FL 2R1D -- File Lister: Display currently assigned files.
Call:   @FL[,options]  [ extra-options/{Q|F|U}mask, B-count ]
 Will display, in order of assignment, all files currently assigned to the
 run, their @ASG options, and any attached @USE names. Unassigned files will
 have "*Name Itm*" in the option field. Color terminals will display options
 in green (@ASG,A), cyan (T), yellow (tapes), magenta (C/U), or red (D/K).
 A-Z - If present, show only files asgd with one or more of the given options:
       A=cat|T=temp|CU\DK=to be cat\del|F\J=tape|N=name item only(U extra opt.)
 HELP - Display this HELP page. @FL,HELPN will prevent FUSION usage.
Extra-options (one or more consecutive characters in the first field):
 A - Include SYS$,SYS$LIB$ files. Assumed if masking, or qual starts with SYS$
 B - Backwards listing. Will show most recently assigned files first.
 L|S - Show Local|Shared files only.
 N - Do not use FUSION full-screen mode.
 Q|F|D - Sort files by Qual,File,Cyc,Dir|File,Qual,Cyc,Dir|Dir,Qual,File,Cyc
 T - Sort files by type (before Q|F|D): Cat., Temp., Name Item.
 U - Select only @USE-attached files: unassigned (@FL,N) or other A-Z options.
 2 - Display files in 2 columns. @USE names not shown; B ignored.
{Q|F|U}mask -- Show Quals|Files|Usenms starting with mask. Example: @FL A/QSYS
-- Q, F, or U followed by 1-11 chars. All @ASG options assumed if none present.
B-count - number of most recent files to list in reverse. Example: @FL B,12