Changes in FLIST 2R2L

 - Fixed bug editing the timestamp of a FAS backup file.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2K

 - Fixed bug in printing filename and info of a PRINT$ tape file, due to a bug
   in an S$TMED proc call that could cause an IGDM.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2J (2R2I skipped to avoid confusion)

 - Update BSP$ 77R1: eliminate explicit ER TDATE$ instruction to avoid scanning
   routine; perform indexed execute if needed.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2H

 - Show most timestamps in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD HHMM:SS).
 - Get PRINT$ file timestamps from MODSWTIME cell (024) if present.
 - Improve file types and track counts in FLIST$FILES SGS file.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2G

 - Fix bug: @FLIST,N of tape would get SYMB error.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2F

 - Recognize Audit Trail @COPY,G files.
 - Show full year in TOC timestamps.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2E

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7 so program file and other timestamp fields can be
   handled if they switch to the Modified SWTIME introduced in CP 15.0.
 - Add F option to tape FLIST for file separator line in breakpointed lists.
   Will also edit qual*file in col. 1 of 2nd line, for easy FIND.
 - Add I option to tape FLIST for initial rewind.
 - Upgrade date handling for W option date fields to use STM$PKG.
 - Show tape's file ID and creation/expiration dates if labeled.
 - Revise some header and end lines; copy timestamp for COPYG files on new line.
 - Add elt's timestamp to @HDG cards when listing elements.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2D

 - Show correct @SYM timestamp for SV files.
 - Improve accuracy of FAS backup file sizes.
 - Switch to STM$PKG for dates/times/signon.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2C

 - For tape FLISTs, put COPYG tracks per block on elt totals line if > 1.
 - Do not add reel # to end of file header line in nonbreakpointed demand.
 - Add tape @ASG options to reel header.
 - Add block size of 1st block and octal dump of 1st 6 words of block to
   UNKNOWN file alpha dumps.
 - Identify COPOUT files as 'COPOUT' rather than 'COPIN'.
 - Identify older format COPYG files in file header.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2B

 - Recognize SV print files and show filename, @SYM device, date/time, & runid.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2A

 - Generate SGS file FLIST$FILES for @COPY,G files when FLISTing tape.
 - Add W option to tape FLIST, to rewind tape when done.
 - Add initial line to tape FLIST showing reel number, equipment, and drive.
 - In tape FLIST, edit qualifier & filename with special characters correctly.
 - Use MB$ instead of RB$ when done with tape.
 - Update test for boot tape.
 - Show backup info for FAS tape files.
 - Show track count for most non-@COPY,G files.
 - Use line numbers when listing generated output images.

 Patched FLIST 2R2 -- 2007/04/08

 - Corrected misalignment problem in tape FLIST @COPY,G header.

 Changes in FLIST 2R2

 - Migrated FLIST to BSP$ vs. own internal program file routines. FLIST can now
   process any type of program file.
 - Documented X and Y options separately, in addition to under the G option.
 - Align reel numbers & show tracks per block in tape FLIST @COPY,G header.

 Patched FLIST 2R1B -- 2006/10/12

 - Line describing sequential file during tape FLIST was exceeding 132 chars.

 Changes in FLIST 2R1B

 - Improved handling of @COPY,G files with 8 tracks per block. Previously,
   files with large TOCs could cause corrupted listings and I/O errors.
 - Fixed bug: would not show last file on tape if it was an empty @COPY,G file.

 Changes in FLIST 2R1A

 - Recognize SOLAR format tape files.

 Changes in FLIST 2R1

 - Improved TOC listing: ASCII flag, object modules, space for larger elt size.
 - Recognize Large Program Files.
 - Better control of headers and line spacing.
 - Show total program file track count at end of tape FLIST.