Changes in KSORT$ 3R2B

 - Revised SPD/LPD code to avoid possible DB32 ambiguities in SAIL systems.

 Patched KSORT$ 3R2A

 - Changed the proc calls K$SORT and K$SRT so they will not generate a load of
   A0 if the packet address is omitted.

 Changes in KSORT$ 3R2A

 - Eliminated unnecessary restriction on record length. Now tests to make sure
   that RECADR+LENGTH*NRECDS does not exceed 0777776.

 Changes in KSORT$ 3R2

 - KSORT$ and KSORT$P enhanced to use ANU/JNC for signed alphanumeric sorts,
   avoiding the need for masks and repeat counts.
 - When a user-supplied mask is needed, both KSORT$ and KSORT$P will check
   to see if a load immediate instruction is possible rather than a load
   from an address. Because of this, a user-supplied mask can no longer be
   changed when reusing a sort loop.
 - KSORT$R updated to return correct elapsed and CPU SUP time in microseconds.

 Changes in KSORT$ 3R1A

 - K$SORTP proc enhanced to accept EQUF labels for designating sort fields.