HELMS 1R1C -- Help with ELMS Utility

Calls: @HELMS ABC - Translate 3-letter component id to 5-digit octal code.
       @HELMS nnnnn - Translate 5-digit octal code to component id.
       @HELMS ABC/nnnnn - Decode component/error and submit to @EHELP.
                          nnnnn assumed decimal unless O opt./leading 0.
       @HELMS ABCnnnnn - Same, but component & error in @EHELP format.
       @HELMS ppppp/eeeeee - Decode product#/error and submit to @EHELP.
                             ppppp assumed octal unless D option.
                             eeeee assumed decimal unless O opt./leading 0.
       @HELMS nnnnnnnnnnnn - Decode octal status (11-12 digits or leading 0)
                             and submit to @EHELP.
       @HELMS [-]ddddddddd - Decode decimal status & submit to @EHELP. May
                             need neg. # [PIC -9(10) DISPLAY] if from COBOL.
                             D option or leading minus forces decimal.