Changes in LOGEX 2R4B

 - Enhance K-option snapping to include Audit Media Trailers, Fillers, End
   Sentinels, and the last word of each block, which normally contains a block
   sequence number (Audit Block Trailer).
 - Enhance K(w/o H) & E-option snaps: show each block's 1st & last entry seq. #
 - Suspend checking for block sequence numbers; will not terminate if mismatch.
 - Avoid @FREE of temp input file if system parameter REJCONFLTOPT is TRUE.
 - If neither start nor end log cycle specified, assume -1 for both.
 - Fix bug that was causing merging to error.
 - Ensure end time >= start time.
 - U option eliminated; unused cycles never listed anyway.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R4A

 - Improve format of individual file cycle summary lines.
 - Clarification on individual file entry totals: These are "significant"
   totals; i.e., either all entries if no inclusions or all entries found by
   matching one or more of the included items (type, runid, account, userid,
   program @XQT, or QUAL*FILE). Run initiation entries (type 106), which
   contain a thread ID to identify the run, are included in a cycle's entry
   totals if there are no inclusions, or if they had a match for an included
   runid, account, or userid. The other system information entries (71-74,
   106/3-4) are not counted when there are inclusions.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R4

 - Allow output block size of up to 65520. Will switch to single- vs.
   double-buffered I/O for output if block size greater than about 44600.
 - If output block size 2 is coded, use maximum size for double-buffered output.
 - If there are inclusions (runid, type, userid, etc.), entry totals for
   individual files will reflect all entry types except 71-74.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R3D

 - Ensure both log and TPM files when copied are closed out properly with a
   final block containing an end sentinel.
 - Improve handling when about to overwrite a log or LOGEX file: unless M or O
   option used, or query answered with M or O, will not overwrite. Also, TPM
   files cannot be merged.
 - Regardless of Q option, don't show entry count unless file actually searched.
 - Always show entry totals on same line as filename if there is room. If there
   is not, show totals on a second line if Q option set. (For the standard log
   file name, there will always be room.) This means that the display of the
   filename will be delayed until the file has been searched.
 - Show correct footnote at end if any input file is a LOGEX or SHARED file.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R3C

 - Could get an SDF image error on non-UTS terminals; e.g., telnet.
 - Ensure Q option shows total file counts even if no output (N option). Q
   option count excludes run and system information entries (106, 71-74).
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 10 to handle full MODSWTIME$ timestamp range.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R3B

 - Could sometimes skip a file when processing consecutive tape files.
 - Ensure A option processes all files on a temp file tape.
 - Add Q option, to show number of entries extracted from each file.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R3A

 - Improve testing for including or rejecting entries; search for runids,
   accounts, or userids within certain log entry types.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R3

 - LOGEX will now insert a user-formatted entry type (default 240000) as the
   first entry of the output file. This entry will contain information for
   possible future merges that used to be kept in unused or reserved words of
   the Audit Media Header. The default type is defined by tag MRGTYP, and will
   not be included in C-option entry counts.
        *NOTE: If you have been regularly updating LOGEX output files using the
   M option (Merge), be aware that these files will not be compatible for
   merging with files created by LOGEX 2R3 or higher. You should close off such
   merges using the previous version of LOGEX and begin new ones with 2R3.
 - Allow specifying log file version, in case the site is in the process of
   migrating and both types are on the system: V/n. Since LOGEX can only work
   with one format at a time, this will avoid error messages when LOGEX begins
   with one version and encounters another during multi-cycle processing.
 - Add ability to select entries pertaining to one or more userids or accounts:
   U/Userid1,/Userid2... or A/Acct1,/Acct2... The wild card for both is $.
 - Add ability to select entries by one or more line number ranges. Format:
   $nnnn/mmmm. The numbers correspond to the line numbers each entry would have
   when viewed with the ZIP utility. They would most likely be used when
   extracting part of a single cycle, but would also work across multiple
   cycles, assuming the numbering continued sequentially.
 - Correct editing & testing of subtypes when used in type inclusion/exclusion.
 - Update offsets and time zone for next audit block header from 205 entries,
   in addition to type 1007/6 entry.
 - Ensure C & S options show correct counts for log entry types that have an
   actual subtype 0, as opposed to no subtypes or only non-zero subtypes.
 - P option (Performance Monitor) will exclude all entry types from 500-599, in
   addition to the original 504, in order to accommodate the MIPS metering type
   (551) as well as any others that may be added.
 - V option (Verify) will assume N option.
 - Close out LOGEX files with a final block containing only an end sentinel
   record (070) as opposed to an Audit Media Trailer record (02).

 Changes in LOGEX 2R2D

 - Change timestamp offsets in Audit Block headers based on 1007/6-7 entries.
   Begin new block at time change entry (1007/6).
 - Correctly handle entry types and type ranges over 131071.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R2C

 - Correct slight discrepancy in final SUP totals.
 - Upgrade to STM$PKG Rev. 5 so will be ready for MODSWTIME$ and other TDATE$
   remediation items.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R2B

 - Add ability to include only entries related to @XQTs of specific programs.
   Will select @XQT, @XQTCONT, & @XQTEND entries (type 101, subtypes 1, 2, & 3).
   Optionally will include all thread entries from @XQT to @XQTEND.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R2A

 - Switch to STM$PKG for date/time operations & signon.
 - Default stop time = 235959. Will reset times larger than 235959 to that.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R2

 - Accommodate AT or DSTA format log files, but not both in the same call.
 - Add ability to include only entries with specified Qualifier*Filenames.
   Entries tested are 401-408,101,106,157,158,807,808,813,1006,10400.
 - Allow a subtype to be specified for inclusion or exclusion, as in 403(1).
 - Will tolerate using '-' instead of '/' for type ranges, as in 800-899, but
   must be fewer than 8 characters if in Spec 3 or 4.
 - Allow H option with K: block header description only; no snap of 1st 8 wds.
 - Add V option to go thru and verify entries if N and no other dump options.
 - Add Z option: exclude Run Continuation & system info entries (106, 71-74),
   which are normally always included to preserve run threads.
 - Recognize version 0 audit media headers.

 Changes in LOGEX 2R1

 - LOGEX now standalone; previously in MISCUTIL package.
 - Extensive changes since 1R1; see entire HELP.