Changes in FTPack 3R3D

 - Recognize SIP data and IOTRACE files.
 - Reduce program size: exclude SORT/MERGE tape module by using R$FILE 'NOTAPE'.

 Changes in FTPack 3R3C

 - Preset timestamp for output elt in case site doesn't have ER TIMEBYINDEX$;
   use GETPFTMSTMP$ routine to retrieve ER PFI$ default timestamp format.
 - Collect release version of FTPack with SYSLIB 77R1 version of BSP$.
 - BSP$ interface level 3 not needed; exclude TIMESUBR$ & entry points from MAP.
 - Add more SDFCOMP options to @FTPACK,C Spec 5 extra options.
 - @FTPACK,C extra option Q for converting print files changed to P to
   accommodate new SDFCOMP extra options.

 Changes in FTPack 3R3B

 - Correct some problems when splitting a file to more than 10 parts, or when
   splitting very large position granularity files.

 Changes in FTPack 3R3A

 - If doing an @FTPACK,C in conjunction with SDFCOMP 2R9B or later, any
   elements rejected for compression (bulk, print file, etc.) will
   automatically be copied over to the intermediate file, just as is done for
   non-symbolic elements, so they can still be included in the @FTPACK. This
   action can be suppressed with the X extra option.
 - Add extra options S (SDFCOMP option) and Q (convert print files to ASCII)
   for @FTPACK,C.
 - Improvements in listing stacked file contents & source file.
 - Retain source file info line if file is downloaded and uploaded.
 - If G option used with UN, list embedded & post-packing ECL as well.

 Changes in FTPack 3R3

 - Allow @FTPACK,U extraction from stacked output by title or sequence number,
   including extracting embedded unpack filename if X option.
 - Show sequence numbers of stacked files. To accommodate this, eliminate
   record size option and J option from stacked file option display; J is
   assumed and record size is shown.
 - Ensure any post-unpack ECL is @ADDed for file extracted wih @FTPACK,U.
 - Omit @ADDing post-unpack ECL if G option used with U.
 - Allow specifying packid for unpack file.
 - Allow duplicating input file info for unpack file so keys will be retained.
 - Zero input buffer so first read of empty file does not have leftover data.
 - Add FTPACK/DOC for complete documentation.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 9.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2W

 - Recognize different Audit Trail files (LOG, COD, version 1 or 2, etc.).
 - If no I/O trace (T option), @@X C will display current survey/pack snapshot.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2V

 - Ensure @FTPACK,C w/o P compresses proc elts with no procedure table entries.
 - Add K, J, and $ extra options in Spec 5 version field for @FTPACK,C.
 - Include source file info in @FTPACK,F files (non-self-extracting).

 Changes in FTPack 3R2U

 - Use different @USE name on @FREE,R in case @ASG,CPI of unpack file fails,
   so that a temp FTUNPACKFILE will remain.
 - Continue intermediate @ADD image generated during @FTPACK,C if > 80 cols.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2T

 - Add Q option for @FTPACK,C to query for ECL to insert before final @PACK, as
   opposed to after (G option).
 - Switch to STM$PKG for signon.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2S

 - Add R option to treat input as a raw (unknown) file. Will not test for
   program, SDF, or other type of file. Ignored if input is an element or a
   word-addressable file.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2R

 - Revise warning that @FTPACK,U to file must be to empty or non-program file.
 - Add warning that an @FTPACK to an elt in an LEPF cannot be @ADDed.
 - Add total items to W-option list.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2Q

 - Add K option for @FTPACK,C: elts to compress were selected by SORTOC; their
   names will be obtained from the SORTOC$PRT-T scratch file.
 - Ensure internal names FTPACK$INFL & FTPACK$XQT are always released.
 - Fix bug that could corrupt output when unpacking split files created by
   FTPack 3R2N or 3R2P.
 - An extra, unused word was being included in the survey if only predefined
   words were found in the input.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2P (3R2O skipped to avoid confusion with 3R20)

 - Provide for position granularity unpack file in case input > 262143 tracks.
 - Recognize AUDIT$ and DCOPY file types.
 - In certain cases the first or last word surveyed wasn't being counted.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2N

 - Add support for word-addressable files. A specially modified version of
   PREPRM 76R4A is required and included.
 - Alter method used when surveying less than the total input, whether using
   the B option or coding the number of tracks in the Spec 4 filename field.
   The survey will be evenly spread throughout the input instead of the first
   consecutive nn tracks. This should slightly improve compression.
 - Enhance trace messages when surveying less than the total input.
 - Reword and clarify HELP line for UN and UNL options.
 - Recognize FLIT TTF, TFXCPY, and VTH container file types.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2M

 - Add B option for basic compression (100 tracks surveyed).
 - Ensure @USE name UPF$ retained if unpack file @ASGd with CI or UI options.
 - Fix bug that in rare case could cause @FTPACK,U to error off.
 - Improve @FTPACK,U compatibility testing of input. Check standard SDF label.
 - @FTPACK,C for LPF was incorrectly being rejected.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2L

 - Display input type (print/prog. file) at beginning, including type of
   program file. FTPack levels before 3R2L will not be able to @FTPACK,U an
   LPF or LEPF file packed by 3R2L or later. (Self-extracting files will
   always work.)
 - If @FTPACKing a source element without a title, will use eltname as title.
 - Show accurate original track count when unpacking an @FTPACK,C file.
 - Use output's @USE name UPF$ when expanding or @PACKing an @FTPACK,C file.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2K

