Changes in FSED 4R3A

 - O$ would not always @ADD the source on exit.

 Changes in FSED 4R3

 - Eliminate G option. An @FSED call may occur as the last image in an @ADDed
   runstream in nonbreakpointed demand as long as it does not receive an
 - Restored PCC command from earlier levels: a one-time display of control
   characters as boxes, similar to the LN command for line numbers.
 - Change character set and output element type to ASCII if an 042 SDF control
   image switching to ASCII is encountered.
 - Allow LLDISP to be set to ON, OFF or ALL (mark long lines in read-only mode).
 - Add TTERM SET parameter, to treat T as TERMINATE vs. TOP.
 - Echo +n & -n positioning commands in top line when REDISP ON.
 - If multiple recovery cycles, include msg about using @FSED,D to delete them.
 - Enable use of SYS$*FSED$PREF$ as global preferences file.
 - Fix remaining problem of temp file being @FREEd if REJCONFLTOPT set.
 - \SET LLCHAR was not handling \R, \L, or \B if lower case.

 Changes in FSED 4R2H

 - FSED got FAC REJECT on temp file & @FREEd it on system with REJCONFLTOPT set.

 Changes in FSED 4R2G

 - Display proper messages for SPEC 2 output files if read/write-inhibited.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to support full MODSWTIME$ range.

 Changes in FSED 4R2F

 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 7 for timestamp editing.
 - Fix bug: ADD from FSED-updated element was treating the UA as an extra line.
   Also, UA from ADDed element should not replace UA of current element.
 - Fix bug: XMIT from bottom screen line could cause freeze or error.
 - Fix bug: Update of long line with LLDISP character did not refresh properly.
 - Improved error detection for tab settings.
 - Improved error detection for SDF opens in ADD and OLD commands.
 - Ignore commands that would exceed max update lines rather than terminate.
 - Move absolute and HELP timestamps from first HELP page to INFO page.
 - Add count of defined blocks, if any, to INFO page.
 - Refresh no longer needed after setting tabs or changing HILIGHT.

 Changes in FSED 4R2E

 - Fix bug: After doing an ADD, a FILE command with no arguments would display
   the filename from the ADD, as would the END FSED line on exit. However, on
   exit it would still write to the correct file.
 - The SET COLORS command, with or without arguments, will force the terminal
   to be treated as a UTS60, even if the ER INFO$ TRMTYP$ function returned a
   different type. This status will be carried over in the FSED$PREFS file.

 Changes in FSED 4R2D

 - Save user's FKeys and tabs in FSED$PREFS file.
 - Add tabs to INFO display.
 - Maximum lines in update mode increased to over 217,000.
 - FKEY command to update function key definitions could blank out one of them.
 - LOCATE was not handling a string in 'quotes' correctly.
 - Ensure MCCHAR enabled if saved across calls.
 - For UA command, position cursor so XMIT to return does not wipe out a line.
 - Clarify that @FSED,G requires ADDEOF to be OFF.
 - Clarify that UA lines are not retained in SDF files.
 - Set the deleted element cycle flags of UA lines correctly so the lines will
   be deleted in case of a @COPY,I.

 Changes in FSED 4R2C

 - FSED could send an incorrect FCC sequence when highlighting a located line.

 Changes in FSED 4R2B

 - Restore CHANGE to original default: if no range or line count given, locate
   first occurrence of from-string, change, and stop. Although most commands
   emulate ED, this one more fittingly emulates Word's Find-and-Replace.
 - Add D option to delete one or more paging file cycles.
 - Using Q option no longer requires recovery id number; will use next cycle.
 - Entering @FSED call while in FSED will be handled by ER QECL$ vs. @ADD.
 - Added "^" command; same as "@ECL" except handled by ER QECL$ vs. @ADD.
 - @FSED F1.,F2. would not work if F1 was read-only.
 - @FSED,A could not always recover a file that had less than 23 lines.
 - Don't warn about FAC key-missing bits if PCT privileged bit set.
 - Avoid substring error messages if XMIT from last column of a row.
 - Screen updates of lines wider than screen width could lose data.
 - Ensure an @@X C can always successfully interrupt the initial text read-in.

 Changes in FSED 4R2A

 - Save and restore user SET parameter preferences in temp file FSED$PREFS,
   which may be saved in an omnibus element with @COPY,IO and restored later.
 - Allow screen update when cursor is beyond EOF.
 - Allow @FSED,A recovery of read-only mode session.
 - R option no longer defaults to memory file; must use M.
 - Ensure proper @USE and @ASG of files on systems with SHARED.
 - #Command will exit, do @ECL, reenter, & wait for user XMIT before resuming.

 Changes in FSED 4R2

 - Implement L-|LC-|F-|FC- commands for reverse locate/find. Can also use \: LC\
 - Add "[" and "]" commands, to page forward or backward with line numbers.
 - Reverse meaning of "." and "/" to conform with earlier FSED versions.
 - Redisplay all positioning commands ("\', ".", "/") on top line for reuse.
 - Clarify CHANGE command options in DOC and HELP.
 - CHANGE defaults to top text line on page if no range or line count given.
 - Change LOCLINE default to 2.
 - Don't shift located line if it occurs between top line and LOCLINE.
 - Refresh last updated line if MIDLINE off.
 - "O$" command was not working.
 - Add configuration tags DEFASGX & DEFMIDLIN at start of MSGDISP element.

 Changes in FSED 4R1B

 - Add TCCHAR SET parameter: transparent LOCATE/CHANGE character.
 - Fix problem with refreshing line after IC command.
 - Fix error that could happen with null CHANGE FROM string (C //xxx/).
 - Use long line marker consistently with LN, DIS, and SHO commands as needed.
 - Maximum lines in update mode increased to over 216,000.

 Changes in FSED 4R1A

 - Added WR command, to write any or all lines of current file to file or elt.
 - Recognize EXCH char. in CHANGE FROM and LOCATE strings, as well as CHANGE TO.
 - Improve SET handling of EXCH, LCCHAR, MCCHAR, and QUOTE.
 - Improve appearance of recovery file list.
 - Ensure END line separator erases rest of line.
 - "Disabled" message not displayed correctly when SET used to cancel parameter.
 - Fix bugs related to initial setup of paging file(s).
 - Fix bugs with SITE/LNSITE handling of errors & file setup.
 - Fixed some problems with block handling.
 - Fix problem with IC command.
 - Fix multiple command line processing (MCCHAR).

 Changes in FSED 4R1

 - Supports UTS emulator screens up to 80 X 132.
 - Maximum lines in update mode increased to over 214,000.
 - Supports LPFs & LEPFs.
 - Supports SHARED directory. Directory may appear with ADD/FILE/OLD/WB command.
 - While in FSED, type HELP RLS for full release notes.