Changes in FTPack 3R3C

 - Preset timestamp for output elt in case site doesn't have ER TIMEBYINDEX$;
   use GETPFTMSTMP$ routine to retrieve ER PFI$ default timestamp format.
 - Collect release version of FTPack with SYSLIB 77R1 version of BSP$.
 - BSP$ interface level 3 not needed; exclude TIMESUBR$ & entry points from MAP.
 - Add more SDFCOMP options to @FTPACK,C Spec 5 extra options.
 - @FTPACK,C extra option Q for converting print files changed to P to
   accommodate new SDFCOMP extra options.

 Changes in FTPack 3R3B

 - Correct some problems when splitting a file to more than 10 parts, or when
   splitting very large position granularity files.

 Changes in FTPack 3R3A

 - If doing an @FTPACK,C in conjunction with SDFCOMP 2R9B or later, any
   elements rejected for compression (bulk, print file, etc.) will
   automatically be copied over to the intermediate file, just as is done for
   non-symbolic elements, so they can still be included in the @FTPACK. This
   action can be suppressed with the X extra option.
 - Add extra options S (SDFCOMP option) and Q (convert print files to ASCII)
   for @FTPACK,C.
 - Improvements in listing stacked file contents & source file.
 - Retain source file info line if file is downloaded and uploaded.
 - If G option used with UN, list embedded & post-packing ECL as well.

 Changes in FTPack 3R3

 - Allow @FTPACK,U extraction from stacked output by title or sequence number,
   including extracting embedded unpack filename if X option.
 - Show sequence numbers of stacked files. To accommodate this, eliminate
   record size option and J option from stacked file option display; J is
   assumed and record size is shown.
 - Ensure any post-unpack ECL is @ADDed for file extracted wih @FTPACK,U.
 - Omit @ADDing post-unpack ECL if G option used with U.
 - Allow specifying packid for unpack file.
 - Allow duplicating input file info for unpack file so keys will be retained.
 - Zero input buffer so first read of empty file does not have leftover data.
 - Add FTPACK/DOC for complete documentation.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.