,[D][,banner]]  @SYM Outfile to SYMDEV; D=Delete after @SYM.
  trkint=nnn   [Track interval for progress report; min.=100, default=5000.]
·Can also use any "DC-XXX", "DEPCON-XXX", or "$DEPHDR$" keywords.
·EOMEMAIL sets condition word bit 8 if error.