This is a skeleton that will take any number of input SGS items, optionally
sort them, and output them in a tabular format, lining them up in rows and
columns within a specified image width. There are additional options for
creating MASM literal lines and handling multiple subfields per item.

Call Format: @SSG <file>.LINEUPSKEL,<datafile.[elt]>,<outputfile.[elt]>

<file> is the file where this LINEUPSKEL SSG skeleton resides.
<datafile.[elt]> is the file or element containing the data to be formatted,
                 as well as parameters for different options.
<outputfile.[elt]> is the file or element to receive the output.

The format of the input data is one or more SGSs as follows:

LD f1s1[,f1s2,f1s3]  [f2s1,...] ...
LD ...