 - Add information to the FTPack output file showing the original source
   filename and its track size.
 - Add L option to U, to display source filename, either when unpacking or with
   N option. FTPack levels before 3R2K will not be able to @FTPACK,U a file
   created by 3R2K or later. (Self-extracting files will always work.)
 - Clarify I & T options in HELP; ensure I works correctly in batch, @BRKPT, or
   @ADDed mode; increase default trace intervals in those modes or if E option.
 - Added warning message if @FTPACK to element overwrites an existing element.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2J

 - Ensure program file type (Std, LPF) retained with @FTPACK,C. But disallow
   @FTPACK,C for LEPF since it requires the absolute SRCEXP.
 - Allow @FTPACK,U to empty program file of any type.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2I

 - Allow input from and output to an element in an LEPF file.
 - Allow any FTPack'ed file except a program file to be unpacked to an element.
 - Increase default input tracks surveyed from 2000 to 5000.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2H

 - When unpacking a self-extracting file, FTPack already had code to switch to
   the default FTUNPACKFILE if the output file specified is non-existent or
   write-inhibited. With this level, FTPack will also switch to FTUNPACKFILE if
   the output file is an already assigned catalogued file but the A @ASG option
   was not coded in Spec 3 of the original @FTPack call.
 - When unpacking, a @USE will now always be done for the output file to
   include the STD# directory id, whether using the default FTUNPACKFILE or not.
 - Repositioned unpack progress bar (if used) to terminal's insert point,
   without the need to read a forced transmit.
 - A specific title may be extracted from an FTPack file containing
   multiple joined files: @FTPACK,U InFl.,OutFl.,title

 Changes in FTPack 3R2G

 - Changed progress indicators during @FTPACK and @FTPACK,U calls to retrieve
   and use @@INS point rather than the next to last screen line.
 - Changed progress bar during self-extracting unpack to use top screen line.
 - Changed FTPack self-extraction ECL to call ELT out of SYS$*LIB$.
 - The N option was not being carried over to @ADDed FTPACK split calls.
 - An @FTPACK,C call could lose some INFOR words, causing it to generate
   incorrect @ADDed calls.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2F

 - Fixed rare bug that could cause error when unpacking a file. This could
   happen if one of the predefined words FTPack scans for during its initial
   survey occurred only once. Since this is an error that occurred at the time
   the file was @FTPacked, such a file must be re-@FTPacked with this level.
 - Fix discrepancies related to reading responses from runstream regarding
   overwriting previous FTPack file, W-count pausing, and G-option input;
   based on whether job is batch or breakpointed, or @FTPACK call is @ADDed.
 - N option was not being passed on to @ADDed calls for split runs.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2E

 - If FTPacking print file, change '@' to '$' if PR@... filename used in label.
 - Attach name UPF$ to output file after successful UNPACK (shown in end msg).
 - Change default SORT to relocatable; only single absolute FTPACK created.

 Patched FTPack 3R2D 2005/05/23

 - FTPack could @XQT or @PACK incorrect file after unpacking an @FTPACK,C file.

 Patched FTPack 3R2D 2005/01/22

 - Fixed bug that could get I/O error doing @FTPACK,C of catalogued file.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2D

 - Added J option, to join (append) new FTPack'd file to the end of an existing
   one. This is intended for file-to-file operation (no elements), and may not
   involve splitting. Multiple FTPack'd files may be stacked this way, and they
   will all be unpacked when the file is @ADDed. Such a stacked file needs only
   one copy of the FTUNPACK absolute at the beginning, thus saving space.
 - When C option used, final message will show input word/track count & percent
   compressed based on size of original vs. intermediate file (flagged with *).
 - Fixed bug that would clobber the last character of a 12-character title.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2C

 - Changed default output record size to TAS 6R1 recommended default of 3968
   bytes (992 words).
 - Added & reorganized output record size options as follows:
   L - 80 / M - 132 / H - 3968 / V - 7168 / S - 8188 (the SDF maximum)
 - Can also specify record size in 4th field elt cycle (overrides options).

 Changes in FTPack 3R2B

 - Added Z option to C, to internally zero intermediate file. This can result
   in better compression than if the file is @ERSd.

 Changes in FTPack 3R2A

 - Fixed bug that would pause before finishing if input track size was 71
   greater than some multiple of 512 (71, 583, 1095, 1607, ...).
 - Fixed bug that could get wrong input size if input was source element,

 Changes in FTPack 3R2

 - Added C option to allow pre-compressing of source elements in program file
   using SDFCOMP utility (available at web site below).
 - Modified HELP to have separate calls for C option and file splitting.
 - Fixed bug that would not correctly identify input SDF file type.

 Changes in FTPack 3R1

 - Added FTPackNCB, an alternate FTPack that uses the relocatable as opposed
   to the common-banked versions of the SORT routines.
 - Added gen of FTPackNCB to FTPack gen runstream.
 - Incorporated MBJ$ procs for multibanking SORT and SDFI/SDFO libraries.
 - Clarified explanation of F option on HELP page.
 - Enhanced file splitting process.
 - Allow F option to be used with U to force unpacking regardless of output
   file status, such as for part of a split file